Learning the English alphabet: Methods for creative teaching

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Methods for creative teaching

Doing different activities in learning the English alphabet makes it more fun. There are many ways to practice the English alphabet that you can use without repetition. Therefore, in this section, we will introduce you to the methods that are suitable for teaching the English alphabet and daily practice.

  1. Write the letters on the dried beans

Large dried white beans are inexpensive and can be easily written on. So collect some of them and write uppercase and lowercase letters on them. Then place each one in a container and ask your child to connect and put them together in order.

2- Writing letters on sticky sheets

Write each letter separately on the sticky sheets and stick it in the different corners of the house. This exercise can take many forms and your child will engage with it throughout the day. The order for children can be as follows:

Lowercase letters

Capital letters

The letters inside the name

Letters with smooth lines (H)

Letters with curved lines (c)

Letters with straight lines and curves (B)



For even more practice, you can connect lowercase letters or put uppercase letters together and ask him to help you with this.

3- Writing letters on correction foam

Spray the shaving foam on a table or tray and ask your child to write the letters on it. And you can easily delete it and start again. This way, everything will be clean and there will be no pollution anywhere in the house

  1. 4. Make the English alphabet bags

This is one of the best methods. You can use a bag or a zipper to do this. Put the letters written on pieces of paper or magnetic letters or whatever you want in the bag and then fill the bag with rice or barley and combine them. Then ask your children to look for the letters in the rice lab and when they find them.

  1. 5. Find the invisible letters with watercolors

This is a classic method. Write a letter on a piece of paper using a white crayon. Then give your child watercolors and let them color the page and see the letters that appear.

  1. 6. Use the letters of the musical alphabet

Arrange the letters in a large circle on the floor. You can also use magnetic letters and write them on the card. Then play the music. Ask the child to walk around the circle with the music. When you turn off the music, your child should say which word is closer. For example, you can ask your child to give an example of an animal’s name, color, or anything else that begins with the particular letter in front of him or her.

7- Using the English letters of the sponge alphabet

Cut the sponges alphabetically and paint them and use them to play.

8- Put the name puzzles together

Write uppercase and lowercase letters next to each other as nouns and then separate them in a zigzag. Combine the letters and ask the child to connect them together in the correct order.

  1. 9. Eat the English letters

We all know that letter soup is one of the most fun ways for learning the English alphabet. Think of different ways you can incorporate different letter shapes into your baby’s meals. For example, use pancakes and shape it into different letters. You can also use noodles or pasta and write a name in special letters.

Overall, the alphabet of any language is the most structural part of that language. There are many ways of learning the English alphabet for children but this article aimed to briefly explain some of the best ways English alphabet is taught.

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