Short stories for kids (3-6 years old ): An awesome day at the market

At the market

I sometimes go to the market with my mom. That’s a big market. There are a lot of shops.My mom and I are here now.

Grace: Mom what is that?

Mom: That is broccoli. Do you like it?

Grace: Yes, I do.

Grace: What are those?

Mom: They are pumpkins.

Grace: I like them too.

Grace: Mom who is that?

Mom: He is a salesman.

Grace: Whose gloves are these?

Mom: They are for the salesman.

Grace: Mom are these eggplants?

Mom: Yes, they are. Do you like them?

Grace: Yes. I do.

Mom: Let’s buy some and go home.

Words to learn: Salesman – Eggplant – Gloves – Pumpkin – Broccoli – Market – Shop.

The importance of short stories for kids:

Short stories for kids can be a great tool for instructors to help students improve their creative thinking skills. Not only instructors but also parents can use short stories for kids to develop a variety of perspectives for their kids. Short stories for kids help to develop a child’s imagination and introduces them to new ideas– ideas about fantastical worlds, life outside of this planet, different points in time, and invented characters. It also encourages children to realize that they can, and should, imagine anything they want. An imaginative mind helps children to explore different sides of their needs and improve their problem solving skills. Story-telling especially before bedtime, can help children relax And get prepared for a good sleep. Check out our other stories.

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