English story books for kids: I love the sky

I love the sky

There are a lot of stars and planets in the sky. My favorite planets are Saturn and Mars. What does Saturn look like? Let me tell you. Saturn is the most beautiful planet and the second largest planet in the solar system. It has big and bright rings around it. there are spaces between the rings.

Saturn is mostly a ball of gas. It is brownish-yellow. On Saturn, one year is 29 Earth years. It is wider than Earth. Jupiter is Saturn’s neighboring planet. I love Saturn because of its beautiful rings. Mars is another planet I love.

Mars is the second smallest planet in the solar system. Mars is also known as the red planet because it is red. The red color comes from a chemical in its rocks and soil. Mars is smaller than Earth an the gravity on Mars is weaker than Earth. Mars is colder than Earth because it is further from the sun. The largest volcano in the solar system is on Mars.

a day on Mars is nearly 40 minutes longer than a day on Earth. My favorite subject in school is astrology. Because I can learn about the sky, the stars, the planets, the solar system and the Milky Way. I want to be an astronomer.

Words to learn: Mars – Saturn – Earth – Astrology – solar system – Milky Way – Subject – Volcano – Jupiter – Brownish-yellow – Soil – Chemical.


The importance of English story books for kids:

English story books for kids can be a great tool for instructors to help students improve their creative and critical thinking skills. Not only instructors but also parents can use English story books for kids to develop a variety of perspectives for their children. Children learn how to observe the world from a different view through stories.

English story books for kids help to develop a child’s imagination and introduces them to new ideas– ideas about fantastical worlds, life outside of this planet, different points in time, and invented characters.

It also encourages children to realize that they can, and should, imagine anything they want. An imaginative mind helps children to explore different sides of their needs and improve their problem-solving skills. It’s through stories that children can comprehend abstract concepts such as time, freedom, justice, etc.

Also by identifying with the characters, children learn how to deal with their feelings, how to express them, and how natural they are. In the end, the most important point of learning through stories is that children do not get bored or exhausted, and all the process of learning is done in a natural way. Check our other stories out.


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