What are the best 5 writing exercises for kids?

Writing skills are important forms of communication and a key part of education. But in today’s world of technology, children are not given much opportunity to practice and improve their writing skills through writing exercises. This has led many parents to think about how to improve their child’s writing skills and by using which writing exercises. Gaining strong writing skills is time-consuming and can be difficult.

Fortunately, there are many writing exercises parents can do at home to help improve their children’s writing skills by using these writing exercises. The writing skills can be improved by writing exercises like writing diaries, writing stories, choosing good subjects for writing, using different writing tools and so many other writing exercises which can help to improve the writing skills of kids. Each one of these writing exercises has its importance and all of these writing exercises are practical.


Writing skills are considered by many to be the most difficult skills of any language, and to master them, one must have appropriate knowledge in other language skills and writing exercises as well. The general belief is that to strengthen writing skills we need to attend private classes and benefit from a capable teacher. The fact is that this skill, like listening skill, is highly dependent on others, especially writing exercises, in other words, you can not claim to have excellent writing skills alone, but others should do the evaluation.

Writing skills in children is one of the topics that are less paid attention to especially suitable writing exercises, and when the child encounters it at school, he may have weakness or inability to write words correctly or get bored quickly, and problems such as this, but solutions which are there to strengthen children’s writing, you can practice with your child from preschool age by writing exercises to be able to write well during school through easy writing exercises.

Putting thoughts on paper is one of the best writing exercises to memorize tasks and activities. When you write something like a story or a story on paper, you allow your thoughts to live on and you can come up with more ideas and be more creative. Encouraging children to write down what they feel is a great way for you to know what is on their minds. When children write the story they are thinking about, you can immediately see what they are interested in and it is one of the writing exercises to improve writing skills.

What is a writing skill and what does it matter?

Writing skill means writing down your thoughts and ideas in the right way so that the reader can understand what you mean. Writing skills help you to use words correctly and write clear, fluent, and even beautiful texts. The importance of a large vocabulary and high grammatical knowledge and selection of good writing exercises shows itself more than anything in your writings because the written text reflects mistakes and inadequacies more than what is said.

Writing skills, like listening skills, are secondary language skills that do not develop in the early stages except by using good writing exercises. In other words, you will be able to write in that language only after you have learned the basics of the target language (such as the alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, etc.) and though employing suitable writing exercises.

Writing is often neglected in English as a second language. At the elementary level, it is seen as a task for intermediate and advanced levels. Students are also embarrassed to write because of its complex rules, structures, and characteristics and not having appropriate writing exercises, but paying attention to English writing skills is essential and has long-term benefits, and writing exercises play an important role. Your students will appreciate you for including writing in the curriculum.

What are the five best writing exercises for kids?

When a child starts school, one of the first things he or she learns after the alphabet is how to form words and sentences and through which writing exercises. They gradually learn to create day-to-day events and stories. But not all children can easily write. And they are less capable than their peers. The good news is that these children can easily improve their writing skills and can use these writing exercises to improve them.

Write daily diaries: writing exercises

Diary writing is one of the simplest and most basic writing exercises you can learn in writing classes. Writing skills, like other skills, requires practice and repetition, and appropriate writing exercises and the simplest writing exercise for this purpose is to write daily diaries. Maybe you are one of those people who do not enjoy writing diaries and leave this exercise for a while. Remember that interest in language learning is essential, so always choose ways that you enjoy doing. If you do not like to write memoirs, write about your thoughts, recount what happened at work, or any other topic that you have a topic to write about daily.

The purpose of this writing exercise as one of the most important writing exercises is to make it a habit to write in the day, so that writing eventually becomes an integral part of your daily routine. This is especially important in the early stages of strengthening your writing skills, so take it seriously as one of the most important writing exercises.

The advantages of writing diaries

Children’s diary writing strengthens their writing skills

According to recent studies, it is less common for children to write for fun, to the detriment of their writing skills. Only five percent of children who do not write other than homework have a higher writing ability than expected. However, 30% of children who write memoirs have a higher writing ability than expected. The more children write, the better the quality of their writing. Children’s diary writing as a part of writing exercises is very useful in this regard and can also boost their creativity.

Children choose what to write about

At school, it is rare for children to choose what to write about. The subject is almost always dictated by the teacher and, for example, they are asked to write about their travels or vacations or to write about whether science is better or wealth. For this reason, memoirs give children freedom of action. This will make them discover the joy of writing and be more encouraged to do so and can make writing exercises more useful.

Improves children’s handwriting

Because children today spend so much time using computers and other digital devices, handwriting is becoming a forgotten art form. However, although for now, writing has been replaced by typing, handwriting is still a basic skill. Also, although there are many ways to write a memoir using technology tools, including blogging, traditional memoir writing can be very helpful in improving children’s handwriting, and using traditional writing exercises is still popular.

Writing children’s diaries makes writing a routine

Diary writing as one of the writing exercises allows children to become accustomed to writing, so that writing no longer causes them to be afraid. Children do not have to write memoirs every day. They can do this one day at a time, once or twice a week, or on weekends as one of the habitual writing exercises. Diary writing can boost children’s self-confidence in writing, which can motivate them to do other things as well and is one of the best writing exercises.

Children try different genres

Having a diary helps children try different forms of writing. With diary writing, children have the freedom to try different genres and choose what they want to write without having to worry about being judged by others. For example, a child can write a poem one day and report his memory the next and they have more freedom to choose their writing exercises.

Write an essay on a topic: writing exercises

Remember the school days and the essay bell? We’ve all probably written an essay at least once about the seasons or how we spent our holidays. Just as writing an essay was one of the effective writing exercises strengthening your writing skills in other languages, it is also important in strengthening your English writing skills. Essay writing is very different from memoir or other forms of writing exercises because a good essay follows a regular structure that you must follow well.

In English, each Essay consists of three main sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction, which forms the main paragraph of the text, refers to a general statement of the author’s main subject and ideas. Then begins the body part, which itself lasts between 2-3 paragraphs. In each paragraph of the body, you have to state one of your reasons and justify it well. Then, in the last paragraph, conclude from all that has been said. Never start writing without thinking, but first draw a mind map of the subject and use brainstorming to write all your ideas on paper.

Increase English vocabulary: writing exercises

Words are the main tool of writing, just as codes are the main tool of programming. The wider your vocabulary, the less hesitation you have when writing. Learning new words is always one of the hardest writing exercises to improve your language skills, as you gradually realize that you will not forget all the words that you have memorized with difficulty or that will not come to your mind as you write.

But perhaps one of the most important writing exercises in this is to learn to write with words. Suppose you learn 10 new words every day. To deepen your learning, it is better to write 10 short text words with it, you can even use them in your daily memory. You can also not only challenge your vocabulary by solving tables or language games but also learn new words with fun. Another way that can strengthen the connection between writing skills and vocabulary learning is to write with the desired attributes and vocabulary. This way, not only will you have a wider vocabulary, but your writing will also look wonderful and more beautiful.

Write a story: writing exercises

Stories are one of the most useful writing exercises for teaching children. Many parents remember this old tradition from their childhood, and part of their memories are related to the stories they heard from their parents. Many children love storytelling and may write it at home, at school, or in their spare time. By telling or writing stories as one of the writing exercises, children learn to organize their thoughts and communicate with readers in a variety of ways.

Storytelling and story writing have numerous benefits for children, teens, and adults alike.

Development of knowledge, information, and intelligence

Stories contain a rich treasure trove of information. Through stories, children can learn useful information about problem-solving methods, organization, planning, purposeful thinking, right and wrong behaviors, cultures, races, different lands and customs, tools, occupations, and more.

Memory growth

Storytelling, story writing, and story reading are the best ways to develop and strengthen memory and concentration. With the help of clever ideas, you can use stories to boost your children’s memory. For example, when you read a story to your child, ask him or her to tell it to you at the end of the day, or you can even ask different questions after reading each part of the story to see if he or she tells the story. Is it stored in his memory or not?

Development of verbal, reading, and writing skills

Storytelling, story writing, and story reading skills help children become fluent in their mother tongue. In addition, stories are the best writing exercises for learning new proverbs, idioms, and words, their correct pronunciation, and correct ways of speaking. Sometimes children are hesitant to ask a question, even if their minds are very curious to find the answer. Storytelling, story writing, and story reading help children learn the art of asking questions and teach them how to start a complete conversation. Regular reading, listening and writing can turn children into capable speakers and writers.

Strengthen the power of imagination and creativity

Story writing helps children imagine characters, places, and behaviors in their minds. Even if they have not reached the stage of reading and writing, they can combine these events and characters in their creative minds and create new characters and events. In general, mental imagery through stories enhances creativity, develops imagination, generates ideas, expands the scope of vision, and opens the doors of thinking in children.

Help make it easier to deal with difficult situations

Difficult situations often make children feel confused and want to run away, But the stories are full of characters who deal with these challenging situations with patience and relying on their abilities. Thus, children can better understand the concept of “coping” through stories. Tell your children instructive stories to teach them that suffering is as much a part of our lives as joy and fun. Appropriate stories as good writing exercises teach children to come up with pure ideas with confidence when faced with challenging life situations.

Provide the child with various writing tools: writing exercises

A preschooler should learn to use a variety of special writing exercises. These writing exercises come in a variety of forms, from blackboard chalk to crayons and crayons and a variety of colors and magic. Put him in a position where he can use all kinds of writing exercises to create patterns and learn writing skills. He should be familiar with a variety of special writing exercises. The child should understand that even playing with dough and making dishes and utensils can be a kind of many kinds of writing exercises. To do this, you can roll the game dough with your hands and make the letters of the alphabet with it.

First of all, paper is the best and most well-known level for writing. But paper is not the only tool for this purpose. Large, low-cost printing papers are the next step in strengthening a child’s writing skills. He also likes to draw large shapes, and this type of paper is a useful tool for this purpose.

 Next, the blackboard should not be neglected. You should even think about the wall and any other dry surface (provided it does not disturb others). It is recommended to prepare washable magic in different colors and use them with the child to draw and write on suitable surfaces that can be erased.

Accompanying the child further strengthens his inner enthusiasm for learning the principles of writing through different writing exercises. In this way, the child becomes acquainted with various writing exercises at the height of joy and wonder as writing exercises. At the same time, the child’s motor skills become warmer and warmer. Always keep these items in a place where the child can go to them alone and have fun with them.


All in all, Writing is one of the most difficult and therapeutic secondary skills which must be strengthened by suitable writing exercises. The role of choosing writing exercises in writing skills is very important. There are many different writing exercises to develop writing skills, and among them, the best writing exercises must be chosen. Writing exercises such as writing stories, writing diaries, choosing the best topics for writing, using different writing tools are exactly those writing exercises that are the best to improve writing skills in kids.


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