How to write a table of contents for a research paper?


For a research paper writing a table of content is very important and it is because of some main reasons. Here is some explanation about table of content and a complete step by step description about how to write a good table of content for a research paper?

Table of content

Table of content is the list of significant ideas of a research paper. It consists of topic, abstract, introduction, results, discussions and references parts. Table of content help both the writer and reader of any research paper. It helps the writers of any research papers to organize their thoughts and essays in the best way possible and it help readers to locate and understand better. Here are step by step easy ways with complete explanation for each of part mentioned above.

Topic part

The most important step for writing a table of content is obviously choosing a topic. Topic should be attractive, obvious something that represents the whole idea of the essay in the best way. Readers always pay attention to topic to read.

Abstract part

After choosing a good topic is the step to write Abstract about research paper. Abstract is a short description or a short summary about the whole essay. It should be written shortly in two to four lines.

Introduction part

The main part of any academic essay is probably the introduction part. Writing this part correctly and with a modified description something which is proved should be all writers main job in writing any essay no matter what topic they are writing for.

Discussion part

In the process of writing an essay after writing the main paragraphs of the research paper, the discussion part is the outcome of any good research paper that is written well. It should be exact and to the point.

Result part

The result part of table of content is the main conclusion part. The whole essay with it’s all parts is summarized into result part an ending to finish a essay.

References part

At the ending of any good research paper there should be the references part this part introduces the source of gathered information in research paper. It con consists of list of authors names, the full topic of used source, the volume number of magazines and newspapers, web page names, the page number of article used in research paper.


Overall, table of content is the key for a good academic writing. It shows the discipline and high quality of the written research paper. It shows the arrangement and different parts of any good writing. Reader can locate and read preferred parts of research paper individually.


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