Best speaking topics for intermediate students

Best speaking topics for intermediate students


At some point of their learning, intermediate students are expected to start using their speaking skills by talking about different English topics. For teachers to initiate discussions in their classes, they can select English topics that best represent their students’ needs and interests.

Speaking topics for intermediate students

In lower level classes, intermediate students are mainly presented with simple grammatical rules and vocabulary, which as a result can decide the type of English topics discussed in a class. By taking the level of the students into consideration, the learners could be asked to talk about their likes and dislikes, their feelings, and their capabilities.

Likes and dislikes   

One of the most common rules taught to intermediate students in English classes is related to their interests. Once the learners acquire the ability to talk about their likes and dislikes, the teacher could ask them to discuss their favorite things with their fellow students. This speaking activity will not only lead to a more intimate bond among the students, but it will also develop a better relationship between the teacher and the learners.


intermediate studentsAnother common topic presented in intermediate English classes is the subject of feelings through which the learners can express their state and put their speaking skills into practice. These English topics will provide the intermediate students with a better opportunity to exchange ideas and try to be more cooperative when they know about the feelings of their peers.

Can and can’t

Other than talking about the students’ favorites and feelings, the teacher could also ask the learners to talk about their capabilities. Among the previously mentioned discussion topics this speaking practice could lead to more extended discussions since it can help the students learn about their classmates’ favorite activities.

In intermediate English classes, speaking topics are not confined to a few subjects such as likes and dislikes, feelings, and capabilities and there are numerous options to choose from. Beside the former mentioned topics, the students are free to speak about things like weather, facial features of different people, and any similar subjects as long as they don’t put too much pressure on them.


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