Who wrote this is the way song and best usage of this is the way song in teaching English


Nursery rhymes are an important part of your child’s cognitive development. The lyrics of these rhymes like this is the way help your child become familiar with the letters of the alphabet, numbers, animals, and various everyday elements. Nursery rhymes are a great way to help your child learn and learn the language like this is the way.

As a child, you must have heard a few rhymes from your parents, and your parents may have heard them from their parents. This means that reading nursery rhymes for a baby has been a practice for generations, and it has been useful in many ways. Here are some of the best nursery rhymes as well as the various benefits of rhyming reading for your child.

Benefits of Nursery Rhymes for Babies

Nursery rhymes have many benefits for your child because they are not only melodic pieces that help you calm your child, but they are also very informative and instructive. Here are some of the benefits your child can receive from nursery rhymes:

Engaging the child in nursery rhymes is one of the best ways to entertain and at the same time teach them interesting things. Reading nursery rhymes such as this is the way with a group of toddler friends is a great way to engage in a fun group activity. Reading old traditional rhymes with your child will help your child keep your cultural values ​​and traditions intact. What you read as a child can be taught to your little one, along with its connection. It is a pleasure to see your toddler following in your footsteps.

Nursery rhymes have also been found to make babies smarter. This is because infants who are exposed to singing and singing at a younger age become better singers as they grow up compared to infants who do not listen to or read nursery rhymes. It also helps children focus better. Another benefit of nursery rhymes that cannot be ignored is the seamless bond that develops between parent and baby. If it is seen as a learning experience of more than one small task, it serves its true purpose.

nursery rhymes can also help the child create mental images in their head with each line of the rhyme. This helps him develop his imaginative skills. The most important aspect of nursery rhymes for a one-year-old is its melody and catchy lyrics.

About this is the way

Learning English through songs like this is the way is ideal for little ones, they get acquainted with new concepts through rhyme and repetition almost without paying attention! With “This is the way we wash our clothes”, your kids can expand their vocabulary as they learn about a very common thing that all people do: wash their clothes! The author of this tradition is unknown.

In this nursery rhyme (this is the way) for kids, Billy the Chicken, Lisa the Cat, and Elliott Panda tell the story of what happens to their clothes after playing in the backyard for a while. First, friends jump in the mud pit! It looks really fun, however, all their clothes get dirty. Then, after the game, the three friends go inside their house to wash their clothes.

After washing, everything is hung on the clothing lines to dry. After the clothes are completely dry and clean, they fold all the pieces and put them aside. First, it’s good to practice learning the lyrics! As your child sings this is the way, not only does he know how to take care of his clothes, but he also learns and practices the structure of basic sentences, which helps them to speak as they grow older. Easier to recognize. There are also a few important adjectives in English that are commonly used, such as “dirty” and “clean”, which refer to the condition of a garment.

In addition, young children can learn how to use different practical verbs in English, such as “wash”, “hang up”, “fold” and “put away”, which are needed when talking about laundry in English. These measures describe the process of taking care of clothes, from when they are dirty to when they are finally cleaned. As an extra exercise, after watching the video, why not try a fun game with your little ones? Ask them what kind of clothes they can see in the video. First, when Lisa and Bailey hang their clothes, or when the three of them like to fold them, or even when they go through the washing machine and get dirty! What clothes can they recognize?

This is a great way to learn clothes in English and start associating the shape and appearance of items with their names in that language. Among the clothes in the video are shorts, T-shirts, sweaters, socks, dresses, and skirts. Encourage your little ones to name as many as they can!

The outcomes of this is the way:

1. You will learn how to execute written rhyming sentences.

2. You will learn the song by reading the song repeatedly.

3. You will learn the correct execution of grammatical sentences.

4. You will learn many new words.

5. When you try to repeat it quickly, you will become smoother.

Learning English with the song (this is the way) is the best way to learn

Learning English should be engaging and effective. The impact of songs like this is the way on learning is greater than in books. Researchers have proven that when the mind listens to music. It is much more active and ready to learn. Therefore, the effect of music on learning English should not be overlooked. Listening to songs like this is the way is one of the habits of successful language learners.

Being active while listening to music means that the mind can easily memorize words and grammatical points. In learning with books, the mind can hardly memorize words, so methods such as coding, sentence construction, and the liner box are needed. And it takes a lot of time to learn. Learning English with music is much easier. Listening to a piece of favorite and attractive music has a great effect on emotions and feelings. And the mind is ready to learn and transfer words to long-term memory. Grammatical points can be easily memorized by listening carefully to musical sentences.

The importance of teaching language to children with songs like this is the way

Music is always a practical and important tool in education. Studies have shown that listening to music makes children smarter and increases their chances of learning. Learning a non-native language may be difficult for children, but combining language learning with music makes learning easier like this is the way.

Chance to learn more language with this is the way

Music has a rhythm, and anything that has a rhythm makes learning easier. Language teachers also always try to bring topics such as teaching the English alphabet to children with rhythm to stay more in mind. In addition to rhythm, music has a story. Poetry used in music also attracts the attention of children and increases their chances of learning. If you want to use new language teaching methods for children, you can also try teaching English to children through songs like this is the way.

Music enhances listening skills

One of the long-term goals of language learning is to strengthen your listening skills. Listening to English music, even passively, strengthens this skill. The minds of children who listen to music become more familiar with the words of the language, and this increases the chances of learning by songs like this is the way.

Music helps to attract children’s attention

If we force children to read thick English books to learn, we will have nothing but failure. It is better to teach music to children at the best age to teach English; Because music increases children’s concentration and puts them at the foot of the classroom. With the help of the miracle of music like this is the way, a child can be kept eager for language topics for more hours.

Enhance accent by learning a language with music for children

The reason we can speak our mother tongue is to be in the environment and to constantly listen to the words and sentences of our mother tongue. We unwittingly find the accent of the region in which we were born. If you want your child to pronounce English words correctly from an early age and speak the American or British accent well, do not neglect songs like this is the way.

Song: this is the way

This is the way we wash our face,

wash our face, wash our face.

This is the way we wash our faces.

Early in the morning.

Wash wash wash wash.

Wash wash wash.

This is the way we comb our hair,

comb our hair, comb our hair.

This is the way we comb our hair.

Early in the morning.

Comb comb comb comb.

Comb comb comb.

This is the way we brush our teeth,

brush our teeth, brush our teeth.

This is the way we brush our teeth.

Early in the morning.

Brush brush brush brush.

Brush brush brush.

This is the way we get dressed,

get dressed, get dressed.

This is the way we get dressed.

Early in the morning.

This is the way we go to school,

go to school, go to school.

This is the way we go to school.

Early in the morning.

The meaning of ‘this is the way’

The phrase this is the way is used for encouraging someone when they are doing something well.


This is the way is one of those lyrics which can help students boost their English language. This is the way is a famous song which through rhythms teaches kids English. This is the way also encourages kids to do their daily routine activities. Songs like this is the way must be frequently used for teaching English to kids.


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