The advantages of time management while learning English

Learning English requires spending a long time, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life how can student learn English without spending so much time. A solution to this is time management. Time management while learning English has some advantages in the following the advantages of time management while learning will be described.

the advantages of time management

First, by the use of technology an English learner can improve his or her performance in the best way. There are some Apps that can be downloaded these apps work like an English teacher. English words and grammar are all repeated several times, so there will be no need to attend the class and spend time for the commute. Whenever the student wants, he or she can start learning English. Whenever he or she feels tired, he or she can stop it.


time management while learning can develop useful habits. It means the student can study English any free time he gets. It can be on the bus, as he or she goes to work, or late at night before going to bed. In fact, the correct use of time will become a habit for him or her.


time management can produce better work results. Since time is considered important in learning English, the learner tries to learn what matters. This means he or she learns whatever that is needed in conversation and grammar. Only important points will be focused, not everything.

The fourth

advantages of time management while learning is becoming more efficient. The student tries to get rid of any distraction and focuses more on the subject he or she is studying. Therefore, he or she can achieve a better result.

The other advantage is doing multi tasks, which as a result can boost his or her confidence. While English student learns the grammar, he or she can lesson to English texts which are related to the grammar he or she is learning. He or she can read stories while he or she is listening to the correct pronunciation the reader is reading. Therefore, he or she will be able to understand better and more clearly. Learning more causes more understanding. More understanding causes more confidence.

Last but not least are the skills that student achieves. English is based on four skills writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Knowing all of these skills will make the students have better career opportunities.
In conclusion, an English student obtains lots of advantages in time management while learning English. In the world of technology, using the technological devices in the correct way will boost English learning in an efficient way. Now, learning English will be fun not a chore.


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