What are the 4 areas of linguistics?

What are the 4 areas of linguistics?


Linguistics can be defined in one sentence which is the study of language. It deeply analyzes every part of language like structure, organization, patterns and production of words, sentences and sound used in different languages. which makes it an important and interesting field to study.

There are so many researches and wide variety of information about linguistics which can be found on the internet or different book and articles. Linguistics has so many areas like syntax which is the study of analyzing different parts of sentences, phonology that is about organization of sound, morphology which is the study of different word and phonetic which is about speech. here are all four areas of linguistics with complete explanations for each that are so interesting to know.



The study of analyzing every part of a language is called linguistics. The oldest activities in linguistics were in the sixth century (BC). There are four different areas of linguistics which are syntax, phonology, morphology and phonetics which analyze different parts of language like word, sound, speech and sentences. Each of these areas of linguistics have their own differences. Here are complete details about each of these linguistics areas that are so interesting and awesome to know. A great short summary that is good to read.


areas of linguistics :


  1. Syntax


one of the areas of linguistics is syntax, syntax defined as rules for sentence structure in language. Syntax comes from Greek which means organizing together. It is the right arrangement of words in sentences in any languages which is an important thing in linguistics to know. All people who are native speaker know syntax naturally and use it correctly in making sentences without realizing it. It is interesting phenomenon that attracts researchers to study it more and more and gaining knowledge about it.


  1. Phonology

The second area in linguistics is known as Phonology which is basically the organization and patterns of sounds in any languages that is spoken by people around the world. Somehow the nature of sound related to languages are studied in syntax. Syntax is existing to know and understand. It is one of the most interesting areas in linguistics that attracts many researches to study it.


  1. Morphology

The third area in linguistics is known as Morphology. Morphology is study of different kinds of words, their formation and their relation to other words. Morphology is also a Greek word like syntax. While people are studying about words in morphology area of linguistics, there’re always two groups called content and function words. Content words verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs while function words in linguistics are pronouns, articles, prepositions and conjunctions. Studying each of these groups individually is so important in linguistics. There are so many sources to gather useful information about content and function groups.


    4.  phonetic


The last are in linguistics  is called Phonetic. Phonetics is all about how people produce sound. It’s about speech of sound which is produced by lips, teeth and tongue. Phonetics is somehow connected to phonology. Both of these areas in linguistics should be studied together because of their connection.


So it can be understood that linguistics is not a basic science and it has major areas like syntax, phonology, morphology and phonetics that each has its own science that is unique in its own way. Studying linguistics can be so interesting because of its many different areas. There are so many detailed information available for science of linguistics. It is mind blowing that a sentence in any language can have a lot of information and science behind it. Science which is called linguistics.

What are the 4 areas of linguistics?

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