With the development of technology and busy life of people in these years, online English courses have become the number one choice for learning English. Most people find it easy to take online English classes rather than in person classes. Here are main subjects of online English courses with complete explanation.


Online English courses are flexible for all people’s schedule. Every person at any age and English level can participate in online English courses. Online English classes subjects are English grammar, speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary and academic writing. Everyone can choose between all of these subjects according to personal preference.

  • English grammar courses

English grammar is the most important part in learning English because it can affect people’s speaking and writing. The grammar part of online English courses has a short video lesson that everyone can watch according to their English level and take a short online multiple choice test after that or a live online English teaching course with a professional native teacher.

  • English Speaking courses

Speaking courses are video chat based so students can have live online English classes for their speaking with teacher through internet. A live English communication with a native speaker is the best way for learning everyday English speaking.

  • English listening courses

Online English courses for listening parts have mp3 audio files for learners with hardship level from basic to advance listening that learners should listen and the answer multiple choice questions, mark them and see the results immediately.

online English coursesOnline English courses for reading part are only for learners in advanced level. Usually IELTS and TOEFL learners take these courses for improving their reading skills acquired for these famous tests. Online English classes for reading have advanced reading with multiple choice questions for each reading subjects. These online tests can improve learners time management skills for taking the actual TOEFL or IELTS test in the future.

  • English vocabulary courses

Online English courses for learners who want to master their English vocabulary skills have a list of vocabulary to learn and learners can take a test after that. These tests can be in the form of fun games or multiple choice questions.

  • English writing courses

Writing courses are different according to learner’s level of English. Online courses can consist of short online videos that teach academic English writing techniques and vocabulary needed for them.

So every person can take all of these online English classes together or individually according to personal need and preference. Online English courses make learning English enjoyable and fun for everyone. Learner only need to find a free time and start learning their online English courses.


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