Student-teacher relationship importance in English classes.


In order to learn English many factors are considered important such as the language institute one chooses, the English books which are thought, the teachers and so on. Knowing these important factors will help both the teachers and students in learning English. Among all of these factors the most important one is the student-teacher relationship in class.

Why is student-teacher relationship important in learning English?

The answer is easy, because human beings all enjoy the interaction they have with like-minded people in order to communicate better so that they will have a more enjoyable time. In an English class the teacher must not only be a teacher but also a psychologist. By knowing these two abilities the English teacher will be able to know the student’s moods which means what each students like or enjoys and what each student dislikes or hates. This will help the teacher to interact more easily and made the environment friendlier and fun for everyone. Having a friendly and fun environment will make learning easier for students.

when do students focus on learning ?

When the students feel and understand the English class they are attending has a warm and friendly environment they will focus more on learning and enjoy the time they are spending in class. Since the class is warm and fun both the teacher and the students will have the feeling that they are friends. So neither of them would like to make the other one upset or angry. The students will try hard to learn more and get better marks in order to make their English teacher happy. They will never feel bored in class. They will take part in class activities and discussions.


When the teacher sees the students effort in learning English the teacher will also try to use better methods, so that he or she can attract the students more than before. This is where the student-teacher relationship becomes strong. The stronger the student-teacher relationship gets the better will be the result of the English class.

The teacher and the student become friends the time they are in class will be a chore for any of them exactly like a real friendly environment, they will talk more and take part in class conversations well each one is presenting an activity in class. They will pay more attention; by doing this their listening improves. When they are presenting something their speaking improves in fact by doing all of these they will improve their skills in English.
In short, to learn English, having a good student-teacher relationship is important. This will make the students learn better and enjoy the time the instructor is teaching. Through this experience, the skills in English will easily improve.


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