3 of the best social interaction medias and What role does social interaction play in language acquisition?

Child developments are very important in understanding the adult human being and determining the characteristics of the influence of social interaction in their upbringing. Children play an important role in the rebirth of any generation, and without paying attention to the child’s development and education through social interaction, the progress of human society is not possible. Research on how language development works can clarify the framework of effective and useful educational social interaction methods and help to form an educational environment that leads to the flourishing of the child’s abilities.

Language and social interaction are two characteristics of human beings that play a very important role in human life. Acquisition of speech and language are the most important components of development that are completely dependent on the social interaction of the child.

In the meantime, expressive and perceptual language are the two key elements of language development that play an important role in the development and expansion of the child’s social adequacy. Due to the importance of language, the child does not learn it easily. The environment around the child and the people with whom they have social interaction have a great impact on how the child’s language skills develop. By knowing a few simple methods and strategies, you can ensure that your child’s language skills improve early in childhood and help them communicate well with others.

Contrary to what people used to believe, researchers conducted studies that prove social interaction plays a key role in human language learning. The researchers have stated that young American toddlers below the age of one who listened to native Mandarin Chinese for more than four hours a day, were capable of identifying phonetic components of that language. These researches prove that social interaction is a great way of learning a language. 

Social interaction through social media

Social networks were created for social interaction and to inform us about the latest news and happenings about our friends and the other people in the world, right? Language is essentially related to community and communication between people, so it is more natural and logical for you to learn it in a community. The ultimate goal of learning a foreign language is the ability to communicate effectively and have social interaction with others and to participate actively and usefully in conversations.

Language learning social networks can help you talk to the natives and make these conversations comfortable and intimate. Not only it makes you practice talking, but it also exposes you to new words, slang, informal language, and the culture of the people of that country.

In addition, as soon as you meet new people on social media and make new friends, you will find someone who will answer your questions and who will value and respect you. It does not matter if you ask a question in a public group or send a private message to a new native-speaking friend; If your sentence has grammatical problems and you do not know the meaning of a word or you have used it incorrectly, others will correct you and help you to fix your problems.

Having this kind of communication and social interaction in language learning will give you a whole new community of people who can actually help you with strengthening and improving your language skills. Today, with the growth of social networks, we are observing that people can use these networks to communicate with people from all over the world and communicate with them across borders.

Communicating with people from other cultures and languages can have many educational benefits for people. The first and most important advantage of using social networks is the ability to communicate and have social interaction with English-speaking people from all over the world. You can use these social networks to find friends from many different places, no matter how far, and start talking to them.

Talking and communicating and social interaction with a native English speaker will enable you to practice speaking English in the best possible way and take your learning process to a new level.

Talking and having a social interaction with a native English speaker allows you to use them as a language teacher. In fact, you can tell the English speaker that you are learning the language so that they can teach you and correct your grammar mistakes. On the other hand, talking to a native speaker will allow you to increase your listening ability and, in addition, to speak English in the best possible way only with a simple social interaction.

Although Chinese, Spanish and French have many speakers all over the globe, studies and researches have proved that the universal language of the internet is English. In other words, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, or where you are from, you can always use the English language for social interaction with the people you meet online or even in person when you are traveling.

We can find a lot of common posts on social media that can help us with social interaction with new people, and also there is a lot of language learning content on the internet that can help us with starting conversations. You can access a wide range of language learning content using social media. Using this language learning content will help you to develop your language skills and use your newfound abilities for social interaction and meeting new people.

Nowadays, content is produced in different formats. Textual content allows you to dramatically increase your comprehension, audio content enhances your listening power, and video content helps you learn different parts of the language in the best possible way. Using social networks to learn the language through social interaction is one of the most effective methods and people who are interested in learning a new language can easily use social networks for social interaction and master different parts of the language.

There are many benefits of using social media as a platform for learning a new language through social interaction. The first advantage of using social media as an educational platform is that you can make the most of your free time by following language learning pages and meet new people who will help you learn a new language through social interaction.

Another important benefit of learning a new language with the help of social media and through social interaction is the repetition and daily practice of the material. In fact, when you want to learn a new language on these social networks, content is sent to you on a daily basis, and this makes you repeat, practice, and learn at any given time.

Learning a new language on social media through social interaction is very convenient for people who do not have enough time to learn the language or don’t feel motivated enough to even start learning. One of the greatest aspects of learning a new language through social interaction on social media is that the process of learning becomes fun and motivational for the learner. This way, you will not feel bored or tired while learning.

These days, almost everybody uses social networks for social interaction such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. These networks connect people from all over the universe and allow them to stay up to date with the latest developments in their favourite subject. With the expansion of access to cyberspace, these social networks became a platform for the transfer of various news, information, scientific, educational and entertainment.

One of the topics that are easily available to applicants through these networks today is learning a new language through social interaction. Hundreds of YouTube channels and Instagram pages are active in this field and teach important tips and tricks to strengthen language skills.

YouTube and social interaction

YouTube is the media of millions of spectacular videos on a wide range of topics that have recently played an important role in teaching various skills including tips and tricks of social interaction and how to use it to learn a new language. So that you can learn almost any kind of software, practical work, cooking, etc. by watching YouTube videos.

Language learning through social interaction is no exception, in fact, YouTube is one of the most important sources for learning and strengthening language skills in today’s world. Aside from the tutorial videos that are available on YouTube, there are many YouTubers out there that have formed a community on the internet and have created a safe space for people to have social interaction and make new friends. Therefore, a lot of people from any nation and country can put their language skills to the test while making conversation and having social interaction.

Instagram and social interaction

Nowadays, one of the most famous social network platforms that allow people to have social interaction with each other is Instagram. A lot of people join Instagram through their smartphones and spend most of their daily time on it. Along with all kinds of influencers and bloggers of travel, cooking, fashion, lifestyle, comedians, etc.

One of the most important emerging Instagram bloggers is related to the educational category, especially language learning. In fact, many pages in the social network today in the field of English language learning can help those interested in learning this language. But aside from the influencers and language learning pages, people can also meet each other on an online network and have random conversations in the comment section of their favourite posts.

Twitter and social interaction

Of course, Instagram and YouTube are two of the most famous platforms of social media, and yes, they help a lot with learning a new language but one of the most useful applications for social interaction on social media is Twitter. This platform not only allows people to speak their minds and express their opinion freely, but it also gives everyone an opportunity to connect with each other. This app can be a great place for people to use their language skills and use the help of their new friends to fix their problems and learn new words and slangs.


In conclusion, learning a new language and social interaction have a direct relationship with each other. When you learn a new language through social interaction, not only will you be able to obtain a new skill, but you will also have the opportunity to interact with new people and that in itself means being challenged to make good use of communication and social skills through social interaction. Talking to new people is a great opportunity to learn how to communicate well with others in addition to strengthening the language. Therefore, obtaining a new language through social interaction can be considered as one of the best methods of learning a language.


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