Simple English sentences for kids below the age of 5



Kids’ brains have the ability to learn new languages in their early development stages. According to some scientific researches, most kids between the ages of 1 and 3 have the ability to learn a new language. English as an international language can be the best and most suitable option to choose to teach to children as they are young. 

One of the best ways to teach English to kids, is to start teaching them basic English words and sentences. Here are some methods and some good and short English sentences for starting.

Teaching English to children

When teaching English to children, parents or teachers should consider various factors. They must wisely think of several factors before teaching the children a new subject such as a new language. Learning a new language can be challenging for children since they might still be struggling with learning their mother tongue. As a result, their instructors must help them to overcome the possible learning difficulties.

Their instructors (parents/teachers) can guide and help them to learn English in a simple, enjoyable and effective way. This way the children will be more intrigued, show more interest and learn efficiently. There are a few simple characteristics that the parents and the teachers must pay attention to in order to help the children learn English. The features are mentioned below.

Being patient

As mentioned, teaching a new language to children below the age of 5 is immensely challenging. Children in this age find it hard to focus on one matter and subject. They are curious, playful and active. Therefore, conveying the fact that they must pay attention to learn, is hard.

The parents or the teachers must be patient enough to tolerate the children’s mischievous plays and actions. They should try their best to attract the children and teach them English indirectly.

Being creative

Furthermore, the parents and the teachers should be creative when teaching to toddlers. They should use attractive and amusing methods in order to intrigue the children to learn. Also, as it may seem hard to get them to pay attention, being creative and offering creative lessons can interest them. Teaching English through songs, cartoons and English books for children are considered as creative teaching methods.

Being simple

One of the factors that is massively important is that the content of the lessons is as easy as possible. Teaching the children complex and difficult words or sentences not only confuses them but also bores and tires them. Teaching the children simple English words and English sentences will slowly get them familiar with the English language.

Being knowledgeable

As the last factor to mention, being knowledgeable plays an important role. The parents or the teachers who want to teach English to kids must have specified knowledge in this area. This means, being proficient in English is not enough. Teaching and educating young learners needs training. Those who desire to teach English to children must be completely familiar with the kids’ characteristics and their desires.

In addition to the mentioned characteristics, the content that should be taught must be taught in certain ways. If the parents or the teachers have no knowledge regarding this field, they will have problems when teaching.

In conclusion, several factors should be considered before teaching English to kids. By paying close attention to this factors, parents and teachers will have an easier time teaching to children. And also, the children will develop an interest and become intrigued to learn English.

Teaching simple English sentences to kids

As parents or teachers become aware with how they can teach English to kids below the age 5, they must search for the lessons and the content that should be taught to them. Simple English words and simple English sentences is the first things that must be taught to children who are below the age of 5.

As children learn the English alphabet and then are able to learn simple words, they should learn simple English sentences. Teaching children simple English sentences will help them to learn how sentences are formed in English. They will also learn how they can convey certain meaning using English sentences. Children first learn the alphabet, then they learn English words that are made by the alphabet. As they should progress learning English, they must be taught simple English sentences.

As they learn English sentences, they get familiar with how English words are used. This way they can even understand the meaning of the English words much better. More on, children develop their language knowledge as they learn English sentences.

Simple English sentences refers to sentences that are formed by a subject, a verb and an object. It can also be referred to as SOV sentences. These English sentences are the most simple kind of sentences to learn English by.

There are certain methods that parents and teachers can use to teach English sentences by. The methods can help the children to acquire the role of English sentences much better. Also, they will have a more enjoyable time learning if their instructors use the mentioned methods. The methods that can be used to teach English sentences to children are simple yet very effective. A brief explanation is given for the two important methods below.

Teaching English sentences everyday

Parents can involve simple English sentences in their everyday conversations with their children. This method of teaching English sentences has several benefits for the children. In addition, it is the most recommendable method to use to teach English to toddlers.

First of all, involving and immersing the children in the English world, helps them to get acquainted with English. They learn by listening and recognizing the English sentences and in this way, they learn this new language as they learned their mother tongue. Also, by using English sentences every day, children implicitly develop their language skills.

Second of all, repetition plays an important role in children’s learning process. In order to help children, stick certain words and grammatical structures in their minds, repetition is the key factor. By repeating the words and the simple English sentences, children will learn them and remember them much easier. This way they pick up certain English structures by heart.

Moreover, using English sentences when the kids are eating, playing or sleeping is really helpful. Simple English sentences that are used in their daily routine activities is more understandable for them. They can easily comprehend the meaning of the sentences even if some words may be unfamiliar for them. For example, as children are eating, parents can use English sentences such as:” You are drinking water.” And then go on using sentences such as: “I drink water. – Dad drinks water”

As a result, using simple English sentences in everyday situations, helps the children to learn and acquire English in a simple, easy and effective way. This method provides them the opportunity to learn English without feeling obligated to learn. In fact, they are completely unaware that they are learning and for this reason, they feel no pressure. When they feel no pressure, they learn much better.

Teaching English sentences using different materials

As mentioned, being creative when teaching English to kids is immensely important. New, unique and creative teaching methods and materials attracts and intrigues children. Using various available teaching materials in order to teach English to young learners is incredibly suggested. In fact, it is a must. All the available teaching sources have their own benefits and purposes which brings the children closer to language acquisition. As a result, parents should use the specially designed materials to teach English to toddlers. 

There are many materials available to use to teach simple English words and English sentences to children. These resources are intended to teach simple English structures in an amusing way. Some of the recommended resources are for example: songs, cartoons, English books for kids and games. Each of the mentioned teaching materials are explained briefly below.


Parents and teachers can play English songs for children during the day. As children listen the songs, they not only develop their listening skills, but they also get familiar with English pronunciation, English words and English sentences. Also, parents and teachers can try to engage the children to sing along with the songs as they do themselves.


Children enjoy spending their time watching cartoons and animated movies. If they watch the cartoons in English, they will learn certain words and English sentences. Therefore, they both develop their listening skills and their vocabulary knowledge. It is recommended that parents provide their children the English version of the cartoons that they are interested in.

English books for kids

Countless English books are published for kids. There are various interesting genres available for them which multiplies their interest for reading. These books involve simple English sentences, colorful picture and intriguing storylines. All the important elements make the English books fascinating for kids below the age of 5. Parents can read these books for their children if they are too young to read. They can point to the cheerful pictures in the book and use their body language to make the story comprehensive and exciting for the children.


Last but not least, educational games are massively common and popular among young learners. If parents want to expand their children’s English knowledge, they should use educational English games. Children spend most of their time playing during the day. One of their significant characteristic is that they are extremely playful. As a result, combining English sentences with games and teaching them using games, is clearly an effective teaching method.

There are two types of educational games that parents or teachers can play with the children in order to help them learn simple English sentences and words. The old-fashioned games refer to group games or active games. These games will provide the children the opportunity to have fun while being active. Another kind of educational games refers to online games. Children are very interested in technology. Various new and up to date educational games are available for the children to learn English by.

The language used in these materials are simple, comprehensive and easy for the children to learn. Also, all of these tools and resources are designed in a way that attract and multiply the children’s interest. Children learn best when they are interested and motivated. Therefore, the teaching methods should be attracting, interesting and fascinating for them. So, using the mentioned materials to teach English sentences to children is really beneficial and effective. In addition, in this method, children can have fun while learning.

In brief, nowadays, countless teaching sources are available to use in order to teach English to children. There are many resources available that parents and teachers can use to help the children learn English in an entertaining way. Using any of these resources provides various benefits and advantages for the learners. But the most significant benefit is that the children can learn while having fun.

Short English sentences 

Learning a new language like English for kids has so many benefits for their brain like improving their creativity, memory and mental concentration. Starting with easy English words and continuing with short and easy English sentences while teaching them during their childhood can be the best option. Further on, we provide examples of the short English sentences that can be used to teach English to kids.

The English sentences should be made and used by two or three words. These short English sentences will help kids to learn and speak English faster. Simple English sentences include easy words for every day speaking that should be taught to kids with saying them loudly or singing for them to make it enjoyable. Some simple English sentences for kids is mentioned below: 

  1. I love
  2. I eat cake.
  3. My mother is kind.
  4. I pray to GOD.
  5. I eat apple.
  6. The dog is soft.
  7. I can paint.
  8. Happy birthday.
  9. This is my hat.
  10. The cat ran.
  11. The sun is hot.
  12. I like my dad.
  13. I have gum.
  14. I see cat.
  15. I love green pencils.
  16. I have a dog.
  17. I see my bike.
  18. I love my mom.
  19. I can brush my teeth.
  20. I love chocolate.
  21. I can speak
  22. I can walk.
  23. Good night.
  24. I like pizza.

Everyone can make  English sentences like these examples to teach kids. Also it is better to add pictures to sentences or use objects around the house to make these English sentences more understandable and enjoyable for kids. English can be a sweet skill to learn for children with playing. It can improve their brain development and provide countless benefits for them.


Overall, learning English for kids  can be useful in many ways. Using these short English phrases between the ages of 0-3 and upper can be useful for both childhood and adulthood of the kids. Learning English can make them more smart, improve their listening skills, boost their thinking and in the future knowing English can bring them good job opportunities and a brilliant future so start now and teach these basic English phrases to kids while they are young and they have flexible mind to learn English.

since teaching English to children is gaining more importance each day, new teaching methods and techniques are being established. Therefore, there are a lot of methods that can be used to teach English sentences to children below the age of 5. The mentioned methods are the main methods that should be considered in every teaching process. Parents or teachers must include these methods as they decide to teach English words, English sentences and English grammar to their young children.


How can I write good English sentences?

Writing correct and adequate English sentences plays an important role in English writings and English education. Those who seek to progress their English educational purposes must learn how to write good English sentences. Writing correct English sentences helps the writer to convey their message in a comprehensive way. Writing comprehensive English sentences requires taking several factors into account. The most important elements to consider is mentioned and explained briefly below.

Simple and short

As the first element to consider, is to write simple and short English sentences. Writing wordy sentences with complex words or grammatical structures will only confuse the reader. The English sentences should be short; in this way the reader can easily understand and follow the meaning of the sentences. If sentences are too long and wordy, the main concept and the idea becomes mislaid.

Complete and comprehensive

Another element which is mainly important to form good English sentences is to be clear and deliver a complete message. It is essential that the sentences include a subject and a verb. These sentences are called independent clause. They can stand on their own since no additional information is needed. The main idea should be expressed clearly and stated vividly.

Correct grammar

In order to write good English sentences, writers must pay close attention to grammatical structures. Fragments and incorrect use of grammar will cause misperception and confusion for the reader. Using correct grammar when writing or speaking will show the writer’s English proficiency. This will draw the readers’ attention and they can focus much better when reading.

Correct punctuation

Following punctuation rules when writing English sentences is one of the important factors to write good English sentences. Punctuation is one of the main elements of good English writing. Without punctuation the English sentences would not be understandable; since punctuation declares certain meanings. In this way the English sentences become more clear and defined. One of the main elements that declares a sentence, is period or full-stop. Without it, the end of a sentence will not be declared.

Writing correct and adequate English sentences plays an important role in English writings and English education. Those who seek to progress their English educational purposes must learn how to write good English sentences. Writing correct English sentences helps the writer to convey their message in a comprehensive way. Writing comprehensive English sentences requires taking several factors into account.

How can I write good English sentences?

1. Simple and short
2. Complete and comprehensive
3. Correct grammar
4. Correct punctuation

What is simple English sentence?

Simple English sentences are sentences that contain only one independent clause. In other words, sentences that are complete and they can stand on their own. These English sentences include one subject and a verb. Also, simple English sentences can refer to SOV sentences. SOV English sentences are sentences including a subject, a verb and an object. Each of these elements are briefly explained below.


The subject of English sentences refers to someone, something or somewhere that is being described. It also refers to the one that did an action. The subject in English sentences is the main important part of a sentence since it declares what the whole sentence is about. Grammatically speaking, a subject can be a noun or a pronoun. The subject of a sentence can be recognized by the verb of the sentence. Asking questions such as “who?” or “what?” the verb is about, will make it easy to identify the subject of an English sentence.

Subject examples:

  • She is staying home.
    (Who is staying home?)
  • The plate is broken.
    (What is broken?)


The verb is a word that conveys an action, an occurrence or a state of being. It is impossible to form a sentence without a verb. The verb of English sentences explains the subject. The verb declares what the subject does, how it is or what happened to it. Verbs are expressed in different tenses. The different tenses state the time of the actions that happened. The verb tenses in English are: past, present and future. Regarding this point, since the verb declares the action and the time, in order to recognize the verb in a sentence there are two ways. First, look for the word that talks about an action, an occurrence or a state of being. For example: is, talk, make, dance, rained and more on. Secondly, change the time of the sentence and recognize which word changes. For example:

  • I walk home.

If we change the time of this sentence (which is present) to past, the word that changes its form is walk. Other words which are nouns remain as they are.

  • I walked home.


The object of the English sentences means the receiver of the action. As mentioned, the subject is the one doing the action, which is the verb. The object is ‘whom’ or ‘what’ the action is being directly done to. Similarly, to the subject, the object is also either a noun or a pronoun. The object of the sentence is usually used at the end of the sentence and it is always used after a proposition.

  • The Jacksons bought a house.
  • Jackie found a wallet.
  • Margaret wrote a letter.

What is simple English sentence?

1. Subject
2. Verb
3. Object

In short, all sentences include these three main elements which are subject, verb and object. Simple English sentences, which are independent clauses, form up other complex sentences. In order to become proficient in English, learning and acquiring the structures of the simple sentences is a must. Forming simple English sentences is the first stage of language acquisition.


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