Learning a second language can improve one’s life in 4 amazing ways

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From social media to getting to know co-workers to hanging out with friends, it’s likely that being social has seeped into all aspects of our lives. Whether you want it to or not, whether you wish you could have a better time at parties, have deeper relationships, or just communicate with more people, learning a second language can give you the social boost you need. Here are a few ways in which learning a second language such as English can affect your life.

Have a bigger social circle

One of the most significant ways in which a second language like English can change your life is by your personal connections. We, humans, are social creatures so it shouldn’t be shocking that a common language can help people connect. Learning to get over any sense of fear or uncertainty with someone you’re practicing your target language with can bring the two of you closer together.

Developing this level of trust is just the type of foundation that a strong friendship needs. Ask around, you’ll definitely be amazed at how many people around you want to improve their English. Having an interest in strangers in this way will mean you can easily develop relationships with people, anywhere, from all walks of life.

Find better jobs

Businesses are working in an increasingly globalized economy. Businesses are constantly looking for bilingual candidates who can communicate in English with partners from all around the world. Not only is it necessary for their business, but they are more than happy to pay extra for these skills.
That’s why being able to speak more than one language will open up more job opportunities around the globe as well as getting you head and shoulders above other candidates, who don’t have your English language skills.

Have more fun while traveling

second language

One of the best things about the English language is that it is spoken in many different countries, just like Spanish. Spanish is used in Spain as well as Mexico, Argentina, Perú, Ecuador, Cuba, and many other countries.

Knowing a second language like English makes you able to communicate your needs easily or travel to a new place without any concerns. These are presumably the first things you will notice after learning the English language. But also, the more time you spend speaking in your new language—learning about others’ culture and way of life—the more likely you will form better connections.

It’s also highly likely, that during your language learning process, you will appreciate your own culture more. Learning English before you travel is also helpful in a very practical way. Forget about being uncomfortable asking for a bargain while buying overpriced souvenirs, or being concerned about getting ripped off by cab drivers. You are now able to handle yourself in any of these situations.

Have all the information at your fingertips

second language

In a world where there are more than 6,000 different spoken languages, we occasionally may need translation, but speaking a second language enables you to access information that would be unavailable to your monolingual friends. For instance, people proficient in English can use the Internet as true global citizens—consuming and benefiting from international media.

Everyone’s experience of learning a new language is unique and different, but whether you haven’t begun learning a new language yet, or are already well on your way to becoming fluent in your new language, we hope to have provided some useful information for you.


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