English books for children; 6 most important features to consider when buying them

How to read English books effectively?

English books are the best fundamental educational tools for any English learner. English learners, especially young ones, learn vocabulary, traditions, grammar, culture, and different theories through reading suitable English books. As we all know, books are the main unique sources of information.

Reading books is recommended for children. It has many positive effects on the functions of their minds. It helps kids to become good meticulous English learners.

Reading English books has an impressive influence on kids’ intellectual skills. That is,  books are life-changing keys that broaden kids’ critical thinking power. They also increase kids’ creativity, imagination power, and cultural sensitivity.

Regarding the significant effects of reading books for kids, they must read the right English books. If the books don’t match kid’s age or English level, it will have negative effects for the kid. As a result, the kid’s learning English progress will be impeded. Parents and tFeacher should first choose a suitable book if they want to expand kids reading prospects.

Good English books have definite basic elements. The basic elements make the books unique, comprehensive, useful, and enlightening. They make kids to feel enthusiastic about reading.

There are generally six elements included in books. The six main elements are topic, purpose, theme, context, style, and characters. In this article, we are going to explain each important element of the best English books very briefly:

Topic in English books

The topic is one of the basic elements of good English books. It is the main factor that determines what the book should mainly be about. It also determines the genre, style, and the purpose of the book.

The topic shows the ideas that the writer had in mind when writing the book. The topic is mainly reflected in the title of the book. Therefore, considering the title of a book is one of the ways to distinguish the topic of the book.

The topics of the English books for kids should be motivating, interesting, clear, and concise. Topics are the main leaders controlling the whole content of the books.


English books readers should have a purpose. That is, there should be a reason why the learners decide to read English books. Kids should first determine the purpose of reading.

The authors of English books for kids should have interesting and engaging reasons to write. Most kids tend to read English books for entertainment and enjoyment. That is why the authors should write the books for kids that are fun, exciting, and engaging for the young readers.

It is also suggested that the writers combine educational elements with fun attractions to create useful books for kids. Most kids avoid reading books that only have educational purposes. Therefore, the best purpose that an English book should have, is a mixture of amusing and educating purpose.

There are a lot of reasons why kids spend their time reading a book. Some children read books for fun while others read books for knowledge acquisition. Nevertheless, if children know the reason why they are reading a book, they will immerse themselves in the content of the book much better.

The information, title, and content of the books help kids to find out the purpose of reading. For example, the title of ” The ugly duckling” book explicitly shows that the purpose of the book is enjoyment. The title shows that the book is a story about a little duckling.


One of the basic elements of the best English books for children is suitable educational themes. Children should gain useful messages when reading books. So, the author of the English books for kids should convey helpful, educational, and appropriate central ideas to the young readers.

The theme of a book is hidden in it. That is, the events, interactions, communications, and descriptions all reflect the central idea of the book. Kids can only get the theme of the story if they read the whole story wisely.

The theme is a principal element in English books The is, the theme, like the topic, of a book controls the content of the book. Also, irrelevant information or descriptions of the main theme must not be included in the book.

Most of the themes of good educational books are moral. That is because kids need to earn wisdom while enjoying reading English books. If the theme of a story reflects immoral, unethical, and wrong ideas, then reading the story will certainly have harmful effects for the kids.

It is recommended that the parents first read the whole book themselves then select a valuable book for their kid. In this way, they make sure that the book has a moral, educational, and appropriate theme and content. Keep in your mind that reading English books nourishes children’s minds; hence, you should do your best to pick out the best books for your kid.


One of the elementary fundamentals of English books is the context. This basic element indicates the setting in which the writing is situated. It gives information about the place and the time of the book.

Children implicitly bond with the writer through reading English books. This bond is strengthened by the context of the English books. Therefore, the context of English books gives a deeper understanding of the intent and direction of the writer of the book.

There are generally four types of contexts for English books. The four classifications include historical, physical, cultural, and situational contexts that deepen kids’ understanding through reading. They all help children to comprehend the circumstances of the book.

The writers of English books provide readers with overall background information to explain the personality, deeds, and actions of the characters or the occurrence of the events. For example, if a story is about the event that happened in the Middle Ages in London, then it reflects the events, traditions, beliefs, and culture of the Middle Ages period. The context of the English books should be clearly stated in the book.


The genre of the book is another element of English books. It determines the classification of the book. Kids should read their favorite genre of English books.

Style is the main way in which writers express themselves. It is the way of conveying emotions, ideas, feelings, and attitudes to the readers. The more the writers express themselves effectively, the more will the English books become readable.

There are many suitable genres for kids. The narrative, fiction, fairy tale, mystery, and fable are the most popular genres of English books for kids. The styles of English books are the best guider that help you choose a suitable book for your children.

This element determines the writer’s word choice, sentence structure, figurative language, and sentence arrangement. This feature helps kids to get involved in their favorite stories.

You need to know your kids’ favorite genres. For example, if your kid likes reading Harry Potter books, so he is interested in fantasy stories. Therefore, you should choose the books of fantasy genres to keep him interested in reading books.


Kids are immersed in the writer’s world by the characters. All the actions, conversations, and feelings of the characters have quite a strong direct influence on children’s minds. Most children build their world by imagining themselves as one of the characters.

The characters, whether the antagonist or protagonist, mentally involve the children in the context of the book. They help the writer of the book to convey his feelings, ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the readers in the best way. As mentioned, they help children to realize what the main point of the story is about.

Each character of the book has definite characteristics. The variety of characteristics make the book unique, understandable, and engaging. It empowers the writer to indicate different ways of thinking and lifestyles for the children.

In most children’s books, evil characters get punished and decent characters are rewarded. In this way, children implicitly learn that there is a reward for morality and a punishment for immorality. This moral basis helps kids to become a virtuous member of society in the future.

The most important characteristics of the book are the heroes. Children admire the heroic deeds of the central character. They try to be like the heroes in their lives.

The heroes of the children’s books should be the embodiments of goodness, morality, and humanity. Otherwise, the books will be completely negative for the kids. Kids learn and admire moral values through the heroes’ manners.


To sum up, appropriate English books have many positive effects for the children. The particular elements of English books make them comprehensible, enjoyable, and interesting for children. English books have generally six basic elements that were briefly explained in this article.


Why read English books?

Books are the main source of increasing knowledge and information. They help kids learn many valuable things while enjoying the process. Books are like best friends for kids.

Reading English books improves English. It enriches vocabulary and grammar, general understanding, and critical thinking skills. Therefore, there are many benefits for reading English books including:

Strengthens the brain functions

Reading English books activities different parts of the brain. This activation increases the connectivity of the brain. As a result, the brain will have a great performance on everything.

Increases English vocabulary knowledge

Kids come across many words through reading an English book. They try to learn and memorize new words. So, reading English books is one of the practical ways of vocabulary enrichment.

Improves English writing skills

Reading English books helps kids to be great professional writers. It helps kids to learn the methods and styles with which they can express their thoughts well. Moreover, kids learn to organize their thoughts most effectively.

Enriches critical thinking abilities

Reading enhances critical thinking. It boosts observation, analysis, interpretation, reflection, evaluation, inference, explanation, problem-solving, and decision making. Therefore, kids can enrich their literary criticism skills at an early age by reading different genres of English books.

Improves English grammar

English books for kids are composed of many simple English sentences combined with true grammar. Kids implicitly learn English grammar rules through reading children’s books. As a result, kids will make fewer grammatical errors.

Improves English reading skills

Reading English books enhances comprehension skills. Through reading, kids learn skimming and scanning skills. Plus, they implicitly learn how to summarize and analyze a written text accurately.

Gives calmness

Reading English books is one of the best efficient ways of entering into a state of deep relaxation. Like music, it is also the best way of escaping reality. Kids enter into the writer’s world through reading English books.

Reduces anxiety and depression

As mentioned, reading English books makes kids calm, relaxed, and focused. Therefore, it is the best mental activity to remove stress and anxiety. It reduces depression and brings a good mood to the readers.

Nourishes the mind

The mind requires enough nutrients and energy to function well. Reading English books are the best nutriment for the mind. It keeps the mind focused, alert, and active.

Enlarges the capacity of memory

Any English book contains a lot of new information. Kids get valuable information by careful reading. Constant careful reading enters the new information into the mind; as a result, the capacity of the mind expanded.

Boosts concentration

When kids read an engaging book, they put all their concentration on the content. They do not pay attention to any kind of distraction. So, reading English books keeps kids focused for a time.

Boosts imagination power

When kids read a book, especially a novel, they usually imagine themselves as the main character of the book. They constantly imagine what they would do if they were the hero. So, reading English books is one of the most effective practices for enhancing imagination power.

Increases empathy

Some English books, especially novels, indicate the lives of people. They may indicate the difficulties, challenges, happiness, and feelings of the main character. Kids get a sense of empathy with the main character of the book through reading.


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