3 remarkable methods of using preschool songs to teach grammar

3 remarkable methods of using preschool songs to teach grammar


It is believed that teaching the grammar of the English tenses, especially simple present tense, is quite challenging. English learners, especially children, usually find learning English tenses grammar confusing and difficult. Therefore, some useful methods and techniques have been invented to make teaching English grammar easy.

Using preschool songs is one of the good methods of teaching English grammar. It attracts kids to pay attention to the grammar; as the result, they will implicitly learn English to kids in the best way. Therefore, a wide variety of suitable preschool songs are the best tools for teaching kids English grammar tenses.

Many parents today insist that their children become fluent in English. Therefore they enroll them in English language kindergartens and try to teach English to their children through different methods. But the question arises, how do children learn English best?

According to all research, children at a young age have a great talent for learning a second language. Their brains have faster growth and development in learning a second language than adults. However, children at an early age are not interested in classes and parents can’t teach English to children like in schools. They are interested in watching cartoons, playing games, and painting and parents should focus on teaching English through these ways to achieve the desired result.

Teaching English grammar using preschool songs

Although the main focus of some English preschool songs is not over English grammar tenses, they implicitly provide kids with much English knowledge. In addition, English preschool songs improve kids’ receptive English skills ( listening and reading). Kids can listen to English preschool songs or read the text of the songs and sing along to improve their English grammar, especially the grammatical rules of English verb tenses.

English teachers can take advantage of English preschool songs to teach grammar by many practical methods. There are generally three presented practical methods of using preschool songs for English grammar teaching in this article. The practical methods are:

Preschool songs; how to teach the present simple

Preschool songs are one of the best ways to learn English at an early age. This age group is not familiar enough with the curriculum because they have not yet gone to school, so songs are one of the most effective ways to teach English to children. Preschool songs are constantly linked to a child’s listening skills. And on the other hand, it strengthens listening skills, and children can immerse themselves in the world of English through song.

We have a variety of preschool songs for children on the variability of subjects in English that parents can easily download online and play according to their child’s interests. Through these preschool songs, parents can teach their children various subjects such as numbers, colors, and grammar. Try to download these preschool songs with their videos in a way that strengthens the children’s visual skills along with their auditory skills.

Try to teach your child different structures through preschool songs and introduce them to new sentences. The more the children are exposed to new structures and sentences, the faster can they speak English. Try to play these preschool songs for the children and ask them to repeat the sentences in the song. Be sure to do physical movements while singing the preschool songs. This way the children can understand the meaning of the sentences in the songs.

By downloading a series of preschool songs, parents can easily teach children grammar. Such as the simple present tense. They can play these preschool songs and harmonize them with the song a second time. Parents should try to use physical movements along with the teaching so that children can easily understand the meaning of the preschool songs and communicate with the new language.

Asking relevant questions about the preschool songs:

Choose a suitable preschool song containing the grammar rule that you want to choose. Take the grammar rule ” simple present tense” as an example, your chosen preschool song should generally contain the English verbs of the simple present tense. Plus, kids should be familiar with the most English words of the preschool song.

Now, play the preschool song in the class and ask kids to listen to it carefully. Then, repeat it twice so that kids would sing along and memorize the content of the song in their minds. In the end, ask relevant questions about the preschool song.

Your questions should be so deliberately designed that they efficiently help you to get to the grammar point as soon as possible. The questions of the preschool song should involve kids in the content of the preschool song and spark kids’ curiosity toward the grammar used in it. For grammar ruled of the simple present tense, there are so many useful relevant questions that you can ask about the preschool song such as:

  1. Use the words of the song in a sentence containing a simple present verb.
  2. Change the verbs of the song into simple present ones.
  3. Guess the structure of some present tense with the help of the given song.
  4. Analyze the text of the song to find simple present verbs.
  5. Tell the summary containing only simple present verbs of the song content.

These questions of the preschool song all spark kids’ thinking abilities as well as their English skills. They help kids to enhance their listing comprehension so that they can answer the questions correctly. They make kids’ brains ready to receive grammatical information.

For the grammar rules of the simple present tense, kids can learn the functions, structure, formation, and formula of the simple present tense through answering these questions. So, these questions are the most practical brain activators. They keep kids’ brains focused, alert and active during English grammar teaching.

Make a challenging discussion over the preschool songs:

Challenging discussions about preschool songs are always the functional tools of teaching English grammar. They are the best attention grabbers. They get kids to give all their attention to the main topic so that they can learn something perfectly in a short while.

Choose a suitable preschool song matching both the grammar rule and kids’ level of English proficiency. Then, play the song in the class twice and ask kids to just listen carefully. Choose a relevant topic about the song and ask kids to talk about it.

For the “present simple tense”, your topic can be ” the usages of the simple present in the song.” Thereupon, a challenging discussion over the functions, features and even the structure of the simple present verbs will be made in the class. The more kids talk about the preschool song, the better they can implicitly learn English grammar rules.

This method enhances kids’ analysis abilities and critical thinking. It also enhances kids’ social skills. Therefore, making English discussions is one the best English grammar teaching ways expanding English learners’ functions at class English activities.

Rewriting the meaning of the preschool songs:

Preschool songsRewriting preschool songs has a great positive influence on kids’ English comprehension skills. It helps kids to think about the English rhymes deeply. It enhances kids’ English writing skills, too.

Choose a short preschool song and play it in the class. The words and the structures of the chosen song should be so simple that kids can easily get the theme of the song. So, the content of the song should make sense to the kids and contain the grammar points.

Ask kids to rewrite the preschool song as their homework. Order kids to give in their assignments within a week. Then, review all the assignments to choose the most well-written one. Award bonus marks to the rewriter.

Keep in mind that you should order kids to do their homework containing only the English grammar. That is, kids’ main focus of their rewriting should only be the taught grammar rules. Therefore, their rewriting should only contain simple present verbs if the English grammar is about simple present tense functions.

Kids learn all the functions of the simple present verbs by doing this homework. They also find out their grammatical errors so that they can improve their English more. Plus, they learn how to be great English songwriters because they get familiar with the structures of English songs.


Preschool songsPreschool songs are one of the most practical tools by which you can teach English grammar tenses to kids perfectly. They can implicitly help kids to learn the grammar rules of simple present tense while having fun. There are generally three useful methods by which you can best use English preschool songs as your teaching helpers.


What music do preschoolers learn?


Keep in mind that children are not interested in complexity. Parents should try to articulate all the topics in the easiest way possible. Do not look for complex songs. Try to play simple preschool songs for children and harmonize with the songs at the same time. This way the child can communicate better with the preschool songs. However, in general, what preschool songs do children learn more easily?

Preschool songs with simple word and structure

As mentioned earlier, children are not looking for complexity due to their young age and can’t easily pronounce difficult words in their mother tongue. Parents should look for easy preschool songs because the child starts a second language from the basic level. And for this reason, they must first learn simple words and basic structures. Parents can easily find different and simple preschool songs according to their child’s curriculum and start teaching English.

Clear pronunciation

As you know, every country has its dialect and accents. The matter of accent is always challenging for learners when learning a new language. Parents should not forget this point in teaching their child English and ignore it. For this reason, parents should try to look for preschool songs in which the pronunciation of words is very simple so that the child can easily memorize and repeat these preschool songs. Remember that learning the accent of European countries is useful for the child, but this accent should not be so much that the child has difficulty understanding the message of the songs. The song should be as understandable as possible for the children.


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