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Everyone who knows kids can admit that kids can learn by songs easier. There are some songs that online English schools can utilize to attract more kids to their classes.

Songs are known as a fantastic way of learning English for ESL students. Focusing on younger students, which means kids and teens specifically, we can notice the fact that they are more eager to learn rhythmic stuff.

Kids aren’t enough enthusiastic to sit behind a desk and study for hours just to memorize some pages of their textbooks. Instead, they would prefer to keep listening to a familiar song over and over again.

You would be surprised to see kids not get bored of a song even if they listen to it one million times. Knowing all these facts we have all have concluded that English songs for kids can be amazingly helpful to teach English at English schools.

Let’s learn the name of some songs for kids: The alphabet song, Days of the week song. As the name of these two songs implies, they are for beginners.

The following songs can be used for intermediate classes: Good morning, I have a headache.

At last , the song which is called somebody that I used to know, can be used for upper-intermediate learners to teach past tense. If you one of the owners of online English schools, you need to know how to attract students.

In this article, we mention 5 of the best English songs which can be taught at online English schools. First of all, let’s start with introducing some English songs for beginners, who are alienated with a new language.

Songs for beginners at online English schools

The alphabet song: it’s crystal clear that all ESL students learn this song at the very beginning of their studying. It’s the basis of English learning at online English schools.

It is also known as the easiest song among all English songs for kids. In this song, as you might be aware, the aim is to teach the alphabet to kids.

Teachers usually teach this song to kids from the very first session they start teaching. It would be more effective if you repeat this song over and over until all your students have it memorized.

The second song is the Days of the week song. It is a perfect song via which children can learn and memorize the days of the week. You might find it quite easy to memorize just because seven words which are Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are repeated in the song.

But try to see it from children’s glasses. Seven words have an arrangement, plus they all just end with the word day, and there is no way on earth to be able to memorize them better. Is it Sunday then Thursday? Or does it starts on Wednesday? But if it is a song to be listened to repeatedly, you would have it in your memory in less than an hour. You would see how easy it becomes.

Songs for intermediate learners at online English schools

Now, let us level up a little bit and start introducing songs for kids who are intermediate learners. The first song is Good morning song for kids. It is a great song for beginning your classes in the morning.

You have no idea how much joy and fun you can bring to the class by just letting your students sing a short song in the first five minutes of a class. So let them be cheerful and happy starting their study day.

And try to sing with them since as you know, the friendlier you are with your students, the more they pay attention to what you teach.

The second song which is suitable for intermediate classes is: I have a headache. The song, which is good for biology classes, is a song by Michael Sem and despite the idiot name it has got, it is a loved song by most of the kids.

This English song is mostly talking about illnesses. So it is nice to teach illnesses at online English schools. It talks about the signs of illnesses and the way people need to react when catching an illness.

Best song for upper intermediate classes at online English schools

The last song can be usable in an upper intermediate class, which is called “somebody that I used to know”. This is a song by Gotye. The song’s genre is pop which can also be used to teach English grammar at online English schools.

The past tense can be taught via this song. Contrary to many people who think that pop music is just a time filler with no positive point for English learners, it can be used in a class.

Grammar is a hard part for any ESL student, especially when students are young. So to make it easier, it would better to use songs to teach. It appeals to them more.


Online English schoolsIn the end, it is worthy of mentioning that there are a lot of songs which can be used at school. But the way a teacher chooses one completely depends on the way they want to teach.

A teacher might like to write a song herself and that shows how creative and artistic she is. If a teacher can’t do so, she can just take some time and search a little bit and make her classes livelier than they usually are.

Using songs and music in classes is not just for the fun and joy they have. More importantly one must be aware that naturally, it is much better and easier to learn certain stuff and some information while they are delivered in rhythm.

Furthermore, a teacher has to seek something to grab attention in classes. And few things do so, one of which is a catchy song. Using songs a teacher can even grab the attention of those students who don’t usually pay attention to the class.

As the very last point to pay attention to, it can be said that a teacher should choose a song that a relevant to the material she is going to teach. Something which relates to the lesson in a way or two, and enhances students’ learning. Words need to be understood by the learner though.


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