What are the best 4 modern tools used for teaching?


Using modern tools to teach play a significant role in the teaching and the learning process. As they provide visual effects and interactive experiences, learners will be more engaged in the process of learning English. They include visuals, audios, and whatever that enhances the students’ learning. With the advances in technology, projectors and other outdated teaching aids are being replaced by more modern tools.

The English language modern tools

In the new era of learning, technology is an inevitable part in the process of teaching for both children and adults. Use of modern tools allows the students to learn English in a more engaging and effective manner. Also, it enables the communication between teachers and students. Some of the modern tools that are being used to facilitate learning English are; English language labs, computers, internet, and interactive electronic white screens.

English language lab

English language lab is a dedicated space in which students have access to audio or audio and visual lessons. In language labs although lessons are being taught individually through headsets in isolated booths, there is an English teacher present nearby monitoring students’ progress. The isolated rooms allow the communication between the teacher and the learner without disturbance to other learners.


modern toolsComputers are considered one of the most valuable tools used by both teachers and students. English teachers use computers to prepare lessons, activity sheets and much more. Teachers depend on computers for preparing educational materials such as animations, audios and videos. Computers are also being used by students to practice their English skills.


Nowadays, English learners and teachers all over the world depend on surfing the internet when it comes to attaining knowledge or just proof checking the information. Internet has facilitated access to different e-books and online dictionaries. This handy tool helps students save an enormous amount of time, energy and money.

Interactive white screens

Interactive white screens are a combination of projectors and computers that provide related teaching materials for the students through different soft-wares. Many modern classrooms have been equipped with these devices. This technology will rule out all of the other devices used for the aid of classroom teaching.


modern toolsThere is no doubt that teaching aids are essential for teaching any material especially English language. Choosing the right teaching aid in accordance to the classroom and student’s situation is also a vital factor in getting the most out of these tools.

The wrong type of teaching tools can even have negative effects on the process of learning. It should be noted that technology by itself cannot be an effective method for teaching. It is the combinations of the right modern tools and a skilled teacher that makes the English learning journey effective and enjoyable.


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