Best books for learning English speaking

Best books for learning English speaking


The thought of enhancing English speaking skills could seem like an intimidating experience to some learners since not all of the students have enough confidence to start speaking and put this skill of theirs into practice. One solution for minimizing the risks of failing in English speaking and constantly sharpening our speech is the use of books that are dedicated to enhance this aspect of our English learning journey.

Books for mastering the art of speaking in English

Since one remedy for improving our English speaking skills is considered to be books, it is better to choose those that best respond to our objectives of studying this language. Once a person decides whether he/she is acquiring English for educational or business-related goals, they can easily select the books that improve one or all the four skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) involved in a language acquisition process. Among the suggested books for practicing English speaking are “Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation”, “Speak English like an American”, “English Conversation Practice”, and “Conversational American English”.

“Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation” by Jean Yates

An important point in learning English speaking is that the students should be provided with long utterances to learn how to use different entities in a sentence instead of learning the words as separate structures. Therefore, one suggestion is to practice the art of conversation through books like “Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation” by Jean Yates, which offers the learners with an opportunity to engage in dialogues, add to their vocabulary, learn the different use of words through examples, and test their learning alongside other things.

“Speak English like an American” by Amy Gillet

“Speak English like an American” presents a collection of idioms and phrases to the learners, who wish to enhance their English speaking skills. This book is accompanied by audio files, which can help with the students’ listening before they start speaking in English. Beside the mentioned features Gillet’s book also offers the learners a complete answer key to check their answers and correct their errors.

“English Conversation Practice” by Grant Taylor

“English Conversation Practice”, which was first published in 1967, is a phrase book full of everyday conversations. This book helps the learners to acquire the ability of exchanging and practicing daily conversations through different exercises. For those, who hope to learn more about the structure of sentences in English and enhance their fluency in English speaking, Taylor’s book may be the best answer to their needs.

“Conversational American English” by McGraw-Hill

In McGraw-Hill’s “Conversational American English” the learner can access a wide variety of expressions that are categorized into 350 different themes. Alongside being a phrasebook, this written work is also considered to act as a dictionary in which a learner can use as a reference book when he/she is faced with an unknown expression. What distinguish this book from its other counterparts is that this one ranges the expressions on the basis of their formality and even mentions, which one is slang.

English speaking may seem like a big challenge for English learners, who lack the confidence to speak in front of their peers, and those, who find it difficult to overcome this fear of theirs, might not always believe in their ability to overcome this obstacle but with the proper tools this block can be ameliorated if not removed. Therefore, one suggestion for the students of English to practice their speaking is the use of books. These could include books like “Practice Makes Perfect: English Conversation” by Jean Yates, “Speak English like an American” by Amy Gillet, “English Conversation Practice” by Grant Taylor, and “Conversational American English” by McGraw-Hill.


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