Why is learning English language an important matter in the modern world?


It is obvious that apart from our mother tongue (the first language that we learn in our home in childhood and it is our native language), we should learn another language which is a common language. Learning a second language makes us able to communicate with most of the people in the world.

Although many languages make us able to communicate, the English language is the most common and most important one around the world. Many people who are in different areas of the world understand it.

As a result, learning English language has a great influence on peoples’ lives. Knowing and learning English is necessary for different reasons such as getting a good job, socializing, and more on which is mentioned further below:

Reasons of the importance of learning English language

Before reviewing the importance of learning English language, this question arises: “Why is learning English language important?”

As time goes on, more and more people tend to devote their time to learning English language. The reasons why learning English language is an important matter in today’s world are as follow:

English as an International language

Most people know that English is an international language. We cannot say that all of the nations and countries speak English, but more than 500 million people around the world understand and speak English.

That is why the process of learning English language is a considerable matter! Everyone needs to know a language that is understood by many people. English has become the common language globally understood by nearly everyone.

English is a way to access good chances

The second reason refers to the fact that learning English language gives us access to great things such as more job or business opportunities, great academic results, easier traveling, etc. Therefore, knowing and learning English language can increase our chances to achieve success in different fields.

Learn English and develop your business

Companies whose active dominance is at an international level only consider well-educated staff who are proficient English speakers, writers, and readers. Also, English is an important and necessary communication tool for companies that work internationally.

The hired staff should know and learn English language to communicate with the businessmen of the global world. Learning English language can create the opportunity for anyone to become a successful businessman!

Academics and learning English language

Nowadays, it is clear that the English language is the language of academics. In many countries, children are encouraged to learn English language. The language of most scientific papers, research studies, books, and many of the world`s top schools and universities is based on English. Accordingly, learning English language makes an individual able to access international studies.


Many students and college students tend to migrate and study in top universities and schools. The most considerable condition of immigrating abroad and studying in the world`s top universities is learning English language.  Many universities or schools require you to present valuable documents to prove your English proficiency.

In addition, learning English language is necessary for reading and studying great books or articles of sciences, literature, history, etc.

Learn English, Travel, enjoy!

Everyone loves to travel. Traveling abroad and visiting different countries can provide an extraordinary field of becoming familiar with various cultures.

Learning English language makes traveling easier and more pleasant because we can communicate! The most important point is that we can communicate with people and increase our knowledge about everything in traveling abroad when we are learning English language.

Language of tourism

We can certainly say that the English language is the language of tourism. It helps us to meet new people. Remember that when you can speak with others, you can go to various places in the world and become familiar with various histories, lives, and cultures. This is only achievable if you start learning English language.


Many books, games, movies, music, even the internet, and social media are in English. Learning English language can help you enjoy all of these. By learning English language,  you benefit from an amusing way of accessing a great wealth of entertainment! 

When watching a film or listening to music you no longer need translations or subtitles. You can easily connect with the movie or the song that you are listening to. English is the language of social media, the internet, and technologies. Learning English language allows us to visit websites and earn valuable information from various sources.

Be more creative by learning English language

Learning English language makes you smarter and improves your confidence. Learning English language makes your brain strong and helps you to succeed in different fields.

Research shows that learning a new language as learning English language can improve your brain functions effectively. It affects parts of your brain like memory, conscious thought, and more. Learning English language can make your brain more versatile and can improve your thinking simply.

If you are interested in taking a test such as TOEFL or IELTS, you must have begun learning English for years. Learning English language will open up the way to learn many other subjects since it makes you smarter.

Learning English language at an old age

Most researchers have said that learning English language can keep the brain healthy at an old age. It develops different skills and concentration. Learning a new language such as English prevents one to get infected with Alzheimer’s. 

Get more confident by learning English

Most people love to speak another language. Especially the common and international language such as English. They want to add this skill to their resume.

Knowing, understanding, and learning English language can improve your confidence in different places. It can also improve your abilities in many fields. As a result, you become very proud of yourself.

Flexible language such as English

90% of people who are learning English as a second language said: “We can speak English in many ways and there are lots of ways to say things.” English is so flexible and it isn’t a limited language. Everyone can use it in different ways.

Therefore, speakers of the English language can say, describe or explain things in lots of different ways. These features of learning English language can attract many people to learn it. This shows that there is a huge range of vocabularies in this language and it is expanding each day.

English is the easiest language

Most people who want to learn English language think that the English language is difficult. But learning a new language such as English is not without difficulties or problems. Because the words, pronunciations, spelling, grammars are different from an individual`s native language.

But learning English language is the easiest language to learn in the world. Its grammar is so comprehensible rather than others languages. Also, its vocabulary and spelling is less complex compared to other languages

Now that the importance of learning English language was explained, it is necessary to consider ways to improve our ability to learn English by some tips such as:

  1. You can watch videos that are effective for improving communication skills or take part in group discussions.
  2.  Watch English news and movies to understand the ascent to improve your listening skills.
  3. Read newspapers, articles on the internet, and suitable books, to improve your speaking skills.
  4. Speak with those who are learning English language or have enough knowledge about it.
  5. Learn at least ten new words every day and improve your vocabulary dominance, then try to make sentences and learn their proper situation in the sentences.
  6. Taking part in English games is a good way of improving the English language.


By stating this article, we understand that apart from the mother tongue, it is necessary to learn a common language like English language to communicate with others and speak with them, listen to their ideas and speeches and experience new things.

English plays a great and effective role in the modern world. English is the official language for many nations and countries and it has a prominent role in all fields of work and daily life.

The most important thing when learning English language is to recognize your goals. Then step in this way and practice regularly. Learning English language is the best and excellent way to create a great future for yourself.


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