9 Best ways for Learning English step by step

Learning English may seem like a daunting task at first. Of course, the difficulty of learning a language is always relative. In this article, we are going to explain the basic methods of learning English in simple language.

Our goal is to make learning English easier. To achieve this goal, we have provided a few simple steps that you can use to learn English by in a simple and practical way. We have provided brief explanations for each of the above.

We believe that learning English is not difficult and anyone who is interested can apply to learn English. After presenting the practical steps and the description of each, in the conclusion section, we have pointed out the growing importance of the English language and have drawn the readers’ attention to the importance of learning English.

To this end, we present the important points of learning English step by step and show that with the use of appropriate techniques, an understanding of English can be achieved.


Step-by-step instruction is one of the most logical ways to learn English. In step-by-step English instruction, we start with easy concepts and move on to more difficult concepts with a logical journey. We do this by introducing 9 practical steps, which are:

1) Listen to English music, radio and podcasts

2) Speaking English

3) Learn the correct pronunciation of words

4) Learning English using social media

5) Use of educational applications and websites

6) Travel to English speaking areas

7) Reading English short stories

8) Integration of English learning skills

9) Continuity in learning English

In the following, we will describe each of these cases.

Listen to English music, radio and podcasts and watch movies

 English language, like other languages, has four basic parts. These sections are: vocabulary; grammar; speaking; writing. Listening to English music and podcasts and news is very effective in cultivating the first three skills.

By cultivating these three skills (vocabulary, grammar and speaking) you actually teach yourself to think in English and not translate the words in your mind into a second language. As a result, as you hear English words, you understand their meaning.

Listening to music and podcasts also develops your English-speaking skills. Listening to the radio or following the news in English exposes the official English language. Instead, listening to music or podcasts and watching movies introduces you to everyday idioms and slang words.  

Basically, watching English movies is one of the best ways to learn English. There are many movies and series that help learners develop their English skills. Make a list of the English movies that are suitable for your level and then watch them over and over again so that your ear becomes familiar with the words and terms.

Speaking English

Even if your knowledge level might not be adequate, is really important to speak English. Sometimes even speak English to yourself. This is a very effective method in language learning. You can also invite a friend or colleague who wants to learn English to practice with you.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes. All language learners may forget words at the beginning, have the wrong accent, or make grammatical errors. All of these mistakes are normal and go away with constant practice. The more you speak English, the less mistakes you make and the more fluent you become. Take time each day to speak English.

Learn the correct pronunciation of words

Learn the basics of phonetics. In a notebook, write down the English words along with their pronunciation. This is one of the most important points that helps learners learn English. This helps them to expand their vocabulary knowledge.

Idioms are an integral part of English and no one can avoid it. Pronouncing words correctly will help you communicate more effectively with English-speaking people. Also, the correct pronunciation of words increases confidence and makes learning English more enjoyable.

Learn English using social media

Today, there is a lot of educational content to learn English by on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, etc. Use these media and benefit from their various trainings. Follow the various educational pages on Instagram and try to learn the educational tips. If you want to succeed in the learning process, do not limit yourself and use all available facilities.

Use of educational applications and websites

Attending language classes can be frustrating. Using various applications and educational websites is a good alternative for all types of educational classes and helps learners to learn English effectively.

Today, various English learning applications have been developed. Most of them have rating scores and poll sections. By referring to this section, you can find out the level of satisfaction the users of each application have had and decide to use the application.

Travel to areas that speak English

If you miss the opportunity to travel to English-speaking countries, be sure to use this opportunity if it arrives. Being in an English-speaking environment will effectively help you strengthen your language.

Being in the environment introduces you to everyday idioms and the informal parts of English. Familiarity with jokes, proverbs, common words, and more on helps English learners to acquire the language much better and sound like a native.

Reading English short stories

Reading short stories develops grammar and writing skills, and familiarizes the readers to word dictation, synonyms and thus greatly makes learning English much easier.

By reading short stories, you will also become familiar with the culture of English-speaking countries, and this will add wisdom to your learning English process.

Integration of learning English skills

Learning English is multidimensional. Therefore, by combining all the skills you have learned, you can achieve a better understanding of this language. Vocabulary learning, along with grammar skills are the basics of speaking correctly. Moreover, developed speaking skills helps with writing skills.

If you only develop one skill, you will neglect the other parts, and this will damage your learning English process. All the four learning English skills we have mentioned are complementary. So, in the right way to learn English, they all have to grow in parallel.

Endurance in learning English

Undoubtedly, continuity is necessary to learn any knowledge and skills. When learning English, having a lot of perseverance and practice is a key condition. The more you persevere in learning English, the better will your results be. Also, the learning process would become much easier and satisfying when you continually keep up with learning English.

You should not rush when learning English at all. More precisely do not compare yourself with others in any way. Individuals’ learning conditions vary widely based on their individual differences. Hence, the way you are learning English is completely unique. Try to find your own effective methods. Find your strengths and weaknesses when learning English and focus on them.


Learning English, like learning any other language, has its difficulties and it is not really possible to determine the exact time to start learning English; Because it depends on several factors. Although, it should be recalled that the methods mentioned in this article, effectively, makes learning English easier and effective for any learner.

Today, English is one of the most common languages ​​in the world. English is the only official language or safe to say at least one of the official languages ​​in about 60 independent countries.

English is the third most widely spoken mother tongue in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish. English is also the official language of the United Nations and the European Union. Hence, learning English is a necessity of life in the modern world.

There are several ways for learning English. From participating in various educating classes to using a variety of tutorials. The method you choose for learning English is not really that important. The important thing is to persevere in using any instructing method and to not despair.

Learning English requires a lot of patience and effort. With effort and perseverance, any learner will achieve their desired level of learning English. Use the methods presented in this article to evaluate the learning English process once in a while.

Keep in mind, however, that there might be several ways for learning English that are not covered in this article. Therefore, always be a seeker and find new ways for learning English every day.

Always update your knowledge in this field. Remember that learning English is dynamic and evolving, and there are regularly new discoveries provided for the learners. Find the best way for learning English follow it.  

Finally, remember that there is never an end to any type of learning, and learning English is no exception. Linguistic knowledge is constantly changing and evolving, and a successful person is one who does not limit oneself to one way of learning, but accepts new ways of learning and keeps up with them.


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