What is the best language to learn to make money?


Nowadays, a growing number of people learn more than one language to make money. Language learning is one of the practical ways to make money per month. Many people do need the help of professional language teachers, translators, and content.

There are many languages such as Arabic, German, Italian, French, Spanish, and Korean that you can make money from. But, English is the best language to learn to make money. In the following, there are the four logical reasons why English is the best means with which you can make money:

The globalization of language helps you make money

The best key answer to the question “why English is the best way to make money?” is that English is an international means of communication. People deal a lot with International communications and interactions in the technology world. They need to travel, immigrate, or communicate with other countries; therefore, they use an official language, English, to get their desires.

The globalization of English usage empowers you to make money rapidly. Over a billion people speak English. By learning English completely, you can teach plenty of people, translate many different texts, write many English books or stories, and type English texts to make money.

Learning English allows you to find many types of jobs in which you can make money. There are a lot of freelancing jobs demanding people possessing a high proficiency in English. There are also a lot of instructions and departments looking for skilled people with English skills all over the world.

Learning English ensures that you can make money in every corner of the world. You can guide many tourists through the beautiful attractions to make money. You can also find easy mini-jobs such as English copywriting and typing, working in international institutions, assisting English teachers or professors, writing opinions and feedback about the English applications, writing subtitles for YouTube English videos, working as a ghostwriter, etc. so that you can gradually make money.

High fluency and proficiency in English also ensure that you can make money in another field of academic majors and jobs. Many employees look for candidates who have high knowledge of English; that is, the recognized certificate in English proficiency such as IELTS makes you stand out among other candidates for a great job; therefore, the chances of hiring you will be increased. Take the career “pharmacy” as an example, the pharmacists who are highly proficient and fluent in English have a higher chance of getting high-paying jobs and promotions since the “pharmacy” field mainly deals with English terms; therefore, a pharmacist will not proceed and make money in his career if he does not know English completely.

This global language is the only way of making political communications, agreements, and contacts. Therefore, studying English perfectly allows you to make money by working in political departments or even positions. High fluency in English speaking and listening skills, which both lead to gaining the ability of rapid translating, are the two main requirements of such international high-paying jobs.

Most top English magazines, such as Wall Street and New York Times, are generally written in English. By learning English, you not only can be aware of the current events and news but also you can make money since many people who are enthusiastic and curious to get the news need professional teachers to help them learn English gradually or need professional translators to help them comprehend the original texts. You can also create a blog or public social media account to reveal the news with their translations. In this way, many people will follow your posts; as a result, you will easily make money by putting authentic advertisements in your blog or account.

The simplicity of English drives you to easily make money

Although some people have difficulty learning English, this global language is very simple. There are many simple structures and grammar rules in English; moreover, people learn it very fast and well because they have been exposed to this language most of the time. Learning and imitating English sounds are on the whole a lot simpler than the sounds of most languages such as Chinese.

Many people prefer learning English to learning another complex language such as Arabic, French, and Chinese. They think that learning a language is prestigious and will lead them to plenty of great job opportunities so they pick easy languages such as English to learn and apply. Therefore as experienced teachers, you can make money by helping and guiding such learners.

The simplicity of the English language learning process facilitates your attempts to make money. That is, English is the best language that you can easily learn to conveniently make money. Take the “English teaching career” as an instance, you can first easily accomplish your studies in English, then you can start your journey of teaching English in which you will face less difficulty and trouble making your students understand your explanations.

In addition, you can easily learn English by yourself since learning English is not difficult. There are tons of useful English applications, books, videos, tapes for free, which facilitate your process of learning the English language. Having mastered English, you can find many jobs, such as an English teacher assistant, demanding your English knowledge or you can pursue a typical career on social media platforms. For example, you can create an Instagram account adapted to teaching English grammar rules so that you can make money online as a global teacher.

Although learning difficult languages such as Chinese may provide you with a high chance of being hired in official institutions, it does not guarantee you have plenty of options to make money since such languages are usually learned and taught much less. This doesn’t mean that learning difficult languages is bad or useless, it means that you may spend more time and energy learning one language than learning simple languages. We can conclude that perfect English language learning certainly opens the key doors to many simple jobs in which you can easily make money.

English is the means of sharing knowledge and science

As mentioned, people use English to share their ideas, thoughts, and especially knowledge. While ancient people used pictorial symbols to convey information, modern people apply English as the main means of knowledge and science expansion. Without English, we would not achieve impressive technological advancements. (such as creating the World Wide Web)

Most important articles are written in English and many people need to comprehend such articles to develop their knowledge and information. As a result, they need some English translators to help them achieve their goals. Moreover, they need English teachers to enable them to understand English perfectly so that they can understand different English articles by themselves.

English is a compulsory lesson in most schools around the world and they hire a growing number of official English teachers every year. Many young English ESL students start their English language learning process at school or even before kindergarten. They sometimes face difficulty learning English and they are unable to improve their flaws, frequent errors, and learn English perfectly by themselves; therefore, you can make money by helping such children.

All students require to know English well enough to achieve their high academic dreams; in simple terms, gaining a high academic certificate such as Ph.D. is not possible without mastery in English because the language of science is English. If students do not know English, then they will never understand the formulas.

Unfortunately, many adults are unable to understand English perfectly in universities. Private English teachers or the teachers of certain institutions can help such adults to accomplish their academic studies. Moreover, English translators can help such adults to fully comprehend their textbooks, educational articles, and websites.

As you can see, the dominant role of English provides you with plenty of options to make money. It empowers you to make money at any age in different educational institutions around the globe. Learning English ensures that there are always good jobs in which you can make money.

English is the language of computers

The official language of computers, most social media platforms, and the internet are English. Therefore, people fail in dealing with computers in case they do not know English well. Unfortunately, many people are not proficient enough in English to deal well with their computers; therefore, you can make money by helping and teaching such people.

In addition, many young people are interested in computer programming, designing applications, etc. You can make money by teaching English to such young people. Therefore, it is good to be proficient in English, the related computer English terms, and even computer programming to make money in the modern world.


In short,  English, as the global language, is regarded to be the best means to make money. It is also suggested to learn more popular languages such as Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Italian, and Korean to make money. This article briefly provided you with the four general reasons why English stands out as the best language to make money among the other most spoken languages around the world.


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