7 remarkable reasons why kids should learn English pronunciation correctly


It’s important that kids learn English pronunciation correctly, since pronunciation is one of the major parts in mastering any kind of language. English is an international language and it’s vital to teach kids to learn English pronunciation correctly from the beginning of their learning process.

There are many reasons why kids should learn English pronunciation correctly. Here are complete explanations and some reasons that all parents need to know and gain valuable knowledge about.

Reasons why kids should learn English pronunciation correctly

English can be the second language that the kids are learning. In order for them to learn this language easier and acceptably, they need to be taught correctly. Therefore, teaching the correct English pronunciations is an important task for all English teachers. Also parents need to clarify their kids to learn in an appropriate way.

Pronunciation means how different English words sound and are pronounced. In English language the stress on words varies for different part of speeches. For example, a word may be pronounced differently as an adjective then it’s pronounced as a noun. This point matters when we want to speak more fluently. Here are some interesting reasons why kids should learn English pronunciation correctly. Knowing these reasons can make the parents to pay more attention about how their kids pronounce English words.

  1. Learning English pronunciation correctly can help the kids to communicate more easily.
  2. Kids should learn English pronunciation so they can store it correctly in their mind. The human mind is more flexible at a young age.
  3. Learning correct pronunciation will make the kids avoid creating bad impressions while talking to other people in English.
  4. Learning the correct pronunciationscan make kids become more confident.
  5. Pronunciation is actually a part of speaking. Therefore, kids should learn how to pronounce words correctly in order to improve their speaking skills.
  6. Another reason why kids should know how to pronounce different English words is that they will sound more fluent.
  7.  It’s good for them to learn English pronunciations, so they can use their English skills in their jobs later on.

There are many easy and different ways that kids can learn English pronunciation correctly, but here are some of the best methods:

Listening to English stories

Kids can learn English pronunciation while listening to stories. Parents or teachers can read English stories out loud for them so they become familiar with how different words are pronounced.

 There are also some audio English storybooks apps available that the kids can learn from. These apps are even better, because the story tellers are mostly native speakers. These apps can be downloaded easily from English learning websites.

 Rhythm and English songs

Basically, kids learn most of the English pronunciation by listening. Thus, it’s effective for them to listen to different English songs. Parents can sing English songs with their kids to make the process more enjoyable. There are a lot of juvenile songs which are mainly made for teaching right English pronunciation to kids all around the world.


There are so many easy and helpful games available that parents should definitely try with their kids. One of these games that help the kids to learn English pronunciation correctly, is to say different English words silently and then ask the kids to guess the word’s pronunciation.

Overall, the development of speaking skills and English pronunciation is very important for children. Some parents can be busy and not have the time needed to teach kids how to learn English pronunciation correctly.

Therefore, their kids can join different English classes available, or use online learning courses. The English learning online courses are as ideal as in person English classes.

 In brief, parents should take this matter more seriously and not walk away from their kids mistakes in pronouncing English words.


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