Discover how you can learn English online on YouTube

Discover how you can learn English online on YouTube


English is an international language that everyone should learn. But, some of the English classes can be so expensive to participate in. Therefore, it’s recommended to learn English online on YouTube, since you don’t have to pay and it’s free.

YouTube is a great platform for anyone, at any age, no matter how busy they might be. To learn English online on YouTube, you only require a small amount of time, because most of the English learning videos are short. Here is some useful information about how you can learn English online on YouTube.

Learn English online on YouTube.

Attempting to learn English online on YouTube, is one of the best ways possible to learn English online. You can develop your different English skills like vocabulary, grammar, speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.

There are thousands of videos available for you to learn English online on YouTube. There are many English learning channels that everyone can subscribe and start learning English,without paying anything. Here are some of the best channels recommended for you. Watching the videos available on these channels, helps anyone to learn English.

BBC English learning channel

This is one of the most shared channel for learning English on YouTube.It provides people the opportunity to learn English effectively. There are interesting videos uploaded on this channel daily. The English learning videos are mostly about idioms, grammar and speaking. These videos are amusing and entertaining to watch in your free time.

VOA learning English Channel

Another great channel to learn English online on YouTube is probably VOA English learning channel. This channel teaches English language through news. People can learn many new and effective vocabularies by listening to the news. All these videos have subtitle which helps the learners to understand better. They can stop the video and take notes.

Easy English Channel

One of the most common channels for learning English through YouTubeis the “Easy English” channel. This channel is extremely suggested for beginners. Each video in this channel contains English conversations discussing matters of life in simple words.

Jennifer ESL

Furthermore, is the Jennifer ESL channel. Jennifer is a very knowledgeable and sweet English teacher. She uploads different English learning videos. Videos that are really useful to watch for everyone. channel

The next channel for those who try to learn English online on YouTube is definitely the “” channel. This channel has online English lessons about grammar, vocabulary, writing and reading. It is mostly advised for those who are studying for the TOEFL or IELTS exam. There are many professional teachers who upload short and valuable English lessons.

Learn English grammar with TV series channel

At last, this channel teaches English grammar through the “Friends” series. This series is one of the most popular series in America. People can learn numerous of English expressions used in the series. These short videos can improve learner’s speaking skills which is great.

In conclusion, learning English through YouTube is one of the best ways to improve your English skills. This method for learning English is completely free. People can subscribe these channels and get notified every time a new video is uploaded.

Most of the videos are short, and therefore helpful for busy people. Also, these videos are made in an enjoyable structure, so the learning process is more amusing especially for kids who may consider learning English boring or difficult.

English learning videos available on YouTube are uploaded according to the learners English level. So they can be easily chosen and watched according the student’s skills. These videos can even be more effective than English classes, since most of the YouTubers are native speakers.


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