Best ways to learn English in 1 year

Abstract :

Being fluent in English is one of the most desired, hirable skills there is, and the capability to communicate with individuals will be necessary until the end of time and that is a fact.

How to learn English in just 12 months?

There are about 750,000 words in English, and Japanese or Chinese don’t even use the same alphabet as any language in Europe. It is challenging to learn English and whichever one a student chooses; they will need to make some effort. However, there are a few approaches and methods which can help one boost their language learning process. Methods like moving abroad, listening to podcasts, reading, and having English conversations.

Months 1 – 3

Moving abroad and total immersion

There is a limit to what one can learn in the classroom. To become fluent, one needs to get into a situation where they can use English all the time. If they are learning English, they can move to London. Learners will have to think on the spot. After a while, they will see that understanding the language and coming up with the right responses becomes a habit. This is important if they’re learning a language with a different alphabet.

Months 4 – 6

Listen to podcasts to learn English better

Commutes can be less boring while listening to podcasts. Learners can begin their learning process by downloading a podcast on how to learn English and listen to one each day until they’re comfortable comprehending the spoken word. The next step would be to find a chatty English podcast. They can pick a topic they’re excited about and get used to the natural pace of the English language and natural conversation.

Months 7 – 9

Read a lot more!

Reading everything from novels, literature, or magazines to the back of a cereal box, and getting used to reading words put together in the correct order is necessary to learn English. Learners need to read English news, websites, and popular blogs on social media so even if they spend time scrolling through their Instagram or Facebook that can be useful. Textbooks can help with conversations and buying plane tickets, but the safest way to improving understanding of the English language is to read different materials.

Months 10 – 12

Talk and Talk and Talk

Once a learner is done listening to podcasts, they need to put the headphones away. While they’re outside and in a social situation, they need to speak to actual human beings. Finding friends who are fluent native speakers outside of the language class and chatting with them only in English can be very effective. There’s no better way to practice a language.


Students need to keep their heads up. Learning a language is difficult. Some days will feel like they have succeeded and that they are fluent, while other days it may feel as though their brains are literally unable to absorb any new information. Instead of letting those little failures get them depressed, if one feels they’re having a hard time learning English, they need to look back at how much progress they have made over the past few months.

They should spend a couple of minutes going through their old class notes or read and understand a simple piece of text and they’ll recognize how much easier that is compared to how it used to be, especially after a year. Practice will help a student to learn English and eventually get where he wants.


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