4 amazing tips on how to learn English grammar easily

4 amazing tips on how to learn English grammar easily

The most popular language to learn around the world is English. English is the most spoken language worldwide.  Learning English will be effective if the learners understand the grammar. English learners need to learn English grammar since it is the most essential thing in the English learning process.

English is a popular language to learn, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is simple. People face many challenges to learn English grammar. If English learners know the challenges beforehand, they will have more chances of mastering the language.

It is challenging to learn English as a second language. It is even normal that native English speakers have challenges with their language; because some of the intricacies and differences lie within the language itself. When a non-native speaker begins the process of learning English, they face a set of challenges. In the following, you will get to know tips to learn English grammar quickly. You’ll also get to know the difficulties to learn English grammar.

What are the challenges of learning English grammar?

It is challenging to learn English grammar since it is complex. It is difficult to remember, master, and use grammar logically. When an English non-native speaker is communicating with someone and speaking at an alarmingly fast pace, using the correct grammar is tricky.

Learning English grammar is like learning how to drive. The learners can learn all of the theories, rules, and regulations, but they won’t master them unless they practice them.

It is essential to learn English grammar. Incorrect grammar can confuse people and even change meanings. Proficient English speakers who know the grammar well will notice immediately if a grammatical error is made, even the most minor errors.

Many learners have difficulties to learn English grammar and understand it. To learn English grammar, English learners will face some challenges in spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and so on. In the following, you will find more about the difficulties to learn English Grammar.

These are the difficulties that most English learners face while learning English grammar:

Learn English grammar is tricky and intricate. EFL learners may have difficulty picking up grammatical patterns during the speech. This leads to wrong messages being relayed or misunderstandings. To Learn English grammar has many rules, and with that comes many exceptions to the rules.  They are difficult to remember because they are not clean-cut and challenging to put into action. Pronoun-agreement rules, Comma rules, and plural forms of words have many exceptions and are exceptional. These cases can confuse any language learner who tries to learn English grammar.

Researches have shown that English learners have difficulties to learn English Grammar, including tenses, plurality, article, preposition, and pronoun. Moreover, some factors cause students’ challenges in grammar. For example, negative interlanguage and intralingual transfers in the forms of adverb interference, over-generalization, word-order interference, copulative verb interference, ignorance of rule restriction tense-form interference, and incomplete application of rules.

All in all, it is normal to face difficulties when learning the grammar structures of another language. Grammar structures are complex. It takes time to completely master English grammar. Though English learners can overcome the obstacles by sticking to the best learning methods.

What are the best ways to learn English grammar?

It is like a game to learn English grammar. Well-versed learners can learn English grammar intuitively; some struggle with tenses, clauses, sentences, and other difficulties. There are some practical ways to improve and learn English grammar. You will find some of them in the following:

Commitment: It needs a lot of motivation to learn English grammar. Once the learners are ready to begin studying, they should stick to it until the end.

Keep a grammar book at disposal: Having an English grammar book will allow the learners to revise the learned material in class. It also intrigues them to learn English grammar as often as they can.

– Utilize a grammar app: Everyone has a mobile these days. Download a grammar or a dictionary app. This helps you to learn English grammar. Learners can use it while commuting or in their free time.

– Practice every day:One of the best ways to learn English grammar is to do as many grammar exercises as possible. Using English courses will expose the learners and encourage them to use correct grammar through various upbeat and efficient activities.

The teacher can help the learners determine the grammar rules before confirming and explaining the answers. Learners should take notes during classes and do all the homework. The process to learn English grammar also involves the acquisition of five critical skills sets: speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

Learn new words:Learners should keep a notebook for new words. Whenever they see new words they should write them down. When they write them down, they have a record of them. It is better to set a target for themselves to learn English grammar. It is most beneficial to learn 10 or 20 new words a day.

–  Read more in English: If learners want tolearn English grammarbetter, there is one step they can’t skip. Reading helps them to get familiar with English grammar. They should choose their favorite reading material.

They should find books, magazines, or newspaper articles that suit their current level of English knowledge. They will discover new words every time they read and deal with grammar aspects.  Whenever they find something that seems different to them they can Google it or asks their teacher.

Listen in English:Learning English grammarwouldn’t happen only in the classroom. English learners can learn English grammar every day by listening to English. They should keep their mind, ears, and eyes open to learning English grammar better. In this case, they will be amazed by the results.

Try and communicate in English with others: The more time the learners spend practicing conversational English with their teacher and classmates, the better they would start understanding grammar rules.

– Watch English movies or TV series:Learners should watch English movies and series with subtitles. They should note grammar points such as tenses and verbs.

Write more in English: Writing more in English will help the learners to learn English grammar much better. Writing practice in class and writing for their enjoyment help the learners to learn English grammar. Posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter in English, and commenting in English is a straightforward way to practice English writing.

Understand the logic behind a grammar rule: Every grammar rule always has logic. To learn English grammar better, learners should note down all the rules they faced previously and figure out the logic behind the rules. Once they know its logic, they would never make that mistake again and learn English grammarbetter.

Ask a teacher for extra help: The teachers are a great resource to learn English grammar. Learners should feel free to ask their teachers about the things they didn’t understand. The teachers can help the learners identify areas that they need to work on. Teachers help learners develop revision skills and learn English grammar better.

What are good English grammar books for ESL learners?

Learning English grammar provides the structural framework for anyone trying to learn English. Learning a language is probably more complicated without learning the grammar. Most learners need a book and a teacher to explain grammar rules to help them learn English grammar.

A teacher is only available at certain times, but a book is available all the time. The kind of books a learner needs to learn English grammar depends on their grammatical knowledge.  There is all kind of different English grammar books.

Some grammar books are big, some small. Some explain the rules which are called reference grammars. Others present the rules and provide exercises, they are named practice grammars.  These two different categories have different qualities and advantages with other purposes.

Some excellent grammar books are introduced in the following that will help the learners learn English grammar depending on their needs and level.

The grammar in Use series by Raymond Murphy.

This series has three different levels: Essential Grammar in Use is for beginners (elementary English learners), English Grammar in Use for intermediate learners, and Advanced Grammar in Use for advanced level students. 

This excellent self-study book will give the learners a detailed lesson about a specific point of the English language and then provide some exercises to check if the learners understood and mastered the task. It is a great help to learn English grammar.  

-The blue book of grammar and punctuation, by J. Straus, L. Kaufman, and T. Stern. 

This incredible learning resource for beginners to learn English grammar will teach the learners how rules work and how to use them. There are many examples, quizzes, and exercises to help the learners improve and master any rules in no time.

-The only grammar book you will ever need by S. Thurman and L. Shea.

 This book, focusing on the written English language, will teach English learners how to write proper English and learn English grammar. It is classified into academic writing, technical or persuasive writing skills. This is a perfect book to learn English grammar and improve punctuation and vocabulary.

Perfect English grammar by G. Barrett.

This book will help the learners improve their English skills and learn English grammar step by step. It polishes the learners’ communication ability through writing or speaking skills.  This book is considered a language guide than a list of grammar rules.

– English for everyone: an English grammar guide by DK.

This excellent self-study book can be used by learners alone or in a study group. This visual book is more suitable for learners with great visual memory at any level to learn English grammar.

-Oxford modern English grammar by B. Aarts.

This is the most standard English grammar book to learn English grammar. This book features both British and American English languages. This well-explained and easy-to-understand book is suitable for any level.

-Understanding and using English grammar by Betty S. Azar and Stacy A. Hagen.

This excellent book for progressive learning is suitable for any level. It will give the learners a great insight into the differences between written and spoken English. Each chapter of this book has an overview of what has been already learned.

-English grammar 100 tragically common mistakes and how to correct them by S. Williams.  

This is a great starter book to learn English grammar. It gives the learners a deeper understanding of the most common mistakes in English. This book also teaches them how to understand and correct mistakes in English. It also provides learners some tips on how to improve their writing skills.

-English grammar for dummies by G. Woods.

This book helps even the lowest level students to learn English grammar.  It provides basic concepts to more complicated grammar rules. Any learner can master the English language and progress safely in no time without losing interest.

-English grammar for ESL learners by E. Swick.

This book has different editions for all levels: English grammar for ESL learners, Intermediate English Grammar for ESL learners, and Advanced English Grammar for ESL learners. This book is provided for ESL (English as a Second language) learners.

How to learn English grammar at home?

It can be challenging to learn English grammar but it is possible.  Learners can improve their reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills by themselves. There are great and effective ways to learn English grammar.

There are seven essential tips to learn English grammar. Which are:

– Reading to reinforce correct grammar in their mind,

 -Getting a grammar manual to consult when writing,

-Reviewing the basics to help with correct grammar,

-Practicing to improve grammar skills,

-Listening to others’ feedback,

-Proofreading out loud to evaluate the correct use of grammar.

-Write more with correct grammar.

Virginia Lang, an Australian English teacher, introduced some tips to learn English grammar by yourself. The best tips are:

1. Place labels around your home: This will help the learners to memorize grammar or vocabulary simpler to learn English grammar.

2. Start a blog: Starting an online blog or journal help to develop writing skills.

3. Change your phone settings: Changing the default language settings on the devices and apps to English is helpful.

4. Read for interest: Improving reading skills help to improve writing skill and proper usage of grammatical rules.

5. Write summaries: Reading a book or watching a movie in English and then summarizing it will be helpful.

Learning English grammar is a matter that stresses many learners, as it can be pretty complicated and confusing. Correct grammar is essential for the success of English learners.  It is necessary to know simple ways to improve grammar skills. Generally, English learners should follow some steps to learn English grammar on their own. These rules are:

– Learn as many words as you can: Words are the basic element of any language. Learners should learn as many words as possible to learn English grammar.  Learners shouldn’t worry about grammar until they are comfortable using and understanding words in English.

-Talk to people: A language makes you part of society. Learners should try to learn English grammar by talking to other English language people.

– Watch and learn: The best way to learn English grammar is to watch English television shows and watch movies.

– Ask for corrections: English learners should ask other people to correct them when needed to learn from their mistakes.

– Know the parts of speech: After knowing words, it’s time to use them in a sentence. Learning parts of speech helps to make a correct sentence to learn English grammar.

– Look for patterns: English learners will notice patterns as they identify parts of speech in a sentence. They should try to identify them without checking their grammar notes and follow the patterns when making their sentences.

– Practice verb forms: The most significant challenge to learn English grammar is verb forms. Try to know the different forms and tenses of verbs.

Use an app: Mobile apps can help learners learn English grammar easily and quickly on any level. It is a convenient and easy way.


To be brief, grammar is the main part of a language. Learning English grammar is a major part of the English learning process. There are tons of methods that English learners can try to learn English grammar. However, the only thing that can help the learners to master English grammar, is continuous practice.


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