12 best advices to learn English for beginners

12 best advices to learn English for beginners

Many people who have realized the importance of learning and knowing English have tried to learn it, but do not know where and how to start. They feel confused due to the existence of many educational resources to learn English for beginners, both in the forms of educational files and books.

However, it should be known, that learning English requires a series of principles and rules that a learner should follow and after a while, he/she will achieve the desired result. Those who want to learn English for beginners, only require perseverance and willpower to succeed in this path.

The best methods to learn English for beginners

Learning a language like English, as a second language, can be a little difficult at first. Although when learners plan to start learning, their goals become clear. Then, little by little, all the obstacles that are in the learner’s mind, would be eliminated and the path of learning becomes easier for him/her. In this article, provide 12 best methods to learn English for beginners.

Specifying the purpose of learning English

Learning English in the shortest time requires a lot of attention and energy. To learn English for beginners more consistently, they should have encouraged goals. When beginners know their goals and define them precisely, they are sure that each step in the learning process, will bring them one step closer to achieving their goals. Learn English for beginners by setting goals.

Setting goals avoids the common discouragement that is seen among learners. For those who learn English for beginners, discouragements may come from reading and learning things that is not beneficial for them in any way.

When beginners define a goal such as “fluency in English”, it seems that there is an end point but it is not achievable! In fact, anyone who speaks any language is still learning that language.

Not being afraid of making mistakes

Having confidence to learn English for beginners is one of the most important tips that they should care about. It is clear that those who are at the beginning of the road make mistakes when speaking or writing.

To learn English for beginners, theyshould not be afraid of either making mistakes or not being able to speak English. Students that learn English for beginners, usually care too much about their mistakes or their speaking. They either lose their motivation to learn after a while, or they misunderstand most of the educational points.

Learners should not let that happens. In fact, to learn English for beginners, making mistakes is a part of the learning process. Therefore, during the English learning process, beginners should use their mistakes as a connection to the progress and achieve their goals.

Using personal methods

There are several ways to learn English for beginners, but they must choose the methods that work best for them. For example, if they think they can achieve their desired results by memorizing or summarizing, they should do so. It may seem a little difficult at first, but over the time, they will become familiar with their studies and learning style.

Asking about other learner’s experiences to learn English for beginners, may provide learners with solutions, but if they want to keep asking others, they will only become confused.

Therefore, when they can’t do as others have planned, they will feel frustrated and disappointed. As a result, students who learn English for beginners, while using the experiences of others, should use the method that works best for them.

Listening to English every day

Listening to English radio programs, podcasts, or music almost every day is one of the best ways to learn English for beginners. The learners can do this wherever they want. Twenty to thirty minutes a day is enough.

In addition, to learn English for beginners, they should make a routine in which they write down the words or phrases that are unfamiliar to them as they are listening. They can check the meaning of those words and phrases later on. This helps them to improve their English knowledge.

Reading in English

Reading newspapers is the applied solution to learn English for beginners who are interested in hearing the news. This will help them to get acquainted with the structures of sentences, and the use of words in the text and. As a result, they will learn many new words.

Another tip to learn English for beginners, which is the most practical tip that can be used to learn English, is to choose a simple English book to read. There are tons of English books that are brief and easy to read. English beginners should choose a book that they are interested in and simply just start reading it.

Watching English movies and series

Watching movies or TV series is one of the easiest ways to learn English for beginners because strengthen their English skills. However, the series they choose to watch to strengthen their English language skills matters.

The learners choose the movies based on their interest. For example, if they are interested in British accent, they watch movies that are in British accent. Watching movies to learn English for beginners, depends on their choice of movie genre which is based on individual’s interest.

But in general, it is better to choose a movie or series that will add to the beginner’s language skills. The language used in the movie o series should be simple and comprehensive.

Singing along with English songs

Music is universal language as well as a powerful tool for learning a foreign language. To learn English for beginners, listening to English songs and looking at the lyrics helps English learners to understand English words, their pronunciation and sentence structures much better.

Research has shown that, to learn English for beginners, listening to songs in English can also help them to understand the grammar better.

Learners can easily access English songs for free online. Just head on to YouTube and access an endless source of English songs with lyrics. Learners can read the lyrics while listening to the song. By trying this method learners can get new phrases and words.

Setting phone language to English

Although the beginners may know the basics of English language, they should connect themselves with English as much as possible. Changing phone settings to English is a simple way to learn English for beginners and somewhat a handy technique to get more exposure to English.

To learn English for beginners, changing cell phone settings to English will teach them words that are very relevant to modern daily life and they no longer need to look them up in dictionaries.

Being realistic

Learners need to be aware of their limitations. There are people who plan in a way that the plan does not meet their conditions and daily schedules. As a result, they will not be able to implement the programs that they have specified for language learning.

To learn English for beginners, they need to make a simple plan; such as making a to-do list, this way they can easily manage their time more.

This is one of the important matters to consider to learn English for beginners. In fact, plans that is not based on reality, are not possible to be accomplished.

Studying with other English learners

To learn English for beginners, the beginners can communicate with people who are interested in learning English. They can have regular appointments and form English conversations together. For example, for each appointment, they can plan to discuss about different subjects in English.

To learn English for beginners, they need to be motivated and this method would really bring motivation for them.

Writing memories in English

Starting with a few simple and short sentences and writing them down as memories is another way to learn English for beginners. Writing is very effective for reviewing all the words or points they have learned.  

If beginners plan to write daily journals, they will review what they have learned and establish them in their minds.

Using reliable educational resources

Today, various resources are available for language learners, which can make it difficult for them to choose. First of all, it should be noted that using multiple resources does not help the learning process and only wastes learner’s time. Limited but practical resources should be used to learn English for beginners.

To learn English for beginners, it is very important to not be obsessed when choosing a learning source. First of all, researchers must choose the sources based on the reviews of other language learners.

To learn English for beginners, avoid changing the resources all the time, it will not only confuse you more but it would also reduce the quality of learning. So, to learn English for beginners, it is necessary to choose educational resources wisely and rationally.


As mentioned, learning English is not a difficult task. Fortunately, to learn English for beginners, due to the availability of sufficient resources, both on the Internet and in bookstores, they can easily reach an advanced level.

In brief, to learn English for beginners, keep in mind that the journey depends on your patience and effort. Having continuous practice to learn English will help you to strengthen all 4 of your language skills.


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