What are the importance of English language in the modern world?

Abstract :

English is the global language in the modern world. It is a communication tool. In addition, it is the second language of many countries such as Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark and many other big countries. It is also used in many fields such as computer, tourism, IT and so on. English language plays many fundamental roles in the modern world.

The importance of English language is obviously undeniable in the modern world. There are many reasons why English as the global language has become very important in the modern time. Here, the three reasons are: “1) English language is necessary for academic purposes”, “2) English is an international communication tool in the modern world”, “3) English is used as the main language of the internet” and “4) English leads to good high paying job opportunities”. Here, we are going to explain each reason:

The English language as a mandatory lesson is thought at most of the schools and universities of the world. Therefore, English is being learned by the majority of the people in the modern world in order that they can communicate with the foreigners and understand English texts.

Most of the textbooks and source books are written in English because English as a global language is an international common tool for sharing science and knowledge. Therefore, all students should master English language to get good educational results and scores. In addition, English is used in most of the prominent conferences and seminars. People should know English so that they can share their science, knowledge with others or they can use others’ knowledge for a better life. Overall, English language plays evident roles in the technology world.

  • English is an international communication tool in the modern world

The modern world has brought a lot of changes to the history of human lives by the new technologies. For example, it has largely increased the communications between people by the spread of technology and knowledge. Today, people all over the world, are more in touch with each other than before thanks to the technology of social media. They use English to convey their meanings, intentions, ideas, thoughts and opinions. Therefore, if someone wants to travel to a country, for example France, and does not know the country’s spoken native language, then he must know English. The importance of English as an international communication tool is inevitably crucial in the modern world.

  • English is used as the main language of the internet

The main language of the internet is English because the invertors of the internet, Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf, are American. All the links are in form of English codes. So, if someone wants to use the internet, he must at least know the English alphabets. Acquiring rudimentary knowledge of English is necessary for using the internet and computer.

  • English leads to open good high paying job opportunities

Many employers seek for professional forces with high knowledge of English. Some of good jobs with high income demand international English certificates such as TOEFEL, IELTS and such things. As mentioned above, considering that English can lead to great educational outcomes, it can lead to good high paying job opportunities, too. High English knowledge is an important element of the resume which can play a significant role in the high paying job acceptances.

In conclusion, English as a global language is widely used in the modern world. Every individual needs to know English to be successful and have a better life. The global language plays vital roles in today’s communications. The importance of English language in the modern world is surely evident and incontrovertible.


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