English language development standards; 4 most important factors


English language development occurs over years and depends on many factors including classroom experiences, motivation, age, and etc. English language development standards consist of factors that facilitates academic language development. English development standards serve as a resource for planning and executing the language course of study, instruction and assessment for English language learners. In this article, various factors of language development standards are mentioned and explained. 

English language development standards

Certain development standards are set for the teachers in order to fit the specific needs of individual learners and different English contexts. Language development consists of five proficiency levels; beginner, early intermediate, intermediate, early advanced and advanced. Students must be instructed at their proficiency level in listening, speaking, reading and writing. English language development standards focuses on four skill areas: Communication, Form , Fluency and Vocabulary. These development standards are mentioned below:


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As one of the development standards, it can be difficult to communicate clearly in English at the first stages of language development. But it is important for beginner students to communicate even with their little knowledge of the English language. The function of language in general is mainly communication. This includes conveying meaning through conversations, jokes and inquiry. In further stages, English learners must be able to easily communicate with native speakers.


Form as one of the development standards refers to the structure of the English language. Grammar and sentence structure are the building blocks of the language. Sentence structure provides the learner with the frame for clear written and spoken communication. Accurate use of grammar structures aids the learner to obtain clarity in use of the language.


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Fluency in English means speaking with ease, reasonably quick without having errors or a lot of pauses. Obtaining fluency may take years. Although fluency refers to all English language domains, when talking about English fluency mostly fluency in speaking is in mind. English learners need to spend as much time as possible practicing on English speaking skills in order to gain fluency.


Vocabulary is one of the most important skills necessary for language acquisition, both for the teacher and the student. Developing a wide and varied range of English vocabulary is one of the essential development standards for learners. Studies indicate that English language learners should be taught basic vocabulary prior to any lesson. Learning some basic words helps students to conquer the development standards. Also, they improve in other English language skills including reading and listening comprehensions, speaking and writing.


English language development standards are systematic uses of instructional strategies created to improve the acquisition of English by learners whose primary language is not English. The best way to acquire English as a second language is through the exclusive use of the language known as immersion. It enables learners to learn English language the same way they learned their native language, naturally with regular repetition and interaction with others. Learning the basic words through gestures and realia.


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