What are the 5 best kids’ cartoons to learn English?


Children’s minds are ready to learn new things and gain exciting experiences, so teaching English to children from an early age can be much easier than adults, and the learning process can be faster. Children are fascinated by playing and watching kids’ cartoons and animations because they have a high power of imagination and by watching kids’ cartoons, they imagine themselves in its space for a long time and repeat everything they saw in the kids’ cartoons in their games.

In answer to the question “Can you learn English by watching kids’ cartoons?” That is the question of most parents, it should be said that using kids’ cartoons and animation is a great way to teach English to children and will certainly make the class more attractive and speed up the language learning process in children.

Just as adults enjoy watching movies and TV series, sometimes learning things, and sometimes thinking after watching them, children’s minds, in turn, engage with and are influenced by kids’ cartoons and animation. Watching animation, kids’ cartoons, and any image, in general, makes the human mind remember things more easily. Watching kids’ cartoons and animations or movies arouses our emotions and at any moment of watching animation, our emotions change along with that, and we may even imagine ourselves in the film space and identify with different characters in the film.

All of this makes us keep in mind the movie or animation we watched for a long time and it is hard to forget it. In general, all the memories we have in our minds are due to the feeling that is created in us at that moment. We remember our feelings. So, anything that makes us feel good stays in our minds. That is why teaching English with kids’ cartoons is known as a very practical and fast method.

But why learn English with kids’ cartoons?

kids’ cartoons and animations are made in any language, with the main goal of teaching children how to communicate, learn words, actions, and even ethics and ethics. For this reason, kids’ cartoons are highly recommended to anyone looking to learn a new language. Since kid’s cartoons are mostly for children, there are many repetitive words to help establish the words in your mind. Many kids’ cartoons and animations show the actions that the characters talk about, such as the character waking up in the morning when he wakes up and gets out of bed. This allows us to absorb the content faster.

We are learning by visualizing it through watching kids’ cartoons. Kids’ cartoons and animations often have one factor that sets them apart from other TV shows and movies: the characters interact with viewers. And this interaction forces the viewer to practice his pronunciation by answering questions aloud. Voice actors should always use their voice to show how the character feels – and you can use it to your advantage when learning English! In kids’ cartoons, the characters have a lot of tone in their speech and every word that is said conveys a special feeling.

 Try to pay attention to these subtle points and repeat them – you will see amazing results in your speaking. And one of the best reasons to learn English by watching kids’ cartoons and animations is that kids’ cartoons are short. Most episodes in kids’ cartoons are about 20 minutes long and you will learn a lot in a short time. Kids’ cartoons are made for children, so children’s language skills are considered. What words would you use if you were to tell a story to a child? OK! you saw! You go for the simplest words and even the most complex concepts for children to make simple and understandable.

The words and phrases used in the kids’ cartoons are not complicated and are used in the simplest possible way, not to mention weird terms. Another very, very positive point is that the words are repeated as much as you want during the animation, so much so that you get used to hearing them and you get a good fit. Then you come to yourself and see that you are talking like a SpongeBob. You do not get tired! Teaching and learning have their own difficulties, but when is it enough to watch kids’ cartoons and animations? This world is so fascinating and entertaining that you cannot stop pursuing it.

 The most fun way to strengthen your English is to watch English kids’ cartoons and animations. Another issue that is very important for children when using kids’ cartoons and animations is that kids’ cartoons do not yet have a full understanding of the grammatical and sentence structure, but by watching English-language kids’ cartoons they can have simple conversations without the need for information. Learn about grammar.

Another thing about kids’ cartoons is that they are full of strange ideas, incredible imaginations, visual effects, and happy music, which makes them very attractive to the creative and curious minds of children, and thus faster in this way. Educational respond.

How to use kids’ cartoons to learn English?

Repeat the dialogues as much as you can. Do not be afraid to sound silly or mispronounced: your mouth is not used to saying words that way, but this is just an exercise. Have a notebook and always remember to write down the new words you learn in kids’ cartoons; you can read my advice on this here.

Take a different look at kids’ cartoons to learn English

It is better to start by watching simple kids’ cartoons and animations. Kids’ cartoons made for children are simpler and more understandable because their vocabulary is suitable for children’s age, and can strengthen your English. In contrast, animations with a wider vocabulary that are full of terms and allusions may disappoint or discourage you. The sentences you hear in kids’ cartoons are often very simple and show the use of words well in the sentence. Try to listen well and then repeat the sentence one or more times, these sentences are commonly used in everyday conversation and are very common.

Well, do not forget that when you see the best kids’ cartoons to strengthen your English, you have time to compensate for the limitations of childhood and put whatever cartoons you have not seen in the list and see each one without restrictions many, many times. You ask why many times?

Well, let’s tell you that for the first time we just want to get acquainted with cartoons and see what the story is, what the characters are doing, and what the story is about?! At this stage, our ears get used to listening, but when we see the cartoon for the second time, we hear the dialogues more carefully and we can take notes or repeat.

And the third time is to enable English subtitles to see which words we have not heard correctly and which we have heard correctly! On the other hand, subtitles help us to get acquainted with the spelling of words and to be able to see the words in the sentence structure. So, the more you watch an animation, the more details you discover and the more you learn and enjoy.

Do not forget to use the dictionary when watching the long list of the best English kids’ cartoons to strengthen the language. If you do not have the patience to use a paper or physical dictionary, then install a dictionary application on your mobile phone or use online dictionaries.

 Write down the words you do not know and find the meaning of the word in the dictionary. In most cases, you can guess the meaning of that word by introducing other words, and this is a very positive point in understanding English, but even in these cases, a dictionary can be helpful.

When watching something new about a daily routine, try to remove it from the screen. Did the character say a word you did not know about gardening, homework, shopping …? After taking notes in your notebook, think about doing the task you heard – in English! Try to watch at least one episode a day, they are short and easily fit into any routine.

Learn English by watching kids’ cartoons and animations

How to learn English with kids’ cartoons and animations involves watching the first episode in your native language to find out what it shows in the next 20 minutes. Then you will already know and you will not be completely lost. For the second time, you watch the same episode in English with subtitles in your native language.

This second step is very important because your ear is beginning to adapt to English. In the third view, watch with English subtitles. Note that if you already have a thorough knowledge of English, you can skip step 1. But do not run away from kids’ cartoons and animation when learning English, even if you have an advanced level, because you will always learn something new!

In the land of stories; Familiarity with the 5 best kids’ cartoons to learn English language

Shrek: kids’ cartoons

One of the best kids’ cartoons to strengthen the English language is Shrek. How do you know polytheism? The same green giant who robs the earth and time to save Princess Fiona and encounters interesting adventures along the way. It is good to know that by watching this cartoon, you will hear a great variety of accents. So, to strengthen the conversation, you need to see the attractive cartoon of Shrek. On the other hand, polytheism, as you know, is a giant of the common people, so everyday words can be uttered by polytheists and their comrades.

Frozen: kids’ cartoons

Frozen is a good choice if you want a dialogue-filled cartoon. The dialogue between the characters is both a lot and funny, so you will be entertained and your English-speaking engine will be turned on. On the other hand, the level of words and dialogues expressed in this animation may be simple, but the characters speak very fast and as a result, you have to adjust the speed of comprehension to the film.

Toy Story: kids’ cartoons

Well, if you want to know how toy characters help strengthen your English, do not miss this adventurous cartoon. Mr. Potato, a spaceman, a cowboy, and everyone else will be spectacular and full of learning for you. Of course, in the middle of the words that a cowboy says from earth to sky is different from the world of a spaceman, or, for example, the words of a potato with detached hands and feet, what a world of fascinating dialogues it does not give you.

Add to all this fascinating situation the different speaking rhythms of the characters to see why this cartoon is on the list of the best kids’ cartoons to strengthen the English language.

Inside Out: kids’ cartoons

  It is usually a little difficult to remember the words related to emotions. For example, we may think of the word blue as blue. But it is enough to go in and out of animation to completely change your perception of this word. Many of the other benefits of this cartoon are the many explanations about the different parts of the mind and memory that you would go to learn without seeing this cartoon.

What is the matter now? The story is about a little girl struggling with everyday issues and how her emotions are activated. Dialogues are also simple, understandable, and very practical.

The Incredibles: kids’ cartoons

In this cartoon, you are on the side of a superhero family, each of which has an extraordinary feature. Every day and sometimes weird dialogues with a German accent and of course the general practical term in this cartoon is worth listening to. Now you can put the amazing cartoon in the list of the best kids’ cartoons to strengthen your English!

Some extra kids’ cartoons to learn English

Finding Nemo: kids’ cartoons

Nemo is looking for Nemo with the help of a forgetful fish called Dori, and the dialogues between the two can be very entertaining and informative for you. Did you know that one of the ways to learn English words is to fix words in the mind through pictures? Well, now that you can not travel to the ocean, you can learn the word related to underwater life with this general animation. And despite the excitement of the movie, you do not get bored at all. Indeed, the level of conversation and words in this film is suitable for middle and elementary language learners, and if your level of English is advanced, nothing will stop you.

Word party: kids’ cartoons

Word Party works in its own name and aims to teach new words to younger viewers. This cartoon deals with simple and everyday topics, such as the mysterious arrival of some furniture in the first part and the characters (Cape, Bailey, Lulu, and Farani) who are studying this event. Keep in mind that this is a much smaller cartoon for children.

Martha Speaks: kids’ cartoons

Start learning the language with the English kids’ cartoons like”Martha Speaks” for 4-year-olds. Martha Speaks is a program about a dog that learns to speak the alphabet after eating some soup. The purpose of this program is to teach new words and each part includes explaining a number of words before and after the program. These English words are used frequently throughout the episode. So you will never forget them.

The best thing about Martha Speaks is how smart it works! This app does not simplify content just because it is for children! Instead, it is a lot of fun.

Word Girl: kids’ cartoons

The name of this cartoon may be “Word Girl”, but it is also considered a boy English cartoon! Because he is a superhero. Word Girl is another program that teaches new words. In this program, a superhero girl fights bad people using the power of words. All sections have a unique style and explain new English words as you use them. This is another fun app for people of all ages to watch.

Phineas and Ferb: kids’ cartoons

Phineas and Ferb are two half-brothers on a summer adventure. Each part follows a fixed formula. So it’s easy to follow. Many words and phrases are also repeated. Sometimes they are presented separately by the song. Teaching English with Phineas and Fard cartoon is also suitable for children over four years old.

Phineas and Ferb are always doing creative and scientific things that people are usually forbidden to do because they are still children. A good reminder to know that if you try hard enough, you can do anything. – Good thing to keep in mind when learning English.


Kids’ cartoons are one of the best and most attractive ways to learn English. Kids’ Cartoons are produced in a way that draws the attention of the kids and gets them involved and this involvement is the distinctive feature of these kids’ cartoons. Kids’ cartoons like Shrek, Frozen, Toy Story, Inside out, the Incredibles are among the best kids’ cartoons to learn English.


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