2 astonishing facts about information processing theory

2 astonishing facts about information processing theory


Psychologists are trying to find new ways to make learning and teaching English easier both for students and teachers. To achieve this, they have used educational implication of information processing theory. Information processing theory has defined education implications for English students with learning and behavioral problems.

Information processing models devised by psychologists

Information processing theoryCognitive psychologists have devised information processing theory models. These models represent what happens when information flows through various internal structures. These structures are supposed to exist inside the English learner. By having a good understanding of how information processed, English students would be able to learn much more efficiently.

The cognitive psychologists guide the English learners’ behavior when attending English classes, in order to choose which tactics and strategies should be used at the particular time. As an example, an English student who is taking an English exam must know that he or she has to learn some points by heart. This means that these points must be memorized. At the same time, there are some points that note learning (learnt off by heart) is not the sensible technique. Here he or she has to learn some special tactics and use them in a particular situation.

English students who are not good enough in learning (poor students) the reason is that either they do not know these techniques or they are using them incorrectly. Because these students have difficulty in picking up the most important things in a topic.

Knowing these information processing theory techniques causes good English students or learners to pick out the most important things in a subject. They are able to extract the central elements. They will take notes of important topics and consider the central issues. After taking notes of the important notes, good English learners will try to simplify these points and then learn them by heart. Therefore, the result would be wonderful.

Information processing theory offers a formula

Information processing theory offers a formula to ensure the English teachers that the students gain more than the passing knowledge of the subject presented to them. The information processing theory provides a basis to understand how English students learn and the ways to describe learning.

Now the result of applying Information processing theory in English classes will be the ability to solve problems, remembering the routines, and knowing how to self-talk. All of these cause a better and more useful class.


Overall, educational implication of information processing theory has caused a great change in learning and teaching English. With the help of the psychologists English teachers will be able to give social support, provide encouragement, have better teaching results, and reduce stress in students who learn English as a second language. Students will also be able to recognize which points are necessary to learn and which points are not. So they will be able to learn English more efficiently.



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