4 best ways to help children improve spelling English words


Spelling is one of the most widely experienced difficulties for children in learning English. Most of them learn to read well, however, spelling appears to be a difficulty that still persists. Although spelling words is likely to be something most children find challenging, there are strategies that parents and teachers can put in place to support learning. We have created a series of toys and games in this topic that you will find helpful to support English spelling.

What is the best way to practice spelling words?

A good way to practice spelling is to do that through an English writing course. Children would have the chance to spell words over and over in this way so that they learn it well. It will also give them the opportunity to revise words they’ve already learned and log the spelling words of new words. it will be more useful if they do this through an exciting contest.


The spelling ball:

We should call out an English word and toss the ball to somebody . They call out another word and pass the ball on if they spell it correctly. They should toss the ball if they didn’t and whoever catches has to try again. We can play a more complex spelling words  game and make it more engaging as we wish.

Clap the vowels:

A fun learning activity is to clap the vowel as children orally spell English words out. We can make it more even challenging by breaking the clapping activity into learning the syllables of their spelling words. They should clap once with each new syllable once they get more advanced.

Play spelling English word memory:

There are a couple of ways to play this game. It’s a great idea to write each spelling word set in a different color on a flashcard or  make one set with the words and one with the definition. So we can play just like any other English Memory game.

Spelling Apps:

These games will become too basic for children as they get older. But there is no concern. There are still plenty of spelling apps that they can download onto their phone. Most of them also contain a lot of great games to make spelling words practice in English more fun for children.


spelling wordsSpelling words is an important skill for Children, but new possibilities such as using computer makes them to not to do writhing as much by hand, so that their spelling words sometimes suffer from this. There are some simple things that we can do to help with their spelling, especially in English.


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