8 best ways to improve grammar skills

8 best ways to improve grammar skills


Grammar skills are an essential part of a language. In fact, the system of English language is grammar. Grammar contains definite rules by which the words come together into the sentences. It also contains basic elements of a language including phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics. Overall, grammar is one of the basic parts of a language that involves with the all aspects of a language.


Grammar skills plays many roles in English usage. For example, if you want to write a good formal letter for a job application in English, you should first know the grammar well. Or, if you want to have an English conversation in the class, you should at least know primary grammatical rules. Therefore, you should know grammar quite well to master English language. In short, grammar which is the basic part of a language should be learned and improved well. Thus, you should know the best ways by which you can learn and improve your English in the most efficient way.


Grammar skills of English are inevitable parts of the language

Grammar skills require improvement so that the you can use English fluently and correctly. There are many ways for improving English grammar skills. We want to deal with the eight best ways to improve English grammar skills including: 1) Immerse yourself in the English world.  2) Ask for correction  3) Practice.  4) Master parts of speech.  5) Master all types of clauses.  6) Stick some key sentences or clauses as grammatical patterns in your mind.  7) Keep irregular verbs and their forms in your mind.  8) Consider the differences in the grammatical rules between the first language (the mother tongue) and the target language (English).

  • Immerse yourself in the English world.

It is an undeniable fact that learning English grammar is hard at first because you don’t get used to hear, think and speak in English and you are not quite familiar with the grammatical rules and structures. As a result, you frequently make errors and mistakes while speaking in English at the first stages. As we mentioned, the main reason deals with the lack of immersion in the target language.

If you get used to immerse yourself in English, you will easily gain the ability to master grammar intuitively. For this reason, you should try to read English books, watch English cartoons or movies or documentaries, you should write English shorts stories or letters or some simple sentences, you should speak English as much as possible and you should try to think in English as much as you can. Immersing in the English world is indeed the best intrinsic way for grammar skills acquisition. I recommend you to travel to the country, England or the United States, where the target language, English, is spoken because living in an English environment is certainly the best way for immersing yourself with English.


  • Ask for correction

As we said, learning English grammar is difficult at the first stages. Therefore, you may make a lot of grammatical errors. Find someone who knows English well, cares about your errors and is patient for checking your correction. For example, you can write an essay and then ask him to check if the grammatical structures are correct. Or, you can ask him to make an English conversation with you and then want him to check your English grammar correction. Asking for correction helps you improving your grammar somehow, but keep in mind that you should not be disappointed soon in case you get many warnings for your grammatical. Instead, you should keep on trying to improve your grammar skills.


  • Practice

Practice is an essential part of learning any English skill. You should practice a lot to improve your grammar skills. The more you practice grammar, the more you get the hang of using English. Self study is a kind of practicing and it leads you to a better understanding of English grammatical rules and structures. Consider certain time for reviewing the basics of English grammar. Try to memorize new structures by many useful ways such as writing and reading (related to the new structures). If you don’t practice enough, you will never learn grammar.


  • Master parts of speech.

As we said, grammar is a system in which words come together into sentences. Each sentence has basic elements including Noun, verb, adjective, preposition and conjunction. These elements are called “parts of speech”. Parts of speech are indeed one of the basics of English language. You must master the rules and functions of parts of speech to bring them together into sentences. If you do not know what a noun is, then you will never make a simple sentence. Therefore, mastering parts of speech absolutely helps you to improve your English grammar skills.


  • Master all types of clauses

A clause which is a part of a sentence is a group of words. A clause contains two essential parts including a subject which can be hidden and a verb which must be apparent. There are many types of clauses in English including 1) adverb clause, 2) adjective clause, 3) noun clause and 4) subordinate clause. You must mater the four types of clauses if you want to learn English grammar perfectly.

If you do not know that an adjective clause describes the preceding noun (the noun which comes before it), you will not distinguish grammatical elements of a sentence and as a result, you will have wrong grammar comprehension or usage. For example, if you mistake the clause “ I like cake” as an adverb clause, then you will never make a good meaningful sentence. Clauses are parts of a sentence that must be mastered for the perfect correct grammar usage.


  • Stick some key sentences or clauses as grammatical patterns in your mind.

Memorizing grammatical formulae such as “subject+ verb+ object” is quite boring and difficult. Instead, you can stick some key sentences or clauses as grammatical patterns in your mind. In this case, you will learn and memorize grammatical rules more efficiently and easily. Take the mentioned formula as an example, you can memorize a key sentence or clause which is related to the formula such as the famous sentences: “ I see you” or “I love you” as grammatical patterns in your mind instead. This method not only helps you to grasp the grammar itself well but also it helps you to improve your English grammar skills.


  • Keep irregular verbs and their forms in your mind.

One of the most common learners’ errors is related to the verb forms. There are some irregular verbs such as “swim and sleep” which are the exceptions of the grammatical rules related to the changes of the verb forms. For example, the past participle of the irregular verbs “swim” and “sleep” are “swam” and “slept”. So, if someone says:” I have swimed in the pool.”, he somehow shows his lack of enough knowledge on English grammar and he certainly needs to improve his English grammar skills.


  • Consider the differences in grammatical rules between the first language (the mother tongue) and the target language (English).

Any language has its own grammar. Two languages have different structural rules. The first language has great influence on learning English. The influence is sometimes negative. The negative influence causes you to make grammatical errors. For example, you may say the wrong common error “I am agree.”  under the influence of your mother tongue. Therefore, you need to get to know the differences in grammatical rules between your first language and the target language. You should try to not be influenced by your mother tongue as much as possible so that you can avoid the negative impact on your English grammar skills and improve your English.


Grammar is considered as the system of a language in which the sentences are created. Grammar is absolutely one of the basic parts of a language. You should improve your English grammar skills so that you master English and use it for your educational or personal purposes. The more you know grammar, the more you master English. You can use the eight given best ways to improve your English grammar skills.


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