9 advantages and 6 disadvantages of homeschooling children


Some parents, due to obscure reasons, think about homeschooling children. With the passage of time and unexpected happenings like the Coronavirus, a vast majority of parents took the option of homeschooling children under consideration but unfortunately, they do not have enough information about it.

In this article, we are going to focus on the advantages of homeschooling children and the disadvantages of homeschooling children to help parents make the best decision for their children’s education.

Homeschooling children can provide parents with a huge number of advantages

Parents get the opportunity to design the schedule of their children’s schooling: one problem of working parents is the fact that their working schedule and their kids’ schooling schedule do not match and parents may face some problems relating to kids’ transportation.

Therefore, more money should be spent on transportation. Homeschooling children can help students manage this issue.

Education can be more fun

One of the advantages of homeschooling children is that parents can make sure that their kids are having fun while studying. Parents can use different programs and add some games to make studying English more interesting for children.

A strong bond with parents

As one of the advantages of homeschooling children, the fact that kids get a chance to spend more time with their parents can be mentioned. This leads to a stronger bond among members of the family.

Adapting teaching methods with students

Homeschooling children get the chance to use the methods that are suitable for them. Talking about younger children, parents can use the teaching methods that suit their kids’ learning.

Parents can spend more time on difficult subjects when homeschooling children

Learning English might be easier for kids via homeschooling, especially when their parents are fluent English speakers. Parents can work on extra exercises when they see that their kids face difficulties learning some new lessons.

Kids can have a flexible schedule

English schools and institutes have fixed schedules for their classes. However, the schedule of homeschooling children is quite selective. Hence, kids do not have a time constraint and can study any time that they feel like studying.

Ethical instructions and religion can be added to English lessons

Another advantage of homeschooling children is the fact that parents get the chance to add some ethical points that they would like their kids to learn to the English lessons.

Parents can shelter their kids

Kids at schools might be the victim of bullying and other hard and irritating experiences; Also, there are other negative behaviors like drugs that parents cannot control when they send their kids to public schools.

Therefore, parents can protect their children from the negative experiences that their kids might have at public English schools

Kids’ interaction with their tutor

Kids can be provided with a more effective interaction with their tutor. Most English schools are so crowded that teachers cannot answer kids’ questions one by one.

However, in homeschooling children parents will be tutors to their children and answer their kids’ questions one by one.

Kids can even study on a vacation

Last and maybe even most important thing among advantages on homeschooling children is the fact that the location of homeschooling students does not affect the process of learning. Kids can study their English lessons even on a trip.

Some negative facts that should be considered before homeschooling children

Parents need to spend so much time with their children: one of the disadvantages of homeschooling children can be the issue that parents need to be around their kids all the time.

This can be difficult for many reasons. For instance, there are some chores which need to be done by parents, parents need to work outside the house, and more importantly, kids feel bored and they might misbehave out of anger.

Questions from friends and relatives when homeschooling children

Another thing which is also one of the disadvantages of homeschooling children, is the frequent questions that friends and relatives keep asking parents about the reason that these people have decided not to send their kids to public schools.

Therefore, explanations that parents make to convince others that they have made the right choice can even lead to the point that parents change their minds about the decision that they have made.

Parents would need to be much more patient when homeschooling children

Parenting itself requires a great deal of energy, now imagine a parent who tries to play the role of a teacher too. He/she needs to stay calm when kids struggle with learning and try to solve the problem using the best possible way.

Homeschooling children has a slower pace comparing to public schools

One of the disadvantages of homeschooling children is that parents cannot teach their kids all the lessons and materials as fast as public schools do. Hence, parents need to handle the difficult situation.

More money needs to be spent on teaching material when homeschooling children

Parents are not educated, teachers. Therefore, they need some educational books and some books that help them with the new methods of teaching. Plus, more books are required to practice more exercises with kids.

Parents need to keep motivating their kids

Another issue among disadvantages of homeschooling children is that parents would not just play the role of parents and teachers, they should be counselors too.

Kids need motivation for studying and if they do not find it, they will lose their enthusiasm and the process of learning will get much harder.

Homeschooling children makes it hard for them to make new friends

Parents need to spend more time making new friends for their kids with the same situation as playmates to their children. Kids need playmates and when they do not go to school, they will not make friends.

Points that are mentioned above are not all of the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling children but they are the bold and most important ones. Parents can think about these points deeply, and then decide whether or not they are suitable for this job.


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