Top English schools and head teachers’ role to improve their level

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English schools care about their chairs, classes, equipment, cafeteria, and so on but few of them think that a head teachers is significant as well. They have a lot of responsibilities from managing the budget to managing the teaching stuff. English schools’ improvement depends on head teachers as well as students‘ improvement. They need to be people person and be able to work under pressure because unexpected things might occur. They need to be skilled at communications since they need to communicate with kids, their parents, teachers.

Multiple factors come to our mind while we think about the qualities and the properties of good English schools. The teachers who teach there, environment the kids are spending their time, chart of extra lessons that are available for children, etc. But the key element that most of the times we don’t consider is the role of head teachers in the overall performance of English school. Head teachers are the most important yet one of the underrated positions in English schools. We are about to tell you why.

Why head teachers are important

As you know, there isn’t any school with unlimited budget. managing that budget is one of the things that head teachers should think about each year before setting the coming year’s plan. The things that a head teacher should plan aren’t just about the finance stuff. One of the other important things is to choose the best teachers for each topic which is one of the key factors that can help to improve the education level of English schools.

The order of classes is important as well e.g. mathematics and science are better not to come one after another. Gym and exercise are better to be scheduled for the end of the day, not the begging of it. It is only one of the things that head teachers should plan before the start of a semester and also the budget should not be spent only in hiring staff. There are much more things to do with a certain amount of money.

Other things that need planning include setting a time for teachers and parents meeting, reserving places or gathering information for the trips during the year, etc. Checking if there should be a change made in the teaching stuff. Head teachers will ask the teachers to provide a timetable explaining the procedure of how they are going to teach a whole book in a certain amount of time.

Other responsibilities they have

Meanwhile when the educational year has been started, head teachers ask English teachers to introduce a book which they think it can help children to understand their lessons better which can be called supplementary materials. Evaluating the procedure during the year is a crucial thing that head teachers do to maintain or improve their educational levels. By the time that we get closer to the end of year, head teachers ask the teachers to give a report about the activity of their classes and encourage them to talk about the hard parts and the things that could get better by changing them to make progress.

The environment of English schools is one the things that head teachers should be concerned about as well. A joyful yet standard academic environment for kids is necessary for well being of children and their mental health. A playground for children, a place for them to be able to read in fields with fresh air and enough sunlight.

The mentioned things are the basics of the standard playgrounds. But the environment is not only what we see from the outside, each year at the end of the year there are some damages made to the library, gym and other places at schools. The books should be updated, if any book is needed to be replaced it has to be done, if the requests for a certain book is more than the volumes that are in the library new books should be bought. If any chair or board is needed to be replaced it has to be done before the beginning of the new educational year.

The connection between teachers and students

head teachers

There is always a situation that teachers are not aware of or there is a bad connection between the majority of children and one certain teacher. To keep the level of school at the wanted level or more importantly to improve a school level, it is suggested that head teachers keep contact with the children in a friendly environment without anything that can prevent the children to tell the truth.

One of the best ways of achieving this is to select few top students from each class and have them in one meeting and ask them about the teachers, quality, quantity and the amount of homework with the quality of a teachers’ job. These meetings are not for students only, it is better to gather teachers and ask them about the problems they have and help them to keep up with the newest methods of teaching and provide them the help they need to make children behave, motive students to study and so on.

Children and youngsters often don’t tell their parents the routine of the school. It is one of the responsibilities of head teacher to tell the parents about the routine of the school. The head teacher should hold a meeting with parents at least two times in a year. First one to inform the parents about the goals of the year and to explain the procedure that makes these goals to be achieved and patiently answer the questions that parents might ask. Second one to inform the parents about the achievements of the year. The mentioned duties above are very hard to be done by a single person but that’s what head teachers do.

Head teachers’ attitude

head teachers

It is crucial not to sound bossy and to be able to keep calm under the pressure because if they treat the staff, parents and children kind and with respect, in hard times they will try to cooperate as much as they can with head teachers. As a whole, head teachers have the most important and effective role in English schools. This role requires high patience and good communications with people. The person who wants this role has to be able to manage multiple things at the same time.


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