2 reasons why good songs for kids make their books interesting



Music’s benefits are undeniable. That is why music and good songs for kids need to be an integral part of kids English books. Another reason to use them in kids’ books is that they can take the pressure off studying.

Music and songs help in various ways. One way is that they can brighten a class atmosphere. Kids can memorize and recite poems and good songs for kids easily. They also love it when they can sing with their classmates. Because it gives them a sense of belonging.

The teacher can play an important role in playing good songs for kids. If they know the songs by heart and can sing, the class can be different and can be loved by students more. Kids English books include good songs for kids because authors, teachers, researchers, and probably parents know the importance of good songs for kids and how they can help kids to learn better as well as easier.

Songs can speed up the learning process. But what are good songs for kids? Why do children’s learning books use more pictures and songs for the learning process? Songs and listening skills are a natural way to learn new things, such as learning a new language. In this article, we try to examine the effects of songs on learning new things and how good songs for kids make their books interesting.

In general, we try to elaborate the effects of listening skills on the children’s learning process. We also introduce you to a series of good songs for kids and explain why among all educational methods, books focus more on songs

How do good songs for kids make their books interesting?

Here we are going to address the recurring question of how good songs for kids makes a book look more interesting and why songs are one of the most common teaching methods.

 As songs and singing are a natural way for children to learn, good songs for kids and singing them strengthens children’s listening skills. In general, children are not interested in a difficult learning environment and are playful at a young age. That is why it seems difficult to teach them.

Children are very interested in fascinating pictures and amusing songs. By good songs for kids, you can teach them new lessons in various fields, especially a new language. According to various research, learning through songs have a great impact on children’s relaxation and increases their concentration.

Songs are the only thing that children do not get tired of repeating. This repetition has a great impact on the process of children’s learning. In addition to playing songs, try to interest kids to sing along with them as well. This will allow children to understand the song word for word and be able to produce these words over time.

One of the reasons for the popularity of good songs for kids in books is that it increases children’s vocabulary and adds to children’s general knowledge. Good songs for kids generally give the children the ability to concentrate and repeat aloud what they have learned, while at the same time strengths their language skills.

Listening to songs causes the right sounds to be repeated in children’s ears. They can easily pronounce them. In other words, by listening to good songs for kids, children are exposed to learning a new language and they get immersed in the world of interesting sounds and rhythms.

This advantage of the songs makes children learn how to pronounce words and be fully acquainted with all sounds. These were all the reasons that make all those books which use good songs for kids more interesting to children.

What are some good kid-friendly songs?

good songs for kidsMany English songs may seem familiar. However, all of the songs mentioned below have been embraced by children. Some of them have been broadcasted in children’s programs. They are recommended for children who learn English because of their friendly and attractive tone.

With kid-friendly songs, children can recite all the words easily. With their attractive rhythm, they can excite the children to harmonize with them and repeat them aloud, which makes the children exposed to learn English.

As a result, good songs for kids are highly recommended. By using them, children will be exposed to English and learn it easily. Now let’s take a look at good songs for kids that are very popular among children.

Good Songs for Kids: Baby Shark

It is a very popular song in the educational space, which depicts family members easily for a child with an attractive and energetic rhythm. Children can also be active while listening to this song, which adds a happy aspect to the child’s learning process. It is considered as one of the good songs for kids.

Good Song for Kids: Let It Go!

Probably all children have heard this song. A song that Elsa, the popular character, sings in Frozen. It is considered as one of the good songs for kids that reflects everything that happens to the character throughout the story. It is a great song for children who are learning English since it makes them learn many words throughout the song.

Good Songs for Kids: ABCD Song

Many children have heard this song while learning English in class. Learning English letters without a song seems to be difficult for children. You can easily teach these letters to your child by playing the ABCD song which is one of the good songs for kids. Because of the rhythmic nature of this song, children will never forget it.

Doing a series of movements, in other words, acting each word is very important in learning the word itself. A connection will be established between the act and the word that makes children remember it better. This is very effective for children who are learning English. This song is considered as one of the good songs for kids who learn English.

Good Songs for Kids: Bingo!

One of the good songs for kids is Bingo. Many children know this song which is about a lovely dog named Bingo. This song teaches children the letters and how to pronounce them with a beautiful and energetic rhythm. All the pictures in this song are beautifully drawn to attract children.

What are some good songs for kids based on books?

good songs for kidsThere are several books for children in the field of learning English. Each of the books has their songs based on each lesson, and children can use them to learn English more effectively.

In this section, we will mention some good songs for kids that have been designed based on the syllabus of the educational book.

First Friends Books

First Friends is a series of popular books in the field of learning English for children. The focus of these books is improving children’s listening skills. In each section, there are a series of good songs for kids, each of which is related to a specific topic.

Using these good songs for kids can easily enhance children’s language skills and make connections between the pictures and the songs so children can learn words in a better way.

One of the good songs for kids in this book is the Number song. It easily teaches English numbers to children. Special good songs for kids have been written for each subject in this book, which ultimately provides a popular and diverse collection for children to learn English.

Super Safari Books

Another source for good songs for kids is Super Safari. These books are for children who have not yet completed elementary school and are not familiar with writing skills.

The focus of this book is on visual and auditory skills. As different songs are included in this book, which allows children to become familiar with the correct pronunciation of words and also to be fully exposed to learning.

In general, learning for this group age is more difficult than other ages. Because children at this age do not know how to write words. They have to learn all the topics throughout listening, and for this reason, there are very good songs for kids in this book.

Among the series of good songs for kids in this book, we can mention the song “Hello” in Super Safari 1 and also the song of Unit 8 in Super Safari 1, which is about different clothes and teaches children different types of clothes in the form of songs.

In addition to these good songs for kids, which are designed by the book itself and form a part of the book, you can download songs related to the books separately, which can also be adapted to the lessons of the book.

Final Note

In this article, we tried to examine the impact of good songs for kids in their learning process. We also introduced a series of good songs for kids and explained why good songs for kids are more popular among all the educational methods.

With this method and the variety of children’s songs, they will never get tired of learning. This kind of learning is considered to be an exciting process for them. That is why good songs for kids are an essential part of the learning process of any kind.

Good Songs for Kids: If You’re Happy and You Know It

This song is a very popular song among children. Children can do movements that encourage them to learn while listening to this song. Movements such as clapping, stamping, etc. While performing these movements, they also become familiar with the words.

 Why good songs for kids are needed

Everyone enjoys listening to music. There are various reasons behind this. Music can increase workout endurance, can ease pain, can stimulate memories, can fade away symptoms of depression, can reduce stress, and is also capable of elevating mood and making people feel generally better.

It is why people play music and try to sing along loudly when they feel a little down and out of sorts. It is what people do without realizing it.

How music can be used in kids English books? How good songs for kids can be used to teach and learn English? Can we use good songs for kids? Have you ever watched yourself when you sing a song? How much time does it take you to memorize a song? Does it take the same time and effort to memorize a text?

The answer might be no. Because people’s brain is programmed in this way and kids are not exceptions. If music can stimulate memories in adults, good songs for kids can do the same in children.

Some people believe learning English is just to memorize piles of words and to put themselves under a lot of pressure. They also believe that it is the same as mathematics and kids English books must just be filled with vocabulary, grammar, reading, practices, writing, and so on, which can make everybody, kids more, sick.

No more pressure to learn English, please! We can make children love English learning by using good songs for kids in kids English books. Now how can good songs for kids make English learning more interesting for them?

Music and good songs for kids can help

Music can improve literacy. We all want our kids to learn and know a wide range of words, don’t we? But almost none of us know how to make it interesting for them to learn and memorize this amount of vocabulary.

When we play English good songs for kids, it seems that they try to memorize them, which is great. Music can help kids’ sensory development. If kids are bored of repeated stuff and written words, music can be used to give them not just joy, but also the chance to use all their senses.

Music can lift people‘s spirits. Have you ever seen your students getting bored in your English class or not being in the mood of studying anymore? You can use music to cheer them.

It helps to build coordination. If music is in English, it might not be fully understood by the kids. But, What about the rhythm and rhyme? Kids love to move their bodies with it even though they don’t understand it. So they would get interested in both English and dancing.

Children can learn new things in the playground. All children incline to memorize new good songs for kids. The best way to memorize is to sing songs with their peers.

They would love to talk and sing with other children who are at the same age as they are and they might also find it a way of showing off the good songs for kids they know and dance with them. So you see how interesting it could be for kids. Do kids feel depressed? Play music!

As it has been said before, music has the capability of fading away from the signs of depression. When we see something worse than being down or not in the mood, we can help it via using music. It would work like magic! Give it a try.

Music helps to manage pain. Why should we care about it? Many kids might argue or fight at school which causes pain. Other than that physical pain is not just for adults. And kids might suffer from it too. So that happens in your class, try music therapy.

Stress can fade away via music. You may think that whether feel stressed. The answer is yes. They do feel stressed out sometimes. Having all that homework to do, piles of things to read, memorize and study, they could feel really under pressure and stressed.

English good songs for kids will be a way to help them. It can be the cause to fade the stress away and give the child joy and peace. Music can boost children ‘s energy. Studies have shown that music can make an English class more beneficial.

According to research, kids would show more enthusiasm when they are attending a class where they know they would be singing good songs for children. It makes them pay more attention and spend more time and energy on subjects which are being taught.

As the last point, we can highlight the fact that a tutor is more charming and lovelier when they know how to sing. Teachers might underestimate their part as English teachers. Now just think you are a child for a moment.

As a child, would you not enjoy a class where you know the teacher sings good songs for kids and tries to teach while singing? It doesn’t need much time to conclude. Without a doubt, it is more fascinating for you to spend time with a lively, happy, and singer teacher!

In the end, knowing all the advantages of music and good songs for kids, everyone knows why kids English books need good songs for kids, and why music helps kids to learn better; moreover, how they make studying more and more interesting for children.

The point is that we are just doing all we can so that learning English would be no burden on kids because the pressure may make some of them quit studying. Instead, it can be made a wanted and joyful time for kids, learning and having fun, something lovely that kids look forward to in a class.


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