10 best games for children which can be played in an English class


There are a lot of new methods to teach English to kids. One of them that can be included in English lessons for kids is games for children. Let‘s learn the name of some the games for children: Adverb action, Airplane competition, Apple pass, Art gallery, Backs on the board game, Banana race, Bang, Bet you can’t, Blindfold course, Colors in the air. These ten games for children are fun to teach English.

The importance of games for children

All of us know the obvious fact that what kids crave is to play games for children. There are a lot of different games for children that many English teachers use before starting their class or at the end of it. But the way they teach English lessons for kids is always the same.

What they need to notice is how they can change their teaching style by adding some games for children into the lessons. Now we are going to learn how to modify English lessons for kids to include games for children. Let us learn some games for children through which we can teach English.

The name of 10 games for children to use

games for childrenAdverb action

The first game which is called Adverb action is one of the games for children via which the definition of adverbs can be taught to students. The teacher writes an action on the board. For instance,” wave your hand” and asks a student to come to the board standing in front of the others. After that, the teacher shows the student a flashcard that has an adverb on it; for example, the adverb fast. Now the student needs to do an action to show what the adverb is. The first one to guess the adverb is the winner.

Airplane competition

The second game of the English games for children to use in a class is the Airplane competition. Students can make paper airplanes to play this game. Then points and targets are made. For example, 10 points for a chair, 20 points for your table, and maybe 30 points for the trash. Now, students are asked an English question that needs to be answered correctly to permit that student to fly her/his airplane to get points.

Apple pass

Let learn what the third suggested games for children is. It is an Apple pass. This game is something like a hot potato. An apple or a ball or anything else which can be tossed can be used. A category of words is chosen and the ball is tossed to a student. While tossing it, one English word from that category is said. The student will lose if the ball is dropped. After getting the ball, now that kid tosses it to another student while saying another word from the chosen category. The game goes on until there is one winner.

The art gallery

The art gallery is the fourth game of the English games for children to play in an English class. The teacher makes enough squares for students to draw then tells each of them an English word and gives them a limited time to draw the given word. Then the best artwork would be the winner. If the students are too competitive, don’t play this game. Because they may get upset and drama may be created.

Backs on the board game

Backs on the board game is another games for children to learn about. Students are divided into two teams. Then one student from each team comes to the board, stands in front of the class facing other students, and his/her back to the board. Then the teacher writes an English word or draws a picture on the board. Now other students explain the word to their chosen teammate. The first one to guess the word gets the score for his/her team.

Banana race

The name of the sixth games for children is the Banana race which is a cool game and is loved by kids. The teacher can ask any question but the answer must be one word. For instance, what fruit is green and round? Or how many people are in the classroom? Or what color are the walls? There Is a point for each right and correct answer.


This one of the games for children, is a fun game for younger kids. Some words are written on pieces of paper and among them write the word bang on cards. Now all of them are put in a box, each student can take a card by chance. Students who read the English word correctly get a positive point and students who get the bang card should yell BANG! It is the time that all the kids must put their cards back in the box except the bang card. 

“Bet you can’t”

This is another suitable games for children to play in the class. This game can be played in million ways. Students are chosen and the teacher says bet you can’t. Reading or writing can be practiced by this game. For example, the teacher or a student says bet you can’t read the written word on the board. You will be surprised how much kids love this game among the games for children that can be played in the classroom.

Blindfold course

The ninth games for children is the Blindfold course. This game among the games for children teaches directions in English. Students sit in pairs and one of them covers his/her eyes. A road is chosen and some obstacles are made on the road. Students who can see guide the one who is going through that path to get to the end of it. For example, go two steps forwards and then turn right. The teacher can make the rules in this game of the games for children.

Colors in the air

The last game to talk about among the games for children is “Colors in the air. ” It is another fun games for children that teaches them colors. The students are given colorful paper. The teacher says a color then students raise the color they have. Anyone who raises the wrong color gets out of the game and loses.


games for childrenAny kind of games for children can be used to teach English but this is the teacher and his/her creativity to find out what kind of games for children can be chosen to bring both joy and happiness as well as to be fruitful to teach something. You can also change the way the games for children are played or the rules so that they can be used to teach your lessons effectively.


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