The 4 most important outcomes of process of English language learning

English is the International language spoken by over a billion people all around the world. English language learning is very important in the modern world. We may not achieve our business or academic goals and will not be able to work with computers if we do not English well.

English language learning is a compulsory process for young children in most schools around the world. English is recognized to be the main second language of many countries such as Singapore and Iran. Plus, many people who wish to immigrate, especially to the United States, must first demonstrate their successful accomplishments in the English language learning process by the recognized English certificates such as IELTS.

In the modern world, English is widely used in commercials, science, social media economic, education, etc. Besides, international organizations and diplomacies use English in their communications with other countries. Above all, English is applied in most educational institutions, social media platforms, and companies.

It has been predicted that the usage of the International language is going to get even more shortly so English language learning will become increasingly vital. In this article, we are going to talk about the future of language learning. Plus, we are going to mention the effects of English language learning on our future lives.

The power of English language learning:

Many scholars did researches on language learning and the usage of English in the future to find out whether English is going to stay as dominant as it is in the future or it is going to lose its power and give its place to other languages such as French, German, and Spanish. Most studies have shown that although other languages such as French are going to be applied more, English is going to stay as the top official language in the world as it is now.

English is adapted to be a lingua franca. A lingua franca can be defined as a language that is used by people who do not speak the same language in their communications. It can be called a way that can unite all people; in this way, the main focus of language learning is the correct conveyance of messages.

The role of English language learning in science:

It is predicted that most schools and universities will apply English more than now in the future. Education is always improving rapidly. More young students will have to completely fulfill the process of English learning before university; moreover, they will be more immersed in the English world and get used to speaking English in the future.

In addition, English will be used to teach other popular languages such as French, German, and Spanish in most universities around the globe in the future. So, nonnative students will have to know English well enough at a very early age to get mastery in the other languages. Therefore, the role of English language learning will be more highlighted and vital soon.

Many scientists, scholars, doctors, etc. are writing their articles in English; therefore, the lack of English knowledge leads to unawareness and illiteracy in the future. People will need to learn English to expand their information and knowledge. English language learning will be the essential key to more prospects, science, and knowledge.

The role of English language learning in business:

English will be more used for business purposes. People always tend to expand their careers and businesses. They will have to learn English so well that can communicate accurately with foreigners; therefore, English language learning will be a means of business or career development.

English will be used much more for the development of trades, companies, and factories. A huge increase in making international business agreements and contracts is expected to occur in the future. Therefore, if a novice businessman wishes to be successful in his career, he will have to go through the English language learning process at first.

The process of English language learning will gain more importance in finding and expanding freelancing jobs.  Freelancers will have to learn English so perfectly that they can take advantage of the great financial benefits resulting from their international communications. The exchange of money received from the hourly or monthly salaries will provide freelancers a modestly comfortable life.

The possible variations of English language learning:

 Standard English, being used in the English learning process, will likely lose its place and go through some variations in the future. English language learning is not a fixed process because language is constantly under the influence of social and cultural variations. For example, the main focus of English Language learning was mainly on applying and maintaining the British accent but many nonnative speakers try to imitate the American English accent nowadays.

In the future, people will speak in English much more briefly. They will apply more abbreviations, slang, and short structures in their international communications. Therefore, the importance of teaching and maintaining grammar rules in the English language learning process will be less than now.

Spanglish language learning will be more common in the future. Spanglish language is a mixture of English and Spanish. This language is being used by the people living in the United States.

In conclusion, It is predicted that the roles and power of English language learning will become more prominent in our future lives although other languages such as French are likely to gain more power. English is likely to be the only official language uniting people together and the process of English Language learning is going to get faster and better. There, it is undoubtedly useful to learn English perfectly in today’s world.


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