What is the best functional skills English course?

What is the best functional skills English course?

Abstract :

Functional skills are the collection of necessary qualifications that an English learner should acquire during the course including reading, writing, listening and speaking. They are absolutely essential tools for learning and improving English. On the whole, a functional skills English course is a series of lessons in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

A functional skills English course is designed to help the nonnative learners acquire basic knowledge of English. People need to know English since the global language has many practical roles in the modern world. In consequence of basic English acquisition, English learners can get academic qualifications, they can be employed in good high paying jobs, they can travel to the other counties and they can get many useful results.

In short, a functional skills English course provides the learners with fundamental elements of English for excellent academic, personal and job outcomes.

A functional skills English course has some features including 1) level 2) duration 3) lesson plan 4) place 5) cost. All the features depend on the learners. Let’s see each feature in detail:


Functional skillsA functional skills English course is generally consisting of five main levels: the beginner, the lower intermediate, the intermediate, the upper intermediate, the advanced. The levels are designed on the basis of the learner’s English knowledge. They are created to teach basic requirements for mastering English on a gradual basis. Therefore, if someone wants to learn English fully, he must start from the beginner level to the advanced level. To sum up, the levels are essential features of a functional skills English course in which the learners acquire English according their knowledge and ability of the language.


Each functional skills English course dedicates a certain amount of time which is called “duration” to each educational level. Thus, each level of an English course is hold on a certain period of time, for example three months for the advanced level, to provide the learners with a scheduled learning plan.

In addition, the classes of the English course are hold on certain days of the weekdays except for Sunday at certain time of the day except for the midnight. For example, the classes of the beginner level can be hold on Tuesday and Thursday at 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for a month. The duration of each level is not exactly the same in all the institutions because it mostly depends on the institution itself to decide the duration and the time of the classes

Lesson plan

A function skills English course has a certain scheduled well organized plan for teaching essential practical English skills. The plan is systematically designed on the sequence of the most basic needed English skills requirements. As mentioned above, a functional skills English course has generally five levels. Each level deals with certain particles of teaching functional English skills planned according to the learner’s capacity of learning the language. Take “the beginner level” as an example, very basic simple aspects of English skills are taught in the beginner level. Each level includes a series of special lessons dedicated for the its learners.


Some English courses are hold outside while others are hold online at home. Due to the Corona pandemic, most of the English courses are online and they are consequently hold in the comfort of the learners’ homes. It is mostly depending on the learners to choose online English courses or outside classes. It also depends on the location of the learner’ house to choose which institution is nearer to go.


The cost of an English course considerably depends on the institution. It is an obvious fact the more famous the institution be, the higher the cost would be. Generally, personal English classes have more cost than the public English classes. Due to economic problems, it is unfortunately the determinant factor of choosing the institution.


In summary, a functional English skills course is a series of academic English practical instructions. It involves the basic study of the functional skills and the acquisition of the English production in everyday life. Through the course, the learners acquire necessary English practical rules, grammar, informal slangs, formal language and etc. They also get to know the culture and the traditions of the target language.

The English course provides a good qualification for jobseekers, students and travelers to the other countries. It generally helps anyone who is in need of improving English or basic English acquisition. An English course itself has basic features. The features are a fixed organized parts of the English course. The learners can profit from English course as a strong help for their academic/ job or personal purposes.



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