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English for kids : free online courses


As a global language for communication, the demand for learning English is rapidly increasing all over the world and with the on-growing demand for acquiring this language several methods have emerged to allow those, who wish to learn English for their own purposes, to have access to this language. One of the recent methods, which allows learners to study English from the very comfort of their own houses, is free online courses.

Many parents seek to find free online courses for their kids. As they find the free online courses, the children can benefit from different methods and materials used to teach them English. In this article, the materials used in the free online courses are mentioned. 

English is used today in many subjects including education, medicine, business, politics, technology, and communication. For this reason, the English language became the international language of the world and its power can not be ignored especially when it comes to free online courses.

Not only does English serve as a communication tool, but it can also make it easier for us to adapt to our present and future environment and work. Hence, one can think about how important learning English is for everyone’s life.

Many parents do not see the importance of learning English and the opportunity it brings to their children as a priority, but learning English through free online courses can be persuasive for these parents.

The point that parents need to keep in mind is that being bilingual has numerous emotional, social, academic, and possibly economic benefits for children. Early childhood is the best time to learn English, and it is best to learn from an early age.

It may be believed that learning a second language hinders a child’s ability to communicate or read and write, but research has shown this to be wrong and the benefits of learning English for children are enormous.

Learning the English language in childhood can happen easily and conveniently, but when using online courses, mostly free online courses, the process of teaching happens, these free online courses can be appealing for the families, because when these online courses become free online courses, one of the biggest excuses (money) of the opponents of online training is removed.

Since free online courses are presented without getting any money as it is called free online courses and this feature of being free of these free online courses can turn opponents into proponents.

Ways to teach English on free online courses

Free online courses can be offered in different forms to the students and with the progressive development of technology in our modern days, it’s not difficult to find classes that best fit the learners, which could also be available for those, who find it difficult to afford such classes. Free online courses can be found in different forms nowadays and video services, explanatory descriptions, alongside Q&A platforms are considered to be some of the a few ways used in teaching English to the world.

Video services in free online courses

Currently many teachers from around the world and experts in the area of language teaching and learning wish to see more and more individuals invest in their abilities to acquire English. For this to become a possibility some tutors have chosen to offer free online courses for English by uploading videos of themselves on different online platforms.

The videos are categorized into various parts. There are instructive videos available for any English subject. As an example, there are videos that learners can learn pronunciation, vocabulary, every day conversations and even learn tips about studying English . These videos can be found in the form of songs or any other shape.

Explanatory descriptions

Another free online courses which can be encountered on the World Wide Web, is the descriptions given by different people on various websites. These help both children and adults to have access to multiple sources when they are encountered by a problem in their English learning process. These online services could include explanations of grammar rules followed by related examples, which help enhance the learners’ English in a positive way.

Q&A sessions

Beside the two mentioned ways used for accessing free online courses, Q&A sessions are also considered to be a good way for learners. They can be in touch with their peers or in some cases even with English speaking natives. This could help them reach an answer to their problems by posing their questions on specific platforms. Sometimes students may find it difficult to find the answer to their questions online; therefore, different websites are designed to help the learners reach numerous of individuals for help and offer them a chance to find the answer they look for. 

This method not only answers the students’ questions but it could also provide them with an opportunity to communicate through English and put their learnings into practice.

The key role of online courses

With the advancement of technology and most importantly the Internet and its speed and unlimited and accessible space, as well as the emergence of numerous mass communication platforms such as Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp and… and very easy use of cyberspace and its availability, classroom training Online or virtual especially free online courses is a hot and inevitable discussion that has found a special place in every field.

Currently, many universities around the world, public and private technical and vocational institutions and schools, as well as language schools use virtual or online education mostly free online courses.

To be able to present the discussion of education on a large and transcendental level, if the institutions desire to make language courses even more popular, these courses must be presented in free online courses, because these free online courses can draw the attention of a larger group and people naturally prefer free online courses to paid courses.

Also, many existing constraints such as the problem of transportation, lack of time, lack of language learners in the city have made online or offline education much more prominent and some of the institutions are using free online courses, and this has led to the emergence of strong and efficient platforms in the discussion of online education. There is an inextricably inseparable relationship between learning English in childhood and free online courses.

Since all the researchers and scientists who researched the best learning age believe that childhood is the best age to learn a second language especially the English language and since nowadays free online courses are welcome by people to learn, it is recommended to use these free online courses to teach kids English.

Of course, if these courses are available for free in the form of free online courses and families can have access to them without paying any cost, the acceptance and success of these free online courses will increase and gradually these free online courses can devote a large proportion of the language learning market to themselves.

From the beginning until today, in addition to the necessity of learning English, educators have always sought to apply methods to increase the learning factor among English language learners.

Naturally with the free online courses in English language learning and subsequently the possibility of offering online training courses for kids, these free online courses will be welcomed by the families drastically and these free online courses have a tremendous effect on education.

English for Kids

Today, the importance of studying a foreign language, having two or more languages ​​that bring many benefits to human beings, is becoming the main trend of today’s societyparticularlythroughemploying free online courses.

Despite some objections, many people agree that children should not wait until adulthood to learn a new language. Learning a foreign language at an early age has many benefits for the following reasons:

  • First, the early start of learning a new language, the child’s ability to acquire one Instinctual language improves instead of learning consciously like what older children or adults do. This helps the child to feel comfortable attending language classes.
  • Teaching English to children helps children to become smarter. Early learning of another language does not affect a child’s mental development, according to a five-year study by Cornell University Language Research Centre. In contrast, they are better focused at school than children who only know their language.
  • When children learn language through the integration of learning and useful games, a pleasant atmosphere is created for children. Children do not get bored when they “learn to play with their friends.”

These activities will help you gain confidence sooner, especially when you communicate with others and participate in social activities later, the role of this issue becomes more prominent, and using different devices employed in free online courses can remove this boredom.

Different methods of learning English for children

 In general, there are two ways for children to learn another language:

1. Simultaneously

2. Sequential

Schools should provide opportunities for children to hear that language in a different context every day. Listening skills are extremely important in language learning. Learning another language may begin with listening, speaking, reading, and writing and free online courses.

During the out-of-school hours, children can watch TV, listen to songs, stories and poems through the tape. They can also listen to foreigners speak in their native language. There are many resources (movies, software games) for parents to choose from for their children, free online courses are available at different times and in different forms.

Moreover, children usually have problems understanding the new language. Pronunciation, sounds, emotions, words, and… also help a lot in learning. Children may not understand the meaning, but we can distinguish this language from the main language and the ability to understand the main concept: who is asking the question, who is happy.

Also, repeating words with the help of pictures helps children to understand their correct meaning. They are wonderful conditions for learning a foreign language which is very useful for future success.

Free Online Courses

The advent of the Internet and cyberspace has changed all aspects of our lives. Education is no exception and in recent years we have witnessed the emergence and tremendous growth of free online courses. 

Free online courses provide several profits and help students improve their learning. Some of the advantages of free online courses are listed below:

  1. Learn a language for free: free Online courses give this option to the students to learn a new language without paying any cost. Saving money is the outstanding feature of free online courses.
  1. No commuting: You can study online without being worried about wasting time or getting sick.
  1. Availability of free online courses in different languages: one point which makes free online courses distinct from other courses is availability. These free online courses are not limited to just one language and are presented in many different languages. This can increase the audience of these free online courses.
  1. Open access to all: regardless of age, sex and location, all people can have access to these free online courses and use them.
  1. Learn from other students: free online courses provide students with this opportunity to interact with other students through discussion forums and learn from each other. These free online courses are exactly like a real classroom where you can learn informative things from your peers.
  1. Flexibility in online language classes: free online courses for English language teaching, or virtual language class, enables the teacher and the student to adjust the speed of their learning according to the need.

Consequently, by using online courses, there can be a balance between work and study. Also, having a joint program (free Online courses) between the student and the professor can encourage both parties to accept new responsibilities and more independence.

  1. Choose the experienced teachers: the ability to select experienced teachers in any school and have the best teachers for students who are deprived of attending the class of the desired teacher in the school of their choice for various reasons, such as distance from the school or lack of time.

Free online courses make it possible to use experienced teachers. These free online courses expand your circle of choices.

Most people believe that online education with all its features can not be a good alternative to face-to-face education. However, the main point in online education is that it can help people who are not able to attend classes in person to benefit from language training so that they do not miss training in any place and situation.

Also, online education in many cases, due to the way the class is held and the facilities of the educational platform, is very similar to face-to-face education, and the efficiency of face-to-face classes can also be obtained from them.

In addition, online training is in some cases a great complement to face-to-face training and is intended as an auxiliary solution to improve training, particularly when these are free online courses because these free online courses are free of the problems of face_to_face training.

English for kids: Free online courses

As it was said that learning from a very young age will be quite successful; For example, for 4 or 5-year-olds! Also, one of the best times to learn a language is when children go to school; That means educating children aged 7 or 8. Since at this age, your child’s mind is completely free and the concerns that most adults deal with do not make sense to children, learning can be done easily.

After school-age children, because they are familiar with the meaning of words and their equivalents in their main language, in some cases it may be easier for them to learn than young children who have not gone to school yet. Children may not have realized the need to learn English as much as adults.

They do not know how much this will affect their future and their success, so it is not possible to persuade them to continue on this path by reminding them of the importance of learning English. As a result, getting them interested is one of your most important responsibilities as a guide.

The best way to teach English to children from the ground up is to make it fun for them to learn. Children interact more with the world of audio and video. Online learning is not limited to tutoring and one-on-one video classes.

In general, online learning involves the time your child spends voluntarily learning through online educational resources such as websites, mobile apps, songs, games, and e-books. Learning online is easy and convenient.

Children can start their online education immediately after having lunch or playing. There is no need to change clothes, pack lunch and take him to school by car. The classroom is in his home.

Naturally, babies are more comfortable at home than anywhere else. Therefore, home is an energetic and calm environment for them that can focus on learning with ease. In addition, children feel more secure at home. In the absence of common classroom jokes or other distractions that hinder learning, children can choose an environment that best meets their educational and online learning needs.

But in addition to the high importance of starting to learn and teach English to children at an early age, a very important point for parents is the issue of financing their children’s language education.

Naturally, many parents are not able to afford to pay for their children’s language courses. They are usually looking for free online courses since these free online courses don’t impose any expense on them.

Free online courses are of course very popular with families because free Online courses reduce the costs that families need to pay in many ways and these free Online courses provide the conditions for people who can not afford to teach their kids a new language. The free training courses, especially free online courses, make these courses very popular among families.


Learning English online and free online courses are not confined to just a few methods and there are endless ways to access this language on the web. Concluding that beside video services, explanatory descriptions, and Q&A sessions, other methods, which include free online courses offered by non-profit organizations and language teaching courses provided by different mobile applications can also be named to be among the many ways used for learning that specific language.

In childhood, because the child’s brain is ready to accept language and language patterns for communication, learning is very fast and efficient, and the child can progress quickly in language patterns. For this reason, learning a second language can also be done at an early age. And communication skills of this language can be taught to them from an early age.

There has been a lot of researches on learning English as a child, and most of them show that learning a second language at an early age stimulates brain development and increases concentration. Bilingualism at an early age helps to develop creativity in children.

Numerous studies have been conducted in this field, which shows that learning a second language has a positive effect on children’s education in schools. Teaching English to children promotes their communication patterns and their better interaction with the environment and those around them.

 In online virtual education, the instructor can share the desired educational courses with the students by presenting PDF files and PowerPoint slides, and audios or videos.

Online courses help us to eliminate physical distances and take online training courses from anywhere in the country or the world. The next issue with online education that has been resolved is the problem of waiting for the course to start. Many training courses are held at regular intervals. So waiting for the course to start causes us to either forget to enroll in the new course or change our free time when the new course starts.

And the final issue is the issue of free training courses preferably by using free online courses, especially the English language training by free Online courses for children because most families prefer their children to learn English for free through free online courses due to the high cost of language education and the necessity of teaching the English language in childhood, the obligation of using free online courses due to its unique reasons and desire of families to use free online courses make preparing and producing free online courses compulsory.

This kind of training (free Online courses) not only increases the efficiency of the children but also helps to make English more prevalent.



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