The 3 most important English writing types; arguments, persuasion and reasoning


One bold issue for all people around the globe is their disability to talk about their rage and sadness. This problem is a common problem all around the world.

The fact that we cannot express our sadness, anger and negative feelings in a safe way in order to solve them is a widespread problem.

Writing is one of the basic components of language skills. It records information, memories, feelings, descriptions, and thoughts. Regarding the fundamental writing functions in language, English writing was invented by the early English printers in the first half of the fifteenth century.

In this article, we are going to talk about the methods of teaching good thinking, reasoning and persuading in English writing.

The three most important English writing types

English writings are categorized into main classifications according to their purpose and function. In this article, we clarify useful information about the three most important English writing types:


Argumentative writing is one of the English writing types which presents arguments of two sides over a definite issue. In argumentative writings, the writer is allowed to present the arguments of two sides whether equally or biased. Therefore, the way of representing the arguments relies on the writer’s opinion.

An argumentative text is composed of four basic parts including the introduction, body, counterargument, and conclusion. Accurate authentic information should be in argumentative writings to discredit the opposing opinions.

Argumentative writings have an impressive influence on the readers’ minds. They can change readers’ perspective about a matter and make them agree with the writer’s opinion.

Keep in mind that argumentative writings are far different from persuasive writings. The purposes of these English writing types are not the same. An argumentative essay is written to express a true and established idea, but a persuasive essay is written to persuade readers about an issue.


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, persuasive writings aim to convince readers with certain thoughts. This is one of the English writing types which is appealing for the readers since it evokes the readers’ passion and emotion.

This form of English writing seeks to impose certain thoughts or ideas on the audience. That is why, the writers of persuasive essays should know how to have great emotional effect on the audience.

The writers can increase their influence by presenting an anecdote or a true story of their own lives. They can take advantage of many persuasive methods such as emphasis, repetition, and asking rhetorical questions in his writing. Above all, they should take the four main parts of the persuasive essay (introduction, counterparts, body, and conclusion) into account.

Examples of persuasive writings are: criticisms, reviews, reaction papers, editorials, proposals, advertisements, and brochures. All these English writings are written to compel certain ideas to the audience.

The writers of persuasive English writing should collect authentic evidence to convince their audience in the best way possible. The more trustworthy the presented information are, the more will readers agree with the writer’s ideas. As a result, credibility is an essential element of persuasive writing.


Reasoning is one of the three most important English writing types. Reasoning English writings represent authentic information, evidence, facts, and entitlements over a definite thesis statement.

In this type of English writing, the writers first consider a critical point in their mind; then, they start gathering credible information to reason and explain the main idea.

The content of a reasoning writing should seem both sincere and logical to the audience. In simple terms, the readers should get to a rational conclusion after reading this kind of English writing.

A reasoning essay can be written in two ways including: inductive and deductive. That is, the writer is allowed to mention the ultimate conclusion whether at the beginning or the end of the reasoning essay.

Teaching arguments, persuasion and reasoning in English writing

Instead of talking about things and making discussions, we make arguments, in a way that not only it makes both sides more frustrated, but also makes no change in the situation.

This problem heavily depends on the way that we have been treated since early childhood, also the way we have been educated. Hence, some changes need to occur in the style of teaching to have this communicational problem solved.  Here we explain the methods of different English writings.

The difference between writing persuasively or writing arguments

The very first step of teaching good thinking in English writings is talking about the difference between writing persuasively or writing arguments based on evidence.

Persuasive writings in English writing

Persuasion is heavily based on emotions and personal beliefs. In persuasive English writings, the writer makes the claim first; then tries to talk about feelings and emotions and make reasons that may have some positive effects in the English writing.

Argumentative writings in English writing

Moreover, in evidence-based argumentative writing, the writer talks about the goal he/she tries to explore first. When the writer gave enough information about the reasons behind the problem, he/she would state the claim.

Figuring out the difference between argumentation and persuasion

Although persuasion and evidence-based argumentative English writings both follow the same goal that is convincing readers of some sort of truth, the process and the result of them are quite different.

One perfect way to help students figure out the difference between argumentation and persuasion and understand it completely is through giving them examples.

For instance, teacher can use talking about a movie as an example. When a kid is asking his/her friend to watch a movie, the child might talk about personal experience and his/her interest and enthusiasm towards that movie. The kid might even say that he/she would buy some chips or popcorn. The kid might even threaten his/her friend to get upset if the friend does not go with him or her.

This way of talking is quite persuasive. However, if the same kid tries to persuade the same friend using the way of talking about reasons why the movie is worth watching or why is the movie better than the book, that would be evidence-based argumentation.

Concepts of an argumentative English writing

To make it easier for kids to understand concepts of an argumentative English writing, some words might need explanation:

The claim: the claim is, as a matter of fact, the thing that the speaker or writer thinks. The writer can ask this question “what do I think?” the answer to this question will be called the claim.

The reason: The reason is why the writer thinks that way; and comes with the question “why do I think that way?”

The evidence: evidence, that needs to be used in arguments, is everything that the writer can use to show what he/she thinks is true and can be the answer to question “how do I know this is the case?”

In fact, for writing arguments in English, knowing the difference between argumentation and persuasion is not enough. There are a lot of other things that need to be taught to English students.

How to write argumentative English writing

For instance, if someone is trying to write an argumentative English writing, she/he needs to be able to form an opinion statement.

It means that, there should be a main claim for any English writing with the goal of persuasion as when audiences read an argument which does not have a firm claim, they would never be sure where is the writer trying to lead them.

How to write appealing English writings 

Another issue which often overlooked in English writing arguments is the fact that the English writing needs to be appealing to the audience.

The writer needs to have this fact in mind that the people who are going to read the statement, are quite skeptical; this, makes things a little harder for the writer. For making English writing an easier task, three types of ways of writing are suggested below:

First of all, the appeal to logos is a way of English writing that uses different clear reasons as a support to the main claim. This way works in a way that uses logic to provide good thinking and giving solid reasons. This way is usually used in argumentation English writings.

Second of all, the appeal to ethos is another way that also is used in argumentations English writing means building trust in the audience by using ethics. Enough evidence would be given to the reader in this kind of English writing.

At last, the appeal to pathos is a way that is used in persuasion English writing. It gets use of heartstrings and uses different methods in a way that makes a link with the emotion of readers.

Another point which needs to get under consideration is the fact that all statements should have a way to connect with the feelings and emotions of audience.

Although it was said that for argumentation emotion should not get involved, the fact is, to some points, they should. Because an statement that is not linked with emotions and has no effect on the feelings of the reader, would not work.

Last but not least, a point that any writer needs to know about writing a piece of English writing argumentation is that objections and negative point of views would not weaken the real statement; and the writer needs to be able to relax and try to answer objections in a mature way. There are two suggested ways for answering objections:

  1. Counterarguments are a way in which the writer find a way to show a weakness in the objection without offending the objector.
  2. Concessions are another way of answering objections in which the writer listens to the objection and agrees with it but gets back to the statement and the point of view of the writer.

Overall, English writing is used for many purposes that are generally classified into three major groups. The three most important English writing classifications are argumentation, persuasion, reasoning. These three English writing types are commonly used for different intentions all over the world.


Why English writing is important?

English writing is very important. English writing is the system of writing conventions that helps humans to expand their relationships. Plus, it is the main necessitates of recording important information such as the condition of a contract.

English writing has lot of roles in many areas of language. There are generally six reasons why English writing is highly important. The main six reasons are as follows:

Essential key to academic achievement

Writing is the basic requirement of getting academic qualifications. That is, people learn things through writing. Therefore, learners, especially English learners, should develop their writing skills if they want to achieve great academic results.

Basic requirement of high paid jobs

Writing is needed for good job opportunities. It provides many suitable jobs that people can choose from. It empowers people to achieve their business purposes.

If one does not know how to write in English, they may even have problems to find a job. In addition, some people may fraud or trick you in business. Therefore, it is necessary to learn the basic English writing skills if you want to achieve your business goals.

Basic tool for sharing knowledge

People use English to share their knowledge. They also learn English writing to use others’ knowledge. Thus, it is important that they learn English writing to expand or share their experiences.

Most science books, essays, and websites are written in English. English writing is broadly used in many scientific areas. For example, it is used in the physics formulas and rules.

Fundamental recording means

English writing is the main means of recording memories, thoughts, information, knowledge, and ideas. This role is the most important importance of English writing. The importance of recording data was the main reason why the early English printers decided to create a set of conventional writing rules.

Best way of organization

English writing helps you organize your thoughts and ideas. You need to record the stream of your thoughts, feelings, and opinions frequently on a piece of paper. Writing helps you create a system in which you can put your ideas into a logical order.

Writing provides you with the practical disciplines by which you can give shape and order to your writing. The organization of writing helps you think through things in an organized way; as a result, it would be easier to dead with everything that is going on in your life.

Embodiment of English culture

Writing is the reflection of cultural and social variations. It is influenced by constant cultural and social changes. It is the best evidence that shows and illustrates historical events as well as cultural standards.


All in all, there are various reasons why writing is highly important. It is the basic element of any language. This basic element of English writing has six general roles in language usage.

Why English writing is important?

1. Essential key to academic achievement
2. Basic requirement of high paid jobs
3. Basic tool for sharing knowledge
4. Fundamental recording means
5. Best way of organization
6. Embodiment of English culture

How to practice English writing skills?

Writing may be difficult for some English learners. English learners may make grammatical, structural, or spelling errors in their writings. They need to practice English writing skillsby practical methods.

There are many useful methods to improve this Englishskill. The best five methods include:


Outlining is the best English writing practice. It helps learners to write a well-organized clinching text. Plus, it helps them to convey their thoughts into a clear logical order.

The topic that learners choose to write about may sometimes be too complex. In this case, they should make several outlines of the thesis statement. This method helps them to put the collected information into a clear organization.

Constant reading:

Constant reading effectively improves writingskills. It is a good method to improve English vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure as well. It is recommended that learners try to read in English as much as they can.

Constant reading provides learners new ideas which can inspire them to write. That is, constant writing presents new perspectives.

Using dictionary:

Using dictionary is very helpful when writing in English. Learners can check the correct spelling of English words by using a dictionary. Dictionaries prevent learners from repeating the same words since they present antonyms and synonyms of English words.

A dictionary is used to self-study. It contains all the English words with their meanings, usages, pronunciations, and spellings in an alphabetical order. It is also a great source to learn English vocabulary by.

In addition, a dictionary is handy, accessible, and cheap. Writers can easily buy a pocket-sized dictionary or quickly download an English Dictionary; then, install it on their phone.


This is a practical practice of English writing skills. It is an essential part of a self-study process. Therefore, any learner should know how to evaluate their English writing progress if they wish to become proficient.

There are three functional ways to assess English writing skills. These ways are:

1)Online writing exams: There are a lot of English writing exams on the internet that you can easily take and get your results instantly.

2) Check your writing constantly: You can look for writing errors in your writing piece and correct them. This method helps you to realize weak points in your writing which need to be developed.

3) Use Grammarly keyboard on your phone: Grammarly keyboard corrects the errors and mistakes online. You can easily download the Grammarly keyboard on the play store.

Avoiding wordiness:

Your texts should not contain wordiness. A good English writing is simple and clear. Wordiness makes your writing seem frustrating and dull for readers.

To avoid wordiness, eliminate synonyms, wordy phrases, and extra explanations. You should just include key ideas, opinions, and facts in your writings. Try writing as clear as you can.


English learners should improve their English writing skills by useful methods. It is vital to expand English skills, especially writing, in order to succeed in the modern world. English learners should focus on developing their writing skills since it also develops other English skills.

Writing may be difficult for some English learners. English learners may make grammatical, structural, or spelling errors in their writings. They need to practice English writing skillsby practical methods.

How to practice English writing skills?

1. Outlining
2. Constant reading
3. Using dictionary
4. Self-assessment
5. Avoiding wordiness


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