5 reasons why students struggle with English writing structure

5 Reasons Why Students Struggle With English Writing Structure


What is a writing structure? Simply, writing structure means, how you put sentences and paragraphs in a logical order. Well-structured writing is a clear and coherent text. It ensures that you focus on your thesis and present your ideas.

Unlike a good writing structure, unstructured writing is unreadable, lacks continuity, links unrelated points, and the reader gets confused. I.e., a sloppy structure that suffers from inferior paragraph division. Thus it is essential to acquire enough information about the text structure.


Fragments and run-on sentences are the most common structural problems that an English writer suffers from. The fragment is an incomplete writing structure, although that looks like a sentence! They lack an independent clause. A run-on sentence occurs when two sentences are connected without any proper punctuations. In this essay, we’ll explain why students struggle with these mistakes in a 5-part reason, that is: Difficulties in developing an idea, Choose a sequence of ideas, Disorders that affect writing, Editing is hard!, and Poor grammar and limited vocabulary. Finally, we’ll generally discuss how to avoid these mistakes in English writing structure.

Difficulties in developing an idea

English writers attempt to think about their thoughts, arrange ideas, find out how to begin or complete a piece of composing; these are regularly called skills. However, some students struggle to put their thoughts on paper; that means they should choose a strategy to form a logical sequence without delay. They can select strategies like carpenter, knitter, or free spirit. Learn more about these strategies at “How to Put Your Thoughts into Words: 3 Proven Strategies”.

Choose a sequence of ideas

Students usually don’t pay attention to the sequence of ideas. They can’t relate pieces of information and view it as a coherent and logical flow. An English text which is not in an appropriate logical sequence really couldn’t be comprehended. Students usually start writing without an effective plan to organize an English essay. This is an essential issue that every writer should notice. For further information, read “5 Prewriting Strategies”.

Disorders that affect writing

A key aspect of writing in English is transcribe thoughts into the text. Students need to use basic and vital writing and skills that include handwriting, typing, and spelling. Some professionals refer to these challenges as “Dysgraphia”. These writings are usually messy and hard to read, whether it would be an essay.

You can help them at home. There are fun ways to work on English writing that students don’t feel like extra work. You can search for games, apps, and software that promote his/her skills.

Editing is hard!

writing structureIf students leave the editing duty on their friends, tutors, or instructors, couldn’t expect their writing skills to develop. Here are some reasons that they find editing a challenging task:

  • They don’t identify their mistakes;
  • They love their writing and don’t want to correct errors;
  • It is a difference between the writer and the editor; the editor does not compromise!

Here are some tips for developing self-editing: “Self-Editing in Five Steps”.

Poor grammar and limited vocabulary

Almost all professions need to be learned, especially practicing hard and repeatedly is a prerequisite of writing in English. Students should boost their vocabulary domain and master grammar points to avoid common errors and mistakes of word choices.

Maybe it is helpful to use a grammar checker tool that analyzes the word choices using in the sentences. The grammar checker thoroughly edits the document highlighting every grammatical error.


It’s essential to get to the bottom of students’ issues about writing structure to know how to address them. Having a complete evaluation for learning and attention issues will show specific areas of weakness and lead to effective services both in and out of schools.

They require a laser focus on writing issues. An excellent way to see if the piece is focused or not is to try and sum up the information covered in one ‘high concept’ line. It’s crucial to establish a writing structure on their own; instead, walk-through essays follow the structure of their sources. English Writing requires practice and diligence. But the most important thing you can do is reassure them that writing problems can improve, no matter what’s causing them.

Having your support and encouragement can help students feel more confident and motivated to work on writing challenges.


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