3 amazing methods that kids can improve their English writing skills by

English writing skills
3 amazing methods that kids can improve their English writing skills by


It’s very important for kids to acquire the right English writing skills. Improving English writing skills can sometimes be difficult and even considered boring for kids.

With the development of technology, there are now many intriguing tips to try. For example, playing games, checking spelling after writing and reading. These techniques can be very helpful for kids who are learning English as their second language.

In this article, there are methods mentioned, that help kids improve their English writing skills in an enjoyable and entertaining way. Also, it’s good to share this information with others as well so parents can try teaching their kids how to write in English.

English writing skills

English writing skills

When it comes to learning English language, kids may consider it a difficult or a boring activity. One of the most important English skills that kids need to learn is writing but according to many researches, kids find the English writing skills challenging and uninteresting.

Here are some enjoyable and interesting methods such as playing games, checking spelling and also reading English stories. These approaches help kids improve their English writing skills in amusing ways without having any difficulties at all.

Playing games

There are many games available on the internet that are specifically designed for improving kids writing skills. Parents can download these fun games for their kids and let them play and learn at the same time. Kids can develop their English writing skills in the best way possible.

Besides, there are other games that parents can play with their kids. These games are for example: “Cut out my name”, “Telephone Pictionary” and vocabulary challenges.

These games, that are not online, are good family activities that families can do on their free time. By doing these games together, kids will become interested and enjoy learning English language, which is a wonderful thing.

Checking spelling after writing

The next method for improving kid’s English writing skills is checking spelling after writing. Parents can read some simple sentences for their kids and want them to write them down on piece of paper.

After that, parents can check the spelling of the written words with their children which can both be really helpful and considered as an amusing game too. Doing this activity regularly with kids can have amazing results in kids writing.

Reading English stories

Reading is somehow linked to English writing skills. English learners improve both their reading and English writing skills at the same time. Reading can help kids become familiar with different English words spellings in the story. Reading has lots of positive effects on kid’s English writing skills.

Parents should buy useful English story books for their kids and encourage them to read these stories every day. There are also some apps available on the internet that provide many eBooks for kids and parents. These eBooks can be downloaded for kids to improve their English writing skills in the best way possible.


Overall, the three methods mentioned, can be effective for all the English young learners. Parents should take some time and inspire their kids to try these methods and improve their English writing skills in a short period of time.

English writing skills is one of the main skills in English language and everyone, at any age, should consider becoming capable of writing essay or texts correctly. Writing improves and develops other English language skills at the same time, which can help the students to acquire the English language much more easier.

Busy parents can join their kids in English classes (online/in-person), or download apps and games which can help kids progress their writing skills.

Learning English writing skills by amusing activities like games can make the learning process both fun and entertaining for the kids; as a result, they’ll learn English easier and faster than they used to.


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