English vocabulary; 3 spectacular reasons why children should learn it through songs



Children learn about their surrounding world by observing the routine events in nature, interacting with objects and people who they see regularly, and listening to the sounds they hear. Listening plays an important role in learning English vocabulary.  That is, children can’t process the events and feel connected to the world around them, unless they do it through listening.

English is one of the most popular languages in the world to learn and many people are looking to learn this popular language. Today, institutions offer different courses for learning English to learners, and learners can easily choose one of these courses according to their purpose. Or if they are not interested in attending public classes, they can use the Self-Study methods to learn English.

Basic English language skills include four skills: Reading, Speaking, Listening, and Writing, which are these four key skills in learning English. But we have two sub-skills in learning this language, which are the builders of these four main skills, and without them, these four skills will not grow.

English vocabulary and grammar are these two sub-skills that play a key role in learning English. In other words, the rich vocabulary and the more fluent in grammar, help the learner to strengthen his or her four core skills. In this article, we try to explain the importance of English vocabulary and its role in learning English for language learners, so join us in this article.

As the matter of fact, everyone starts learning their mother language through listening. In some certain occasions, specific dialogues happen. Before they can understand the meaning of a word, they will learn to repeat the word that they have heard several times.

In fact, many people who start experiencing living in a foreign country, where they speak English, learn the language by just listening to the English vocabulary in the conversations that occur around them.

Learning English vocabulary through  songs

Songs are one of the entertainments that kids enjoy singing them. For starters, teachers and parents can start by using some songs that are catchy and have a good rhyme. Also, it is important that parents and teacher select some songs that include simple English vocabulary. So that, after a few times that they have sang the song for children, children are able to sing that song as well.

For native English-speaking children, parents make their children to feel loved and connected to the family by singing them the songs that contains touching content. In this manner children begin to learn some parts of English vocabulary though the songs that parents sing for them. 

How kids can learn English vocabulary by songs

First thing that any English young learner should learn when learning English vocabulary is the phonics. Phonics are the sound that words make. After children have learned about phonics, they can start learning about the words that have similar pronunciation.

Children in general, don’t enjoy learning academic learning . In order to make learning English vocabulary more enjoyable for children, teachers and parents can try to teach them these new English vocabulary, by using English songs for kids.

After a while that English learners have learned the basics of English, teachers can start using some more difficult songs in order to help children develop language skills. Songs and games can be combined with each other in order to help children to enjoy learning English vocabulary even more. Also, children can sing songs together which helps them to have a friendly environment while they are learning English vocabulary.

So far we have realized that English vocabulary is one of the most important elements in learning English and if language learners are interested in learning English, the best start to learning this language is to get acquainted with English vocabulary and structures. But what kind of learning is recommended for children?

As you know, children are not able to self-study at an early age and are also not interested in learning through books and hard classes, so the best way to teach children is through games and fun activities. In this article, we first look at the best ways to teach English to children.

Children at an early age are taught two basic skills to learn, in other words, they do not do activities such as reading and writing at an early age. The best type of teaching this important English vocabulary and structures to children are mentioned below:

Best children’s songs to learn English vocabulary by

One of the songs that can help children to learn more interesting English vocabulary is the song named “princess pat”. In this song teacher or parents can use their imagination to teach some new English vocabulary to children using a theme.

This means they can have a song about nature and trees, mountains, clouds, flowers and etc. In another theme, they can learn English vocabulary about animals in a farm and the things they might produce. Children are interested in animals more than adults could imagine.

In addition to “princess pat”, there is another song that can help even younger children who are trying to learn English vocabulary enjoy learning animal names. “Old McDonald” is another song that has a good rhyme and children will definitely enjoy singing it together.

Benefits of learning English vocabulary though English songs

There are many advantages that children can benefit from if they learn English vocabulary through songs. There are various benefits that engages teachers and parents to teach English vocabulary to kids through songs. The most significant benefits are mentioned below with brief explanation. 

Building self-confidence

Singing songs helps children to build confident in themselves. It is important to create an atmosphere for children with lack of confidence to express themselves. By doing this, these learners not only learn English vocabulary better than before but also, they can realize their abilities and strengths.

In addition, shy students who don’t ask their questions or don’t say they need help in order to pronounce a word, can hear other students. This hearing will help them to understand English vocabulary even better.

Also, students can use these songs as groups. This will make students feel involved in their learning procedure. Also, it makes them eager to study harder in order to be able to perform well in their group activity.

Developing visual memory 

English vocabulary

A great positive feature that this method has is the fact that children wont only listen to the teacher and just memorize it. This method will contain some activities which helps children to create a visual memory. Having a visual memory helps children to learn English vocabulary better than memorizing them. They can fully understand the thing that their teacher or parents is trying to teach them.

Easier assessment 

Teachers can even check how well students are learning English vocabulary by using songs. One of these songs that mainly is used for children till the age 9 is “If you are happy and you know it” song. In this song teacher can use different words in order to check if they have learned their new English vocabulary as well as the old ones or not.


English vocabulary

Overall, using some songs which helps children to recall the words more easily or the songs that have some activities in their routine, can make any English learner find this process a lot easier. It is recommended to try some different songs in each semester in order for children to not find this process boring.

Also, teachers should keep in mind that he/she select some songs that have proper words for the level of the students who are trying to learn English. Meaning that the words in a song should not neither be that hard which makes a person quit doing it nor that easy that has nothing to teach to the students.


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