5 intriguing reasons why English vocabulary for kids is important


The main purpose of this research is to show the importance of learning English vocabulary for kids and the ways to improve their word skills.

There are also some advantages of improving vocabulary for kids in their daily communication. The deductions show that vocabulary is the most essential part of English learning. 

Why English vocabulary for kids is important

Learning vocabulary is the primary need in the language learning process. Learning English vocabulary for kids is more complex when the target is the kids.

Vocabulary knowledge helps language comprehension in learning English. It means that the comprehension of a language depends on the number of words that kids know.

A good source of vocabulary for kids can improve all aspects of communication. Having an expanded bank of vocabulary makes them communicate much better.

Benefits of knowing English vocabulary for kids

Words are the most important part of English because without great knowledge of grammar kids can express themselves, but without words “nothing can be conveyed.”

Vocabulary helps children to think and learn. So teaching kids the vocabulary should be done correctly. Expanding a kid`s knowledge of vocabulary makes him/her more capable to access new information.

Why do kids need to learn English vocabulary

English vocabulary for kids is important because it is the key to reading and also understanding. Kids need the vocabulary to express themselves in any language so vocabulary for kids should fit their needs and the subjects that they are more likely to talk about.

Vocabulary also helps kids understand what others are saying. The more words the kids have, the more they can interpret ideas from others, and explain their ideas.

Having proper knowledge of words helps the kids make a good impression on others and also helps them communicate more.

English vocabulary for kids should be simple

Vocabulary for kids should be as simple and sweet as possible so they won`t get tired of learning. When kids become tired of learning, becoming professional in using words won`t occur.

So the main goal in English vocabulary teaching to kids is that making it easy to understand to learn and remember.

English vocabulary for kids improves their writing skills

Besides speaking, English vocabulary matters in kids` writings. Having good vocabulary knowledge can help them write more effectively and show what they exactly mean otherwise their point will not be obvious.

Lack of vocabulary is a problem that may cause kids not to speak English fluently. When they keep using the same words they may soon be interrupted due to missing words to use.

English vocabulary for kids should be taught easily 

There is another problem in vocabulary learning that kids may face in learning vocabulary. Some kids are confronted with forgetting the new words.

Vocabulary should be taught in a way that is easy to remember for kids and help them remember the words in a way that kids are usually interested in. The method that can be used for this aim is playing funny games while learning.

Since new words open kids` minds and also cause them to make sharper communication it is very important to help them improve their vocabulary skills.

There are many ways to improve vocabulary for kids such as describing the words, acting them out, or drawing them. The main point is confirming new words for kids in a way that they can use them properly and correctly.


In brief, communicating correctly is the purpose of learning a language. Learning vocabulary is a very important part of it for kids. Efforts should be made to improve this essential skill to help children make deeper and more effective conversations based on their various needs in society.


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