5 impressive benefits of using English vocabulary flashcards for kids

English vocabulary flashcards

One way of teaching English language to kids is through the use of English vocabulary flashcards. This method helps the parents to start teaching English to their children at a very early stage of their lives.

What distinguishes the use of English vocabulary flashcards as a teaching method from other lesson plans, is that this approach provides the learners with the opportunity to check, correct, and practice their learnings without having to feel as if they are failing.

The advantages of using English vocabulary flashcards

In some occasions, where parents wish to teach a few points about the language to their children, it is recommended that they expose the kids to effective tools such as English vocabulary flashcards.

Besides their use as a way for memorizing words, flashcards can enhance the youth’s learning process. For example: by associating the word’s meaning with its picture, giving the learners the opportunity to correct their mistakes, providing the students the chance to carry the cards around, and helping the students learn the words as separate units.

The role of flashcards in memorization

The most common feature and benefit of English vocabulary flashcards relates to the role they play when memorizing a word. If a learner has difficulties in memorizing certain words, he/she can jot down those entities on one side of the flashcard while writing their meaning on the other side. This will help the learners to keep on rotating the card until they have fully mastered the meaning of the words.

Associating the meaning of a word with its picture

English vocabulary flashcards
Opposite adjective words with long pencil and short pencil on white background illustration

In the case of young learners, who still have a few years before entering school, parents can provide the kids English vocabulary flashcards specified for their age. These types of cards usually show the picture of a certain item, food, or an animal on one side, and the written form of the word on the back. Using similar flashcards improves the children’s visual memory by offering them the chance to associate the shape and color of a certain thing with its written form.

Offering the learners with a chance for correction

Another advantage of English vocabulary cards is second opportunities. In other words, when a learner fails to guess the meaning of a word, he/she would still be able to check the mistake and continue practicing until fully acquiring that word. This feature helps the students in recognizing the words that still need practice and the ones that they have already learned.

Easy access

An important feature about English vocabulary flashcards is their accessibility. Due to their light weight and small size, it would be very easy for a learner to carry the cards around to wherever they want. This feature allows the learners to keep on their studies and not fall behind from their lessons.

Learning the word as a separate unit

Sometimes a word can obtain several different meanings. Therefore, English vocabulary flashcards offer the learners with a chance to acquire the words as separate entities without the context.

 In these situations, the students get to know more about the use of a word as one composing part of the language. Though guessing the meaning of a word within its context is easier, learning its synonyms would have a more effective role in choosing and using the correct equivalent for the words.

In conclusion, young English learners can have a load of options when it comes to acquiring the language and among those options is the use of English vocabulary flashcards. What attracts learners to use this method for learning English is its role in the reasons mentioned. This method helps the students to improve their vocabulary skills much easier. Also, using flashcards is more amusing for kids because they consider it as a game.


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