How to learn English through cartoons and 6 best apps to watch English cartoons?


Teaching English to children in the traditional way, in which there is no dynamic image, is tedious for children. In fact, this is the most important reason why a child resists many traditional teachings. As a result, despite the relatively high cost of teaching English, you will only see the boredom of the child. But learning English through original language English through cartoons motivates and interests. Few children are not happy with playing their favorite animation. In bilingual animations, the main characters are used as role models for the child’s life.

These characters affect your child’s life. That’s why the child repeats all the behaviors of his favorite character, including talking, walking, and so on. As a result, given the high intelligence of children, learning English this way is not far-fetched. During such a process, the child communicates as easily as possible with English. But learning English with children’s educational videos and English through cartoons speeds up children’s learning.

Using creativity while learning English makes it easier for your child to learn the language. In addition, the child will feel good in all moments of training. Cartoon characters each have their own unique characteristics. In addition, each film tells a private story that has its own educational tips. As a result, by watching English through cartoons and animations, in addition to learning the language, the child will learn educational tips from the language of the cartoon character. In fact, the process by which a child identifies with his or her favorite character increases his or her creativity.

One of the most exciting and interesting English language courses in children’s language courses. Children are full of energy and vitality and are excited to learn, and this creates vitality in the classroom and even the teacher. The way English is taught to children is different from other ages. English class differences at different ages.

To teach English, one must first pay attention to issues such as the age of learners, their level of English, and the purpose of learning, and then choose the appropriate teaching method. Because people of different ages have different moods and learning power. For example, learning English in an adult class that talks about current issues and news is not at all understandable and tolerable for a teenager or child.

Is teaching English through cartoons and animations effective for children?

Children’s minds are ready to learn new things and gain exciting experiences, so teaching English to children from an early age can be much easier than adults, and the learning process can be faster.

Children are fascinated by playing and watching English through cartoons and animations because they have a high power of imagination and by watching a cartoon, they imagine themselves in its space for a long time and repeat everything they saw in the animations in their games. So in answer to the question “Can you learn English by watching English through cartoons?”

That is the question of most parents, it should be said that using English through cartoons and animation is a great way to teach English to children and will certainly make the class more attractive and speed up the language learning process in children. Just as adults enjoy watching movies and TV series, sometimes learning things, and sometimes thinking after watching them, children’s minds, in turn, engage with and are influenced by English through cartoons and animation.

How to learn a language by watching cartoons and animations?

Watching animation, English through cartoons, and any image, in general, makes the human mind remember things more easily. Watching English through cartoons and animations or movies arouses our emotions and at any moment of watching animation, our emotions change along with that, and we may even imagine ourselves in the film space and identify with different characters in the film. All of this makes us keep in mind the movie or animation we watched for a long time and it is hard to forget it.

In general, all the memories we have in our minds are due to the feeling that is created in us at that moment. In fact, we remember our feelings. So anything that makes us feel good stays in our minds. That is why teaching English through cartoons is known as a very practical and fast method.

The benefits of teaching English through cartoons and animations. As mentioned, teaching English through cartoons can have a profound effect on them and is an effective way to increase children’s productivity in less time than just teaching a language through books.

English through cartoons has many advantages that are as follows

The main advantage of this method is its content. All English through cartoons and animations have important and basic content and develop children’s personality and thinking. Basic and important concepts such as good and bad, self-confidence, fighting problems and disabilities and striving to achieve dreams and…. . Therefore, children and even adults, by watching them, in addition to strengthening their English language, also learn life lessons.

Another good feature about using English through cartoons to teach language to children is that they are spoken in simple language and at a slower speed, and the child can more easily recognize words and learn how to pronounce them correctly. The words and phrases used in English through cartoons and videos correspond exactly to the everyday conversations of the native English speakers, so you will not find some of these commonly used terms in language textbooks.

Another issue that is very important for children when using English through cartoons and animations is that they do not yet have a full understanding of the grammatical and sentence structure, but by watching English through cartoons they can have simple conversations without the need for information.

Learn about grammar. Another thing about English through cartoons is that they are full of strange ideas, incredible imaginations, visual effects, and happy music, which makes them very attractive to the creative and curious minds of children, and thus faster in this way. Educational respond.

The correct way to teach children English through cartoons

Although watching English through cartoons strengthens children’s language, we must always pay attention to the content that we provide to children. The choice of cartoon and animation should be made carefully and be sure to take into account such things as children’s age, language level, their understanding of the subject, conversation speed, sentence size, cartoon subject, and its duration…. noticed. For this method to be effective, each cartoon or animation must be viewed at least twice.

Most children, if they like a cartoon or an animation, are willing to watch it dozens of times without getting bored. This feature can be used to consolidate what they have learned by allowing them to watch only one part of their favorite cartoon each day. However, for long English through cartoons, it is better to play it once for the child to understand its main subject, and then divide the animation into shorter parts, and play each part two to three times for the child, so that the conversations are complete.

Be noticed and be able to repeat words and phrases. In this way, the words he has learned will never be erased from his mind, and also their listening skills will improve significantly. Watching English through cartoons and animations for beginners in English is also very effective because the speed of conversations is lower and the words used are not too complicated and difficult and are perfect for starting to learn. Of course, it is better for adults to constantly take notes of what they hear while watching, and to write new sentences in English subtitles in a notebook for future reminders.

For information on how to learn English through cartoons, series, and animations, refer to the article with the same title on the site. According to the mentioned advantages, it can be concluded that learning English through cartoons and animations for kids increases their learning speed and the words and terms learned are recorded in their memory. They also improve their listening skills and learn to pronounce words more easily.

 Examples of popular and engaging cartoons for teaching to children

English through cartoons is a great option to start with because, in addition to being full of colorful visual effects and happy childish music, they ultimately last 20 minutes and do not make children bored. Try to choose English through cartoons that speak English with the right accent. If one or both parents sit with the children during the English through cartoons, they can explain the story to help the children understand what is happening more easily and accurately.

Its children are so attracted to these English through cartoons that they easily choose to learn English. It also helps them learn to listen. Find interesting and entertaining English through cartoons with the knowledge of your children’s favorite topics so that they get used to the educational process and enjoy it.

Arthur cartoon

Arthur English through cartoons series is one of the longest cartoons now that not only children but also adults love it. The subject of this program is about Arthur, a young boy who has funny issues with family, friends, and school. The English language in this cartoon is at the basic level and there are also interesting songs throughout this cartoon that increase children’s understanding.

Dora and Friends: Into the City cartoon series

Dora English through cartoons series has attractive characters in a different environment that offers new words and phrases in an interactive environment and in such a way that the viewer is forced to talk to the characters of the story.

Maya & Miguel cartoon

The Maya and Miguel cartoon is almost like the Dora and Friends series, but it is more about family issues the home environment, and our relationship between them and their friends. Maya and Miguel are the embodiment of young children and imitate their pattern of behavior. Watching Maya and Miguel English through cartoons teach children the vocabulary to express themselves in English.

Avatar: The Last Plane

This cartoon is a unique masterpiece. Parents, like children, are immersed in the story of this cartoon. Martial arts and oriental legends have been used to create the stories and animations of this cartoon. In addition, the characters of this program are lovely and recognizable. Excellent animation and exciting storytelling make this cartoon very attractive and wonderful; So that it can keep children busy for hours. Watching this program will definitely have a great impact on children learning English.

Apps to watch English cartoons


Your kids will love this Android English through cartoons app because it has the best English through cartoons collection available on the internet. This is a family-friendly, amazing cartoon app and complete package of 4k English through cartoons. 7 days free trial for new users is worth subscribing to. From Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes to Tom and Jerry all in one place. Play or download English through cartoons videos and have exclusive access to the latest original English through cartoons series. The only downside is that Boomerang is only available in the United States. We like to have a way of letting our children enjoy the shows we grew up with.


The platform focuses on children learning English through cartoons entertainment. Find over 5,000 educational English through cartoons, books, shows, and games in 7 languages. More than 5 million digital library users watch it daily. Amazing English through cartoons titles includes cartoon story movies and children’s audiobooks. Broadcast topics like math, science, geography, and history. You can also use this app offline and the best thing is zero ads. Really!!! Top features include concurrent screen use, parental controls, and proprietary content: Storybooks, Sesame Street, Masha, and the Bear, Pocoyo, Little Baby Bum, Bob the builder, Morph.


More than 200 English through cartoons titles and cartoon TV episodes, and the best thing is that it airs for free with the Pluto TV show. You’ll love history channels, forensics, crime TV, and Nickelodeon, which are great for your kids. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, just delete it. I’m almost sure you will like it. If you love English through cartoons, the good news is that your favorite iconic movies are just a few clicks away.

Your Android phone is the best source for accessing huge libraries of English through cartoons movies. Select and download movies or choose to play online continuously. For all that fun, all you have to do is download an Android app and get unlimited entertainment for free. Here is a list of great apps for you. They are very popular because of their smooth performance and best HD results. Choose any of them and enjoy endless hours of joy and happiness whenever and wherever you like!


This amazing app gives you instant, free access to your favorite English through cartoons right away. It also gives you access to a complete library of bestsellers and top English through cartoons collections, if you have ever missed any of English through cartoons. All you have to do is create an account and release a set of videos. You can also filter videos and focus only on your favorite genres. You can also create a “next watch list” in this program. A great app in Respect!


Vudu is a special food for English through cartoon lovers. It has many amazing options such as downloading, streaming, offline watching, and converting movies to digital format. The app is completely free. Access it and distribute, buy or rent English through cartoons and multiply the charm of your happy hours. This is best for your Android phone and other Android devices. Gives you 4K UHD and great Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound. With very limited advertising, it maximizes the pleasure of watching a movie. This gives you access to its huge library of over 10,000 movies.


For those who do not know Netflix, this website is the best video streaming website and its Android app is great. Netflix has a dedicated section for English through cartoons. Netflix creates great main content like ghost stories, top animated English through cartoons for kids. You can also watch funny and wonderful content from books. The latest English through cartoons includes Iron Man, Transformers, MegaMind, Shrek, Dragon, Baby Boss cartoon, and Talking Animal cartoon. The best thing about this app is the monthly update of its English through cartoons collection. You will always receive new English through cartoon series and movies.


English through cartoons is one of those practical and cost-effective methods which must be used to teach English to kids. English through cartoons is mostly welcomed by kids because they love pictures and movies. English through cartoons can boost the language knowledge, creativity, and imagination power of kids. The role of English through cartoons in learning the language for kids becomes crucial day by day and special attention is being dedicated to these English through cartoons.


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