4 most popular English story books app for kids


English story books are a great choice for parents to choose for their kids. English story books provide good life lessons for kids and also makes them to fall asleep easier at nights.

With the development of technology, English story books app are handy for parents who are busy and may not have enough time to buy and read physical books. There are many story books apps available for kid on the internet that include famous stories.
Here are 4 most popular English story books app with complete detailed information.

English storybooks app

English story books can be expensive or take space. In these days, it’s common for parents to use different available apps instead of actual books. These apps contain thousands of storybooksin one. The apps can be installed on any smartphone or tablet.

Four most popular English story books apps are: Little stories, English kid’s stories, “Palfish” and The English story. These apps have a wide variety of English stories for kids that are both fun and enjoyable. These apps can be downloaded easily from Google play or App store. Here is complete information about each of these English story books apps.

Little stories

This English story books app provides short stories for kids. It has a “fairytale option”, in which the kids play the main character in the stories, and that can be very amusing for them. The stories available in this app are really beneficial for the kid’s development. Little Stories app has many great pictures and fun melodies designed for the stories. This way kids become more interested in the stories. Also another option available in this app, is that parents can record their own voices and make audiobooks for their kids. The stories available in this are:

  • True friendship
  • Hello puddle
  • I can do it
  • The brave eaglet
  • The sea lily
  • The fruit kingdom
  • The magic Christmas tree
  • A curious mouse
  • How to follow you dream
  • Not like everyone else
  • How to reach a star?
  • A secret in the night
  • A guest on the farm
  • Trouble
  • Who is the first?

Some of these stories are free and some should be paid for.

English kid’s stories

The next popular English story books app is called “English Kid’s Stories”. This app is used offline and has about 200 different English stories available. It contains amusing, spiritual and inspirational stories for the kids which can make them to become more responsible people in the future.


Another app we suggest for you, is called Palfish. It contains well known publisher’s books. All the storybooks are categorized in to 26 reading levels for kid from the age of 1 to 12 years old. The books are either published by Oxford or Cambridge; which are reliable and great sources.

The English story

The last English story books app, we suggest, is called “The English Story.” There are many short and wonderful English stories that kids can enjoy while also learning. This app contains 2500 stories in different categories like:

  • Arabian nights
  • Funny stories
  • Moral stories
  • Horror stories
  • Motivational stories
  • Famous stories
  • Stories for kids
  • Tenali Raman stories

To conclude, English story books apps are like vast libraries in everyone’s smartphones. You can find different English stories suitable for your kid. Stories are essential for children’s growth and their development. They learn from these stories and it’s more likely for them to become more responsible people in the future.
All of these apps are free to download from different app stores and websites, as mentioned.
These apps are the best option to choose nowadays. Choose to read storybooks online instead of buying physical versions like the past!


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