Learning English through 5 reliable English social media

English social media
Learning English through 5 reliable English social media


In this modern world where everyone’s life is connected to social media, learning English through English social media is the best way possible for all people who desire to learn English language easily and without any difficulty.

English social medias are quick and easy way to access in a short time. And, they contain helpful learning lessons. English social medias like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great sources for learning English language through social media.

 Here are some accounts that everyone can follow, and also ways to use the social medias for improving English skills in the best way possible in a short period of time.

English social media

English social medias are one of the easiest methods to use for becoming proficient in English language. Some of the most common English social medias are Twitter, Facebook and also Instagram. These social medias can be a powerful tool for learning English in the best way possible.

The first step for using English social media, is basically switching the language to English. That is the first important step to take. Then making an account in preferred English social media will be the next step.

Here are some techniques and English social medias accounts which are ideal to know and share with others like friends and family members. They can also be encouraged to use the socialmediasfor learning English language.

BBC learning English on Twitter and Instagram

English social media

One of the best English social medias to follow both on Instagram and Twitter is BBC learning English. BBC learning English shares short English learning videos, quizzes and instructions for learning English on its Instagram and Twitter pages.

The videos are entertaining and helpful for those who want to learn English in a short period of time. Also, there are mini English quizzes on their Instagram account (BBC learning English); that people can guess and write their answers in the comment sections and communicate with other followers about the quizzes.

Grammar girl on Twitter

Grammar girl on Twitter is very famous. This account contains lots of interesting English articles. Its followers can easily access and read the articles available.

All of the English articles in this accountare entertaining and instructive for all the English learners with different skill levels. People can follow and communicate with others about English language.

In English with love on Instagram

Moreover, another great social media to use is the Instagram account“In English with love”, which is an interesting account on Instagram. It has posts about English grammar and phrases that are useful for people who are learning English as a second language.

They can require extra daily knowledge about phrases and also grammar. Everyone can follow this account and take the advantage of it in the best way possible.

Joining Facebook groups

Another helpful English social media for language learning is joining different English Facebook groups where you can ask questions in English language.

Some common Facebook groups to join are: English learners’ hangout and American English learners. They can be the best options to choose for improving English skills in short time.

Punctuation with Emma on Instagram

The last but not least, is Punctuation with Emma on Instagram. Most of the English learners find English punctuations hard and difficult to understand. By following this account everyone can learn English punctuations in easy and amusing ways.

All in all, modern world is somehow directly linked to social medias. Everyone, at any age, use these social medias in their every day life.

Learning English through social media can be one of the best ways to improve all the important English skills in a short period of time. There are many different English social medias to follow and use in daily life and learn English in short period of time.


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