What are the English slang phrases and the 40 most useful ones?

English slang phrases

The English slang phrases are informal kind of language used in colloquial conversations. It is mostly used in spoken English than written. It is only used by a group of people; therefore, it belongs to the people of a definite region.

A phrase is a group of words that conveys a particular meaning. The English slang phrases are a combination of words used to represent a certain meaning in a definite social context. English slang phrases change because of the influence of social and cultural variations of society.

English slang phrases

As time passes, different English slang phrases come to use or are omitted completely as if they never existed before. For example, a lot of English slang phrases related to computers came to use over time.

Keep in mind that English slang phrases are different from idioms. It’s important to never mix them up. An idiom is a group of words that have a special meaning when used together and the meaning cannot be understood through the literal meaning of each word.

Idioms can whether be used as formal or informal phrases. On the other hand, English slang phrases are regarded to as an informal expression used by a group of people in a special social context.

English slang phrases are restricted to informal registers. They convey feelings, emotions, and personal thoughts to your friends or the people you know well. Learning English slang phrases is necessary in order to be able to communicate freely and informally. So, if you know enough common English slang phrases, you would have a variety of different words in hand to communicate by.

Learning English slang phrases is a part of being able to expand your communication with English natives. The more you know common English slang phrases, the more can you convey your intentions easily.

In this article we provide a list of common English slang phrases with their meanings. The examples of the given common English slang phrases are also included to make it easier to understand how to use the English slang phrases appropriately.

  1. To have a crush:
    This is one of the common English slang phrases which means to be attracted to somebody romantically. So, when anybody says that they have a crush on someone, they like to be in a romantic relationship with that person, or they just like that person very much.

Example: Mike has a huge crush on the tall blonde girl.

  • Oh my God:
    This slang represents surprise or shock. It is usually written in a form of the acronym ” OMG” in written texts.

Example:” Oh my God! I forgot to answer the questions on the back of the paper of the exam.”

  • No biggie:
    This one of the English slang phrases is used to say that something is not serious, important or a problem. It is usually used to calm down a person.

Example:” I spilled the coffee on the floor, but hey, no biggie. I am going to clean it up.

  • To feel blue:
    This slang phrase means to feel disappointed or sad. When someone says that he feels blue, he means that he is not feeling very well.

English slang phrases

Example: “Alex has been feeling blue since his breakup. He is not as happy as always.”

  • To leg it:
    If your leg it, you run too quickly to escape from something.

Example: When the thrift saw the cops, he began to leg it.

  • Lost the plot:
    This slang is among the common English slang phrases which means to become so confused or mixed up that you are unable to continue doing something or act normally. When you lost the plot, you get lost in what is happening.

Example:” Can you please tell me what the English teacher asked us to do for homework? I did not get it because I was so nervous that I lost the plot.”

  • To make fun of:
    When someone makes fun of a person, he mocks that person.

Example: I decided not to care about the jealous girls who were making fun of me all the time.

  • To crack on:
     If you crack on with something, you continue doing it as quickly as possible with more effort than before.

Example: The boss asked the blond man to crack on with the work.

  •  For real:
    When you say that something is for real, you mean that you are completely honest and serious about it.

Example: David told me that he wants to delete his Instagram account for real.

  1.  All ears:
    This idiom represents enthusiasm and eagerness about hearing something. It represents listening attentively. So, when you tell someone that you are all ears, you mean that you listen carefully to them.

Example:” Would you please tell me what happened at the party last night? I am all ears.”

  1.  To have the blues:
     This slang of the English slang phrases shows the feeling of sadness or depression.

Example: I wonder why I always have the blues on Fridays.

  1.  Around the clock:
    It means all day and all night.

Example: “I feel pity for miners. The miners have got to work around the clock to survive.”

  1.  By the skin of one’s teeth:
    It means barely.

Example: The thief could escape from the prison by the skin of his teeth.

  1.  To go Dutch:
     If two people go Dutch each of them pay their part of a bill.

Example: Me and my friend went Dutch on the meal last night.

  1.  To get under one’s skin:

This slang of the English slang phrases means to irritate someone. It also means to get an obsession with something or someone.


  1. I can’t stand my bigger brother. His rude behaviour is getting under my skin.
  2.  I used to hate the atmosphere of the university, but after a while, it sort of got under my skin.
  1.  Hot and cold:
    This one of the English slang phrases that indicates that you are extremely nervous or worried.

Example: When she received the news of her father’s death, she grew hot and cold.

  1.  To hit the road:
    This slang is one of the English slang phrases that means leaving a place intentionally or unintentionally. It also means to begin a journey.

Example: I decided to get back to my car and hit the road.

  1.  To turn the tables on someone:
    When you turn the tables on somebody, you take advantage of the person who took advantage from you before.

Example: Maria turned the tables on her ex-husband in the court.

  1.  In no time:
     This is a common slang among the English slang phrases. It means very soon or very quickly.

Example: The picture which was posted on Instagram got 50000 likes in no time.

English slang phrases
Idiom poster with Once in a blue moon illustration
  •  Once in a blue moon: very rarely.

Example: Maria visits her grandmother once in a blue moon.

  •  To drive up the wall: This slang is one of the English slang phrases which means irritating someone.

Example: The lazy student’s repetitive excuses drove the teacher up the wall.

  •  To go bananas:
     It means to go crazy. When someone goes bananas, they become angry or excited.

Example: Mike went bananas when his girfriend did not accept his marriage proposal.

  •  A piece of cake:
    This one of the English slang phrases means very easy and simple.

Example: Everyone could pass the test easily because it was a piece of cake.

  •  Child’s play:
     If something is a child’s play, it is so easy to do that even children can accomplish it.

Example: For my son, winning the games is a child’s play.

  •  No sweat:
    When you say that something is no sweat, you mean that it is not difficult or problematic.

+ ” Can you give me a hand washing the dishes?”
– ” NO sweat!”

  •   Off the chain:
     If something is off the chain, it is extremely good or useful.

Example: Daniel’s plan is absolutely off the chain and that is why I agree with him.

  •  Easy peasy: This slang of the English slang phrases means something that is very easy.

Example: The food itself is easy peasy to make.

  •  To kick the bucket:
    When you say that someone kicked the bucket, you mean that the person died. It is also considered as a kind of insult to the dead one. That is, you show your disgrace to the dead person by using this English slang phrases.

Example: I heard that the stingy old man kicked the bucket yesterday.

  •  To hit the jackpot:
     If you hit the jackpot, you get an unexpected great success.

Example: The new singer seems to have hit the jackpot with her new album.

  •  Big like:
    It refers to something embarrassing. Sometimes, people say “yikes”.

Example:” The teacher heard me talking behind his back, Big like.”

  •  Lie-back: relaxed and calm.

    Example: Today I’m just going to lie-back and enjoy the weather.
  • On fleek: stylish, elegant, and attractive.

Example: Sarah’s fashion choices are always on fleek.

  • Twenty-four seven:
    It means none stop. It has the same meaning as the mentioned slang ” around the clock”.

Example: Nursing is a 24/7 job.

  • To drive someone crazy:
    It means to make someone mad or to irritated

English slang phrases

Example: Jack’s repetitive excuses are driving the English teacher crazy.

  • Couch potato:
    Among the English slang phrases this one refers person who watches tv a lot and does not exercise or do any activity.

Example: My brother is a couch potato; he has seen almost all of the famous tv shows.

  •  To hit someone up:
    This slang of the English slang phrases has two meanings. 1) ask someone for something 2) to contact someone


  1. The old lady tried to hit her sister up for money but she did not give her any money.
  2. I asked my friend to hit me up after her class so that I could give her the bad news.
  • To throw shade:
    It means to criticize someone in public. These English slang phrases are also a way of showing disrespect to an individual.

Example: The armature singer who did his best to throw shade on pop legends is known as the most hateful celebrity.

  • To hang out:
     It means to spend a huge amount of time in a place or with a person.

The couple used to hang out at the central park.

Idiot box:
This one of the English slang phrases means a television set. It has a negative meaning.

Example: I decided not to go to the cinema and watch the idiot box instead.

  •  Blue Norther:
    It is a cold wind that comes from the north. It makes the temperature falling rapidly. So, this slang of the English slang phrases relates to a kind of wind.

Example: Dallas usually experiences more blue Northers than Houston.


In brief, English slang phrases are a combination of words. The words together have a certain meaning. English slang phrases are always used on informal occasions. That is, you cannot use English slang phrases when you want to talk with your boss, teacher, or parent.

English slang phrases are restricted to informal communications and that is why they are not the same as English idioms. Learning English slang phrases empowers you to talk with English natives better. The more you know English slang phrases, the stronger you would be at making English informal conventions.

English slang phrases are under the influence of cultural and social variations. That is, many English slang phrases are used frequently now while many old English slang phrases are no longer used in a certain social context. In brief, English slang phrases are the essential components of informal communications. Therefore, any English learner needs to get the common English slang phrases. This article provided you with the most common English slang phrases that you can use in your informal English communications.


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